Election Night Self-Quarantine Cabaret: A Backstage Gathering

March 17, 2020

Subscriber Check-In and Brainstorm Session

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By Al Giordano

As tonight’s March 17 Democratic primary results roll in from Florida, Illinois and Arizona, subscribers are gathering here starting at 9 p.m. ET to share our thoughts at a time when voters choices for the Democratic nomination for president is crystal clear, the rest of what is happening in a public health crisis.

This is a backstage event for logged-in subscribers. My own observations and commentary will appear there in the comments section. If you’re a subscriber who has not yet registered your account and wants to participate, email me (you know where) and we’ll get you set right up. If you’re not yet a subscriber, we invite you to subscribe and receive every newsletter and full access to all the content here at Organize & Win by donating via this link.

We have a lot to talk about including a brainstorming session on how to hold elections in a time of coronavirus and what can be done about it. But we also want to hear from everyone in this community who is willing to share your thoughts, hopes and fears at an hour of uncertainty, as well as to share with the rest of us solutions and “life hacks” you’ve encountered that you’ve found useful and helpful.

Remember to refresh the page regularly if you don’t see new comments appear in the backstage area! That’ll do it. And by clicking the “newest” comments option you’ll see the most recent ones first.

See you backstage…

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