A New Democratic Nomination Straw Poll Is Here: Voting Ends Friday

February 26, 2020

Logged-in Subscribers – Highly Representative of the Democratic Coalition – Can Vote

By Al Giordano

Media pundits were mostly unhappy with last night’s Democratic debate in South Carolina – but they would not tell us why. Their visible frustration came with having to watch their ‘the contest is already over’ narrative crumble during two hours on that stage.

Let’s take a fresh pulse of how the grassroots volunteers, small donors, organizers and opinion leaders of the diverse Democratic coalition view the contest as of today – prior to South Carolina’s primary on Saturday. They historically determine the nomination because they’re the ones who do the real work to make it happen.

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The poll includes all the candidates on last night’s debate stage plus the options of “someone else” and “I have no preference yet.”

Deadline to cast your vote is Friday at 9 p.m. ET. Subscribers will gain immediate access to the results once polls close, and we’ll make the results publicly available shortly after that.

Thank you for voting!

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