February Straw Poll: Harris Solidifies Lead, Warren Support Grows

February 12, 2019

Klobuchar Holds Steady While Others Fall Behind

The Three Most Attacked Candidates Are Now the Most Favored

By Al Giordano

Last month, Kamala Harris led our 2020 Democratic nomination straw poll preferences with 35 percent. She’s evidently had a great month, adding to that lead and now favored by 45 percent of our subscribers.

Elizabeth Warren has also had a good month, growing her support from 11 to 17 percent.

Meanwhile, Beto O’Rourke, who last month came in second and in double digits has tumbled down to five percent support. Amy Klobuchar is holding steady with the same eight percent she held last month. And nobody else is receiving more than three percent.

Interestingly, the three candidates who have grown in support or held steady – Harris, Warren and Klobuchar – have been the three most viciously and unfairly attacked during this past month. Whatever interests are behind the attacks – domestic or foreign, “left” or right, or more likely a combination of each feeding off and indiscriminately amplifying the others – really need to find a new playbook. They’re trying to redo 2016 while the organizers, small donors and volunteers who vote in our monthly straw poll have clearly moved on. It’s highly possible the attacks are generating more sympathy and support for those targeted by them. If so, that’s a good indicator for how 2020 could be a very different presidential election than what happened in the last round.

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