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313,000 North Carolinians Request Absentee Ballots: 53% Dem, 15% GOP (ABC TV Raleigh)

How the Grownups Do It: Kennedy Concedes, Markey Praises Him as ‘a Good Man’ (Politico)

Biden-Harris Raises $300 Million+ in August, More than Double Dems’ 2016 Harvest (CBS News)

Video: Biden 30-Second Ad On Air in Florida Targets Trump ‘Ineptness’ on Covid-19 (YouTube)

Video: Biden Ad Condemns Violence – and Trump for Fomenting It (YouTube)

Trump Gets a Mixed Welcome in Kenosha (NY Times)

On HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ NFL Players React to Kenosha & NBA Actions with Plans for Their Own (The Ringer)

NFL Teams Will Display ‘End Racism’ & ‘It Takes All of Us’ in Stadium End Zones (ProFootballTalk)

Detroit Redwings Hockey Team & SOS Jocelyn Benson to Train 6,000 Poll Workers (Ilitch Co.)

National Poll: Voters Prefer Biden over Trump on Public Safety, 47-39% (Politico)

National Poll: Biden 49%, Trump 41% (by A+ Rated Pollster Ann Selzer (Grinnell College)

Pence Goes Full MAGA (Politic0)

Mike Pence’s 3-Point Platform: Trump Is Great, Trump Is Great & Trump Is Great (Washington Post)

As Death Toll Hits 180,000, GOP Convention Tells Country that Covid Is Over (TIME)

In Pitch to the Suburbs, Convention Tries to Sell a Kinder, Gentler Trump (New York Times)

GOP Convention Tries to Repackage Trump as a Champion of Women (The Atlantic)

GOP Convention Is Proof that Traditional Republicans Have Given Up (The Guardian)

Detroit Lions Spark Athletes to Protest En Masse for Social Justice (Detroit Free Press)

Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Boycott Sends Shockwaves Throughout the NBA (Sky Sports)

Pro Basketball Players to Decide Fate of the Playoffs, Thursday Games Likely Canceled (NBC Sports)

Obama: ‘It’s going to take all our institutions to stand up for our values’ (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Houston Prepares for the Worst as Hurricane Laura’s Path Remains in Flux (Houston Chronicle)

Texas Poll: After Democratic Convention It’s Biden 48% to Trump 47% (USA Today)

After Reopening Sparks Covid-19 Surge, South Korea Shuts Down Schools (Associated Press)

How Mike Pence Slowed Down the Coronavirus Response (Politico)

White House Chief: ‘Nobody Cares’ That We’re Violating Hatch Act (TPM)

On Centennial of Women’s Suffrage, We Honor Them by Voting (Kamala Harris, Washington Post)

Former GOP Senator Bill Cohen of Maine Endorses Joe Biden (Bangor Daily News)

Trump Has Siphoned $2.3 Million in Campaign Donations to His Companies (Forbes)

Trump Campaign, Hamstrung by NRA Woes, Goes Dark on TV Ads as Early Voting Looms (Politico)

Video: ‘Give People Light’: Joe Biden’s Presidential Acceptance Speech (YouTube)

Video: 13-Year-Old Brayden Harrington’s Remarks at the Democratic Convention (YouTube)

Video: 35th Generation American US Rep. Deb Haaland’s Convention Remarks (YouTube)

Senator & Veteran Tammy Duckworth Labels Trump ‘the Coward-in-Chief’ (Associated Press)

Critic’s Notebook: Goodbye ‘Uncle Joe,’ Hello Father of the Nation (Vanessa Friedman, NY Times)

Video: FOX News Analysts Praise Joe Biden’s Speech: ‘It Was Enormously Effective’ (Yahoo)

‘The Filibuster Is Gone’ Predicts Harry Reid: What a Biden Presidency Might Look Like (Politico)

Kamala Harris: The Hope, Excitement & Trepidation of Black America (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

The Facts Behind the Arrest & Federal Case vs. Trump Associate Steve Bannon (Washington Post)

Who Is Guo Wengui, the Billionaire Owner of Steve Bannon’s Hi-Tech Yacht? (NBC News)

GOP Pollster Praises Biden Speech: ‘If Trump Speaks to His Base, He Will Lose the Center’ (CNBC)

Video: President Obama’s Full Remarks from the Museum of the American Revolution (YouTube)

Video: Kamala Harris’ Acceptance Speech at the Democratic National Convention (YouTube)

Video: Elizabeth Warren’s Remarks from the Springfield MA Early Childhood Center (YouTube)

Kamala Harris & Barack Obama on Historic Night Urge Dissatisfied Americans to Vote (CNBC)

Obama Torches Trump Like American Democracy Depends on It (Politico)

Harris, at Convention, Didn’t Apologize for Her Ambition – She Embraced It (LA Times)

Harris’ ‘Chithis’ Shout-Out – Tamil for ‘Auntie’ – Launches into Global Lexicon (The Indian Express)

On Day of Biden’s Big Speech, Trump Heads to Rival’s Hometown of Scranton PA (Associated Press)

How Biden Can Win the Latino Vote – & the Presidency (Chuck Rocha, NY Times)

While Trump Tries to Slow the USPS His Recession Might Save the Mail-in Election (NY Times)

Schedule for Thursday Night’s Dem Convention Finale (DNC)

Video: Dr. Jill Biden’s Full Remarks for the Democratic National Convention (YouTube)

Video: “She Put Us Back Together”: Introduction to Dr. Jill Biden (YouTube)

Dr. Biden Plans to Return to Her Teaching Job Even If She Becomes First Lady (CNBC)

Melania Trump to Address Republican National Convention from the Rose Garden (AP)

Democratic Convention Night Two: Normal People Shine (New York Mag)

Democrats’ Roll Call Was an American Travelogue (NBC News)

Parents of Matthew Shepard Helped Officially Nominate Joe Biden (Queerty)

‘Calamari Comeback’: Tiniest State Makes Big Convention Buzz (Associated Press)

Health Care Advocate Ady Barkan Speaks at Dem Convention (Santa Barbara Independent)

Kamala, Barack, Hillary, the Schedule & How to Watch Night Three at Dem Convention (NY Times)

Dems Put Divides Aside, Rally Behind Biden at the Convention (Associated Press)

Video: Michelle Obama’s Full Remarks at the Democratic National Convention (YouTube)

Trump’s Unhinged Twitter Meltdown Shows Michelle Obama Drew Blood (Washington Post)

Joy Ann Reid: Michelle’s Speech Was Very ‘Come With Me If You Want to Live’ (MSNBC)

Bernie Sanders Sets Aside Firebrand Role for Rare Turn as Party Unifier (Bloomberg)

Social Media Analytics Show Harris Has Brought Surge of Enthusiasm to Biden Ticket (Axios)

Former Senior Trump Homeland Security Official Miles Taylor Endorses Joe Biden (CNN)

Kamala Harris Could Prove Helpful to Joe Biden in Texas (Reform Austin)

Jill Biden to Deliver Convention Speech from the School Where She Taught (CNN)

Former President Jimmy Carter to Speak on Night Two of the Democratic National Convention (Forbes)

Democratic National Convention Schedule & Speakers (DNC)

Watch Live: Convention Stream to Launch Noon ET on Monday (DNC)

What to Watch: The First Night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention (NY Times)

Unconventional Convention to Juggle 100s of Live-Feeds for a Fast-Moving Show (Washington Post)

Average Speech Length Tonight: 2 Minutes. Bernie Sanders & Michelle Obama Get More (NY Times)

Bernie Sanders Predicts ‘Overwhelming’ Support for Biden-Harris Despite Some Progressives’ Disagreements (ABC News)

Downtown Wilmington Converts into Makeshift Convention Media Nerve Center (Delaware Online)

Inside Trump’s Chaotic 2020 Campaign Reboot (Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag)

South Carolina US Senate Race Moves from ‘Likely’ to ‘Lean’ Republican (The Cook Report)

Public Defender: Kamala Harris Was the Most Progressive DA in California (USA Today)

A Dialogue on Democratic Unity & the Future of the Party (Neera Tanden, Faiz Shakir, Jamaal Bowman & Conor Lamb, Politico)

Convention Keynote Speech to Feature 16 Rising Stars; Stacey Abrams, 46, Is the Eldest (Bloomberg)

GOP Has Tried to Take Down Kamala Harris for Years – America Is About to See Why They Can’t (Washington Post)

Biden Raised $50 Million in 48 Hours from Small Donors After Nominating Harris (Politico)

How Jennifer O’Malley Dillon Transformed Joe Biden’s Campaign (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris’ Inspiring Origin Story (Pramila Jayapal, LA Times)

Harris ‘Electrifies’ West Indian Voters – & Gives Biden a New Edge in Florida (Politico)

Harris’ Childhood Years in Madison, Wisconsin (John Nichols,

What Kamala Harris Means to Indian Americans (Akanksha Singh, CNN)

Meet Charlotta Bass, the Black Woman Who Ran for VP in 1952 (CNN)

James Lawson: The Nonviolent Organizer Who Mentored John Lewis (The Progressive)

Record $392 Million Raised Online in June via ActBlue for Democrats, BLM Orgs (Politico)

In Oklahoma, Where Trump Won by 36% Margin, Voters Approve Obamacare Expansion (NY Times)

Trump Campaign Staffers Under Quarantine in Wake of Tulsa Rally (Washington Post)

Fauci: Avoid Gatherings Like Trump’s Rushmore Fireworks Show (Politico)

Trump to Attend $580,600-per-Couple Fundraising Event Next Week in… Florida (Washington Post)

Where the Latest Covid-19 Models Think We’re Headed (538)

Trump Craves a Race About Race (ABC News)

Trump Calls ‘Black Lives Matter’ a ‘Symbol of Hate’ (CNN)

North Carolina Senate Poll: Cunningham 51%, Tillis 41% (CNBC/Change Research)

Court Lifts Restraining Order, Niece Mary Trump’s Book Wins Appeal (CNN)

Biden: “Our Wartime President Has Surrendered” to the Coronavirus (CNN)

Biden, at Press Conference, Says No Campaign Rallies Until Pandemic Is Over (BBC)

Jill Biden, on Today Show, ‘Thrilled’ the VP Nominee Is a Woman, Won’t Say Who (Today Show)

Senator Tammy Baldwin Headlines Biden Campaign Virtual Pride Celebration in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Medha Raj Named Digital Chief of Staff for Biden Campaign (WION News, India)

Romney Campaign 2012 Alumni Are Organizing to Elect… Joe Biden (Washington Times)

Poll: Biden Widens Lead in Six Swing States (CNBC/Change Research)

Judge Blocks Publication of Niece Mary Trump’s Book Until July 10 Hearing (CNN)

Teens Turn 18-Year-Old Tik Tok Creator’s Latest Prank Against Trump Viral (Forbes)

Judge Blocks Trump’s Border Asylum Ban, Saying It Was Enacted Illegally (CBS News)

Biden Leads in Polls Among Senior Voters (Voice of America)

Trump’s Growing Reelection Threat: Republican Skeptics (NBC News)

Trump’s Self-Inflicted Wound: Losing Swing Voters as He Plays to Base (Adam Nagourney, NY Times)

Why Trump Believes Statue-Toppling Protesters will Save Him in Wisconsin (Politico)

Pro-Trump Media Outlets Are in Denial as States Report New Coronavirus Surge (CNN)

Podcast: How VP Nominees Are Vetted, by Two Who’ve Been There (Dan Pfeiffer & Alyssa Mastromonaco, Pod Save America)

Rep. Karen Bass Moves onto Biden’s Vice Presidential List (LA Times)

Polls Show that Black Democrats Favor Harris & Warren for VP (NBC News)

Why Aunt Gloria Wants Biden to Pick Elizabeth Warren (Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post)

VP Nomination Likely to Elude Lujan Grisham (Santa Fe New Mexican)

Willie Nelson, Texas Leaders, Headline Virtual Fundraiser Today for Joe Biden (KTXS Abeline)

Joe Biden Launches $15 Million Ad Blitz in AZ, FL, MI, NC, PA & WI (NY Times)

Biden Currently Leads in Those Six 2016 Trump States, 48%-45%, Nationally 51%-41% (Change Research)

How Trump’s Plans for a Triumphant Rally in Tulsa Went Awry (NY Times)

Oklahoma Judge Refuses to Require Social Distancing at Saturday’s Trump Rally (Fox News)

‘They’re in Denial’: How Trump’s White House Is Ignoring the Pandemic (CNN)

Reporters at Trump’s New Fave News Network OAN Feel ‘Horrified’ & ‘Defeated’ by Coverage (Politico)

Polls Suggest Biden Has a Shot at Winning Texas & that Could Reshape State Politics (Texas Tribune)

Former US Army Secretary Eric Fanning Endorses Joe Biden for His ‘Moral Leadership’ (American Independent)

US Rep. Lisa Blunt (D-DE) Has Joe Biden’s Ear & Is Helping to Pick His Running Mate (CBS News)

Massachusetts Dems May Skip Convention, Attend Virtually (Boston Herald)

California Sanders Forces Want Khanna, not Newsom, to Lead Convention Delegation (SF Chron)

Biden Sweeps Tuesday’s Primaries, on Verge of Clinching Nomination (CBS News

Biden Has Narrow Lead in Battleground States – but Poll Has Him Behind in Pennsylvania (Change Research)

Presidential Election Polling Averages: Biden 49.9%, Trump 42.1% (Real Clear Politics)

Generic Congressional Ballot Averages: Democrats 48.7%, Republicans 40.9% (538)

Defense Secretary Breaks with Trump on Using Troops Against Protesters (NY Times)

Former Defense Sec. Jim Mattis’ Full Statement Criticizing Trump (Washington Post)

Defense Chiefs in Talks to Testify Before House Armed Services Committee (Axios)

Trump Uses the Military to Prove His Manhood (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)

Obama Condemns Violence & Calls for Change in the Wake of George Floyd Protests (CNN)

Why Obama Chose to Speak Out Now (The Atlantic)

Former Sanders Campaign Staffers Lash Out as Infighting Goes Public (Politico)

Trump’s War on Twitter: White House Prepares Executive Order to Subvert 1996 Internet Protection Law (The Guardian)

‘This Is What I Want’: Why Trump Needs a Packed GOP Convention (Politico)

The Haters: Is Trump Losing Among Voters Who Dislike Both Candidates? (538)

Biden Says He Wants to Pick VP by August 1 (CNN)

Poll: VP Warren Gives Biden Biggest Boost with Young, Black & Hispanic Voters (Morning Consult)

Famed Democratic Pollster Stan Greenberg Pitches Warren as Strongest VP Pick to Biden (Politico)

Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren & Julian Castro to Headline June 1 Virtual Texas Dem Convention (KXAN Austin)

Amy Klobuchar to Keynote Nevada Dems Virtual Convention June 11 (Associated Press)

Kimberly Guilfoyle Operates Independently from Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale (Politico)

Ad: ‘Rich Mitch’: The Lincoln Project Takes on Mitch McConnell in Kentucky TV Buy (YouTube)

The Gap Between Democrats & Republicans Is Growing on the Coronavirus (538)

Trump Threatens to Pull GOP Convention from Charlotte Unless ‘Full Attendance’ Allowed (Charlotte Observer)

An Incalculable Loss: Deaths Approach 100,000 (NY Times)

Trump Spends Weekend Golfing Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (CNN)

Trump Spent Memorial Day Weekend Tweeting Conspiracy Theories & Attacks (Vox)

The Vote-by-Mail Cases that Could Decide the 2020 Election (CNN)

Joe Biden Wins Hawaii Primary (CNN)

Bernie Sanders, Iconoclast Turned Team Player, Leans in to Help Joe Biden (LA Times)

Sanders Convention Delegates to Sign Unity Pledge Barring Social Media Conflicts (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren to Hold Big-Dollar Fundraiser for Joe Biden (NY Times)

Trump Wants a Fight with Obama: ‘Careful What You Wish For’ (NPR)

Obama Lives in Trump’s Head (Charles M. Blow, NY Times)

Are Older Voters Turning Away from Trump? (538)

Progressives Thought They’d Overtaken the Democratic Party. Now They’re in Despair (Politico)

Biden & Warren Team Up in New Video to Surprise Supporters with Personal Calls (The Hill)

If Biden Wants to Govern Like a New Dealer, Warren Knows What He Needs (Jamelle Bouie, NY Times)

It Really Could Be Warren: The Buzz in Obama World (Edward-Isaac Dovere, The Atlantic)

Val Demings’ Stock Rises on VP Short List (Politico)

Stacey Abrams’ Election Warning: Counting the Votes Could Take Weeks (NY Times)

Klobuchar’s The One: Why Biden Should Pick Her as Veep (Larry Atkins, NY Daily News)

‘Manipulative, Deceitful, User’: Biden Accuser Left a Trail of Aggrieved Acquaintances (Natasha Korecki, Politico)

White House Orders Staff to Wear Masks as Trump Misrepresents Testing Record (NY Times)

Biden Calls Out Trump for Testing His Staff While Telling Americans Testing Isn’t Necessary (Washington Post)

With Advisors Feuding & Numbers Plummeting, Trump Eyes Campaign Shake Up (Vanity Fair)

US House Special Elections in CA & WI Today Could Provide Hint of November Results (538)

Democrats’ Rules Committee Will Take First Step Toward Virtual Convention (NY Times)

How Do You Stage a Convention in the Middle of a Pandemic? (Yahoo News)

Pelosi Suggests a Stadium Arena Would Allow a Convention with Social Distancing (NY Post)

Video: Democratic Strategist Lis Smith on Alternatives to a Traditional Convention (Politico)

Kamala Harris Emerges as an Early Biden VP Favorite (Politico)

Insiders View Biden VP Selection as Narrowing toward Harris and Warren (The Hill)

Senate Republicans Reject Trump’s Call for an ‘Obamagate’ Investigation Over Flynn Case (Politico)

Texas Poll: Trump 43%, Biden 43% (University of Texas at Tyler/Dallas Morning News)

Poll: Democrats Want a ‘Crisis Manager’ for VP, Elizabeth Warren Tops Wish List (CBS News)

VP Poll: Warren 30%, Harris 18%, Abrams 10%, Klobuchar 10%, Whitmer 3% (Data for Progress)

Democrats, Tara Reade, & the ‘Me Too’ Trap (Michelle Goldberg, NY Times)

Elizabeth Warren Says Biden’s Response to Reade Claims Were ‘Credible & Convincing’ (NY Post)

There’s No Oversight of Coronavirus Relief – Because That’s What Trump Wants (Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren, Miami Herald)

Kamala Harris Is Biden’s Best VP Choice (Michael Cohen, Boston Globe)

Why Not Janet Napolitano for VP? (The Atlantic)

Forecast on Negative Partisanship & the 2020 Senate & House Elections (Rachel Bitecofer, Niskanen Center)

Oppo-Drops & Behind the Scenes Lobbying: Biden’s VP Search Heats Up (Politico)

Warren & AOC Sponsor Anti-Monopoly Act to Halt Mergers During Pandemic (NBC News)

Editorial: Biden Should Remember McCain’s Palin Fiasco When Choosing VP (LA Times)

House Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Primala Jayapal Endorses Joe Biden for President (The Hill)

Bloomberg Reverses, Offers Former Campaign Staff Health Coverage During Crisis (Politico)

Pelosi Says Universal Basic Income ‘Worthy of Attention’ as Virus Stifles Economy (CNBC)

House Dems to Plow Ahead with Proxy Voting Over GOP Objections (Politico)

New Hampshire Democrats Elect Convention Delegates Virtually, Via Email (Keene Sentinel)

Ohio Poll Shows Five-Point Swing Toward Biden, Who Now Leads Trump Narrowly (Forbes)

Nancy Pelosi Endorses Joe Biden for President (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Amy Klobuchar Gives a Telling Audition for VP on Joe Biden’s Podcast (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris to Headline Town Meeting with Joe Biden Tonight on COVID-19 (

Elizabeth Warren on ‘a Very, Very Short List’ for Joe Biden’s VP (WBUR Boston)

Cortez Masto Could Boost Biden’s Candidacy as VP (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Stacey Abrams Is Waging a Public Campaign for VP – Will It Pay Off? (Forbes)

Tammy Duckworth Honored to Be ‘In the Mix’ for Biden’s VP (Chicago Daily Herald)

Biden Should Follow Lady Gaga’s Lead with a Virtual Convention (David S. Bernstein, WGBH Boston)

Joe Biden Could Be the USPS’s only Hope – If it Can Hang on Until November (Fortune)

Video: Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe Biden for President (YouTube)

Video: Barack Obama Endorses Joe Biden for President (YouTube)

Video: Elizabeth Warren Endorses Joe Biden for President (YouTube)

The Democratic Establishment Suddenly Loves Bernie Sanders (New York Times)

Warren Becomes Latest Ex-Presidential Rival to Back Biden (Associated Press)

Poll: Voters Prioritize Experienced VP for Biden over Gender, Race (Politico)

Video: On Maddow, Warren Would Say Yes If Asked to Be Biden’s Running Mate (MSNBC)

Kamala Harris’ Plan to Save the Election (Rolling Stone)

Stacey Abrams: ‘I Would Be an Excellent Running Mate’ (Elle)

AOC Says She Is Having Conversations with Biden’s Team on Policy (New York Post)

Can Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden Unite the Democratic Party? (Mark Leibovich, NY Times)

Biden & Sanders Work Toward Truce on Big Issues (Axios)

Barack & Michelle Obama Come Off the Sidelines as Bernie Sanders Drops Out (The Independent)

Bernie’s Legacy Hangs in the Balance of How He & His Supporters Handle the Coming Months (Politico)

Why Bernie Sanders Lost (538)

Kamala Harris Fundraises for Biden, Twitter Crowns Her Best VP Pick (Essence)

Obama Touts Elizabeth Warren’s Recovery Proposals (Politico)

Obama Delivers a Big Elizabeth Warren Hint (Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos)

Now that Sanders Is Out, Democrats Should Cancel Convention (CNN)

Wisconsin Primary Disproportionately Impacted Minority Voters (Associated Press)

Wisconsin Primary Poll: Biden 62%, Sanders 34%; General Election: Biden 48%, Trump 45% – Sanders 45%, Trump 47% (Marquette Law School)

Sanders Calls on Wisconsin to Postpone Next Tuesday’s Primary (Reuters)

Ad: ‘American Heroes’ (Joe Biden for President)

Herb Kohl Endorses Joe Biden for President (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

How Joe Biden Upended the 2016 Primary Map, Winning 93% of Clinton Counties & 83% of Sanders Counties (538)

The ‘Never Bernie’ Voters Threw in with Biden & Changed the Primary (NY Times)

LeanTossUp Launches 2020 Presidential Projection Model (LeanTossUp)

Trump Allies Warn Against His Feud with Swing-State Michigan Governor (Associated Press)

Aggregate of National Polls: Biden 56.2%, Sanders 32% (Biden +19.6) (Real Clear Politics)

Weighted Aggregate of Polls: Biden 51%, Sanders 32.1% (Biden +18.9%) (538)

Betting Market ($1 Payout): Biden 79 cents, Cuomo 8, Sanders 7, Clinton 5 (PredictIt)

Unite The Country & American Bridge PACs Have Raised $70 Million to Support Biden (Axios)

Sanders Sees “Narrow Path” to Nomination but Remains in the Race (Washington Post)

AOC Isn’t ‘Breaking with Bernie’ – She’s Evolving Beyond Him, as Progressive Politics Must (Charles Pierce, Esquire)

City of Madison Files Federal Brief Seeking to Delay April 7 Wisconsin Primary (Channel 3000)

Trump’s Defense on Coronavirus Is Often an Attack on a Woman (Annie Karnie, NY Times)

Inside Trump’s Reelection Effort During Pandemic: Marathon Press Briefings, Digital Canvassing & Virtual Trainings (ABC New)

Ocasio-Cortez Breaks With Sanders on How to Lead the Left (Politico)

Joe Biden Debuts Podcast: ‘Here’s the Deal’ (NBC News)

New Polls & New Candidates Are Giving Democrats Some Hope of Flipping the Senate (538)

A Political Plan B: Democrats Prepare Contingency Options for Convention (Milwaukee Independent)

Uncertainly Looms Ahead of April 7 Wisconsin Primary (Politico)

New York Delays Primary to June 23, Could Lose Delegates Under DNC Rules (Associated Press)

Kansas Changes to All Mail-In Vote for May 2 Primary (Lawrence Journal-World)

With His Presidential Campaign All but Sunk, Sanders Seeks to Feature Health Crisis (Vermont Digger)

US Rep. Marc Pohan to Chair Sanders’ Wisconsin Campaign (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Wisconsin’s April 7 Primary Is Still On, Governor Wants Absentee Ballots Sent to All Voters (Bloomberg)

Biden Mounts Behind-the-Scenes Mission to Win Over Wary Progressives (Politico)

Five Takeaways from Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall on the Coronavirus Response (CNN)

Biden Comes to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Defense (Michigan Live)

Amy Klobuchar’s Husband Is Back Home After Virus Hospitalization (Associated Press)

Legendary Boston Political Strategist Larry Rasky, Who Died on Sunday, Tested Positive for COVID-19 (USA Today)

Pete Buttigieg on Bernie Sanders: ‘Step Back & Think About What Your Candidacy Is For’ (Washington Post)

Sanders Campaign Official Says Being an ‘Angry White Man’ Cost Him the Black Vote (BET)

Elizabeth Warren Campaign Posts Open Source Code of Its Tech Online (WIRED)

June 2 Shaping Up to Become ‘Super Tuesday II’ as Pennsylvania Moves Primary to Date (Philadelphia Inquirer)

CNN to Host Virtual Town Hall with Joe Biden Tonight at 8 p.m. ET (CNN)

Trump Allies Fear a Premature Victory Lap Over Coronavirus (Politico)

79% of Americans Say ‘Flattening the Curve’ Is More Important than ‘Getting Back to Work’ (SurveyUSA)

Democratic Group Defies Trump, Expands Ad Campaign Blasting Coronavirus Response (Reuters)

Biden Tells Harry Reid that Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto Is on His VP List (Mediaite)

Poll: Democratic Primary Voters Choice for VP: Warren 27%, Harris 18%, Sanders 13%, Klobuchar 10%, Abrams 9% (YouGov)

Sanders on His Campaign: ‘It’s Going to Be a Very Steep Road’ (NPR)

The Science Denialism of the Religious Right Haunts Trump Response to Pandemic (NY Times)

Pelosi Says House Will Take Up Virus Relief Bill Today (CBS News)

Joe Biden Launches Newsletter & Podcast Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak (Axios)

Virus Stimulus Sends $400 Million to States to Help Carry Out the November Election (Associated Press)

Seattle NPR Station Says It Will No Longer Carry Live Trump Briefings Due to Misinformation (Deadline)

Obama Urges Americans to Continue Social Distancing (CNN)

Biden: Florida Governor Hasn’t Taken ‘Strong, Urgent & Sweeping Action’ in Crisis (Fox 13, Tampa)

Kamala Harris Aide Lily Adams Takes Over Communications for Unite the Country PAC (CNN)

In a Repeat of 2016, Bernie Sanders Wants to Remain in the Race Through June (Politico)

Sanders Wants Another Debate, Biden Responds ‘I Think We’ve Had Enough’ (Bloomberg)

Trump Is an Authoritarian Weakman (John F. Harris, Politico)

Poll: Biden Expands Lead: Biden 60%, Sanders 36% (Morning Consult)

Today’s Canceled Georgia Primary Would Have Been a ‘Shellacking’ 66%-to-22% Victory for Biden (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Joe Biden Is Trying to Be Heard on the Virus. Can He Break Through? (NY Times)

Sanders Response to Crisis – ‘We Need More Socialism’ – Loses to Biden’s Problem-Solving Response (Bill Scher, Politico)

Memo: Elizabeth Warren’s 8 Conditions for a Bailout Enjoy Wide Popular Support (Data for Progress)

White House Folds to Pelosi: Inspector General & Congressional Oversight on Loans Added to Stimulus Compromise (Washington Post)

Rand Paul’s Coronavirus Diagnosis Caused GOP Senators to Quarantine, Weakening McConnell’s Hand (Vox)

The Public Wants Vote by Mail: Congress Must Listen (Crooked Media)

Long-Time Biden Advisor Larry Rasky Helped Bring His Comeback, Won’t See How It Ends (Politico)

Larry Rasky, Legendary Boston PR Exec, Biden Confidante, Dies at 69 (Boston Globe)

Joe Biden Consults with Barack Obama on Vice Presidential Decision (NBC News)

Obamacare Turns 10 as More Americans Turn to It During Health Crisis (Insurance News)

Biden, in Televised Address, Calls on Trump to ‘Start Acting Like a Wartime President’ (Politico)

Sanders Skips Coronavirus Vote to Hold Online Campaign Event (NY Post)

McConnell Coronavirus Bill Fails Senate Procedural Vote, Stocks Tumble (Voice of America)

WWI, WWII & the Spanish Flu Didn’t Stop Presidential Elections in the US (538)

Klobuchar Pushes Bill for Mail-in & Early Voting Nationwide (MSNBC)

Sanders’ Demise Was Less About Ideology or Policy Than It Was About Him (Washington Post)

Democrats Abroad Results: Sanders Nabs 9 Delegates, Biden 4 (Axios)

American Federation of Teachers Endorses Joe Biden for President (CNN)

Biden Campaign Now Pivots from Primaries to Being Ready for November (Politico)

Sanders Considers 3 Options: Stay In & Compete, Stay In & Bargain, or Drop Out (Washington Post)

What Could Bernie Sanders Get from Joe Biden? Vetting Five Scenarios (538)

How It All Came Apart for Bernie Sanders (NY Times)

How a Failed Presidency Fights When Cornered: Bluff, Bombast & Blame (The Guardian)

Pelosi Slams McConnell’s Latest Coronavirus Package: ‘It’s a Non-Starter’ (TPM)

Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Talks Face Major Test on Sunday (Politico)

Hawaii Democratic Party Cancels Walk-in Voting for April 4 Primary, Eases Mail-in Balloting (KITV Honolulu)

Puerto Rico Postpones April 26 Presidential Primary (Politico)

Bloomberg Transfers $18 Million in Campaign Assetts & Infrastructure to DNC (Washington Post)

DNC Raised $12.8 Million in February, Likely Less than GOP’s Haul (Politico)

Public Response to the Coronavirus: Democrats Have Changed their Behavior more than Republicans (The Atlantic)

Tracking Public Opinion on the Coronavirus (Morning Consult)

How Democrats Should Navigate Pandemic Politics (Dan Pfeiffer, Crooked Media)

Trump’s Disdain for Expertise, Obsession with Loyalty, Worsened the Crisis (Michelle Goldberg, NY Times)

Fox Host Tucker Carlson Calls for Sen. Richard Burr’s Resignation after Insider Stock Sell-Off (Washington Post)

Kirsten Gillibrand Endorses Joe Biden for President (CNN)

No Primaries Are Scheduled for Next Three Weeks & Biden’s Lead Is Nearly Insurmountable (538)

Three Pillars of Trump’s Argument for Reelection – the Economy, Sanders & ‘the Swamp’ – Are Collapsing (CNBC)

The Entire Trump Stock Rally Is Nearly Gone (CNN)

Audio: Sanders Explodes at CNN Reporter: ‘I’m Dealing with a Fucking Global Crisis’ (CNN)

Bernie Sanders’ Crusade Against Super Delegates Now Torpedoes His Own 2020 Chances (NBC News)

Arizona Legislators Consider Mail-Only Voting for November Election (NBC 12 News)

Increased Pressure to Vote by Mail in Texas (Austin Chronicle)

The Sanders Campaign Is Essentially Over (World Socialist Website)

80 National Security Professionals Endorse Joe Biden for President (Washington Post)

Biden Says He Will Pick a Woman to Be His Vice President (CNN)

The Bargaining Stage of Grief: Intercept Bros Now Want a Biden-Sanders Ticket (The Intercept)

Arizona Officials Say Primary Will Be Safe (Associated Press)

‘We’re Definitely Voting’: Florida Primary Going Forward (NBC Channel 6, Miami)

Long Lines for Early-Voting in Ohio Primary (WOSU Radio)

How Nina Turner’s Long Feud with US Rep. Marcia Fudge Led Her to Bernie Sanders’ Camp (Buzzfeed)

Governor J.B. Pritzker Endorses Joe Biden on Eve of Illinois Primary (Associated Press)

Why Sanders Might Start Losing More Latino Voters to Biden (538)

National General Election Poll: Biden 47%, Trump 43%; 18- to 29-Year-Old Voters: 55% to 23%; Hispanics 51% to 33% (Economist/YouGov)

Obama Campaign Veteran Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, 43, Takes Over the Reins of Joe Biden’s Campaign (Washington Post)

Joe Biden’s Campaign Requests Secret Service Protection (USA Today)

How Biden’s Michigan Victory Suggests Trouble for Trump in November (NY Times)

The Week Bernie Sanders Realized He Was Losing: Two Dozen Aides & Allies Speak (Buzzfeed)

Over Coronavirus Concerns, Sunday’s Democratic Debate Moved to Washington, No Live Audience (NBC News)

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Michigan Poll: Biden 51%, Sanders 36% (Monmouth)

Michigan Poll: Biden 59%, Sanders 38% (Data for Progress)

Michigan Poll: Biden 54%, Sanders 42% (Yahoo/YouGov)

Missouri Poll: Biden 68%, Sanders 29% (Optimus)

Washington Poll: Biden 49%, Sanders 43% (Data for Progress)

Idaho Poll: Biden 51%, Sanders 47% (Data for Progress)

Florida Poll: Biden 61%, Sanders 25% (Florida Atlantic University)

Wisconsin Poll: Biden 45%, Sanders 38% (Yahoo/YouGov)

Pennsylvania Poll: Biden 58%, Sanders 31% (Yahoo/YouGov)

Why Kamala Harris Waited for Warren to Exit the Race Before Endorsing Biden (Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post)

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Michigan Poll: Biden 51%, Sanders 27% (Detroit News)

Michigan Poll: Biden 54%, Sanders 33% (Mitchell Research)

Missouri Poll: Biden 62%, Sanders 32% (Data for Progress)

Mississippi Poll: Biden 77%, Sanders 22% (Data for Progress)

National Poll: Biden 52%, Sanders 36% (CNN)

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Washington State Poll: Biden 47%, Sanders 44%, Warren 5%, Gabbard 3% (Data for Progress)

Missouri Poll: Biden 53%, Sanders 31% (Missouri Scout, reported by the Kansas City Star)

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California Primary Vote Count (so far): Sanders 33.7%, Biden 26.4% (CA Sec. of State)

Washington State Poll: Biden 36%, Sanders 35% (KING 5 News/Survey USA)

Sanders Continues Attacks but Concedes Biden Could Beat Trump (NY Times)

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National Poll: Biden 54%, Sanders 38% (Morning Consult)

Missouri Poll (March 10 Primary): Biden 48%, Sanders 44% (Emerson)

Florida Poll (March 17 Primary): Biden 61%, Bloomberg 14%, Sanders 12%, Warren 5% (St. Pete Polls)

Biden Holds Lead in Delegates, with 614 to 536 for Sanders (CBS News)

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Sanders Raised $46.5 Million in February (Vox)

Texas Dems Say a Sanders Nomination Would Harm Down Ballot Candidates’ Chances (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

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Pete Buttigieg Says He Intends to Stay in the Race (The Guardian)

Klobuchar & Sanders Sprint to Finish in Minnesota’s Tuesday Primary (Rochester MN Post Bulletin)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 35%, Sanders 24%, Steyer 13%, Buttigieg 13%, Warren 7%, Klobuchar 5% (Data for Progress)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 41%, Sanders 25%, Buttigieg 11%, Steyer 11%, Klobuchar & Warren 5% (Fox 21/Emerson)

California Poll: Sanders 34%, Warren 17%, Bloomberg 12%, Buttigieg 11%, Biden 8%, Klobuchar 6% (LA Times/UC Berkeley)

Virginia Poll: Biden 22%, Sanders 17%, Bloomberg 13%, Warren 8%, Buttigieg 8%, Klobuchar 5% (Blue Virginia/Wason Center)

Obama Told Associates He’ll Seek to Unite the Party but ‘Would Be Difficult’ if Sanders the Nominee (NY Times)

Surging Sanders Sends Mixed Message of ‘Love’ and Defiance Toward Democrats (Washington Post)

Video: Biden TV Ad, ‘Service,’ Narrated by 2017 Praise from Barack Obama (YouTube)

Charleston, South Carolina Mayor John Tecklenburg Endorses Joe Biden for President (WCSC TV)

Warren Backing Super PAC Places $9 Million Ad Buy in California, Texas & Massachusetts (Politico)

Three Scenarios: Biden’s SC Vote Total Will Have Big Impact on Super Tuesday Delegates (538)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 35%, Steyer 17%, Sanders 13%, Buttigieg 8%, Warren 5% (The State/Clemson)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 31%, Sanders 23%, Steyer 20%, Warren 8%, Buttigieg 6% (E. Carolina U.)

86 of 93 Party Leaders Interviewed Say that a Plurality Short of Majority Won’t Entitle a Candidate to the Nomination (NY Times)

Joe Biden Meets His Make-or-Break Moment in South Carolina (Washington Post)

Bloomberg, Sinking in Polls, Faces Super Tuesday Disappointment (Politico)

Warren Has Revived Her 2020 Campaign & Could Be the Nominee Who Unites the Party (USA Today)

Warren Says She’s In Until the Convention Even if She’s Behind in Delegates (CNN)

“Spill the Tea” Fundraiser on Twitter Raises $170,000 for Elizabeth Warren (Washington Post)

Twice as Many Rabbis Have Donated to Warren as for Any Other Candidate (The Forward)

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Pete Buttigieg Cancels Visit to Miami Today, Citing Illness (Miami Herald)

‘If We Tear Each Other Apart’ Trump Wins, Amy Klobuchar Warns Democrats (Sunrise Read)

Mike Bloomberg’s Big Tech Campaign (New York Mag)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 27%, Sanders 23%, Steyer 15%, Buttigieg 9%, Warren 8%, Klobuchar 5% (NBC News/Marist)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 36%, Sanders 21%, Warren 8%, Steyer 7%, Buttigieg 7%, Klobuchar 3% (PPP)

Texas Poll: Biden 20%, Sanders 20%, Warren 17%, Bloomberg 12%, Buttigieg 11%, Klobuchar 7% (University of Houston)

A Quiet Moment from Joe Biden Says Something About the South Carolina Voter (Greenville News)

Sanders Says He’ll Attract a Wave of New Voters. He Hasn’t (NY Times)

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“The Candidate Stands Alone”: Elizabeth Warren Talks About the Loneliness of the Campaign Trail (NBC News)

The State Endorses Pete Buttigieg in South Carolina’s Primary (The State)

Buttigieg Launches Super Tuesday Ad Buy in 12 States (Politico)

Klobuchar Campaign Memo Argues She’s the Moderate to Beat Sanders (CNN)

Confessions of a Slow Learner: American Politics Is Really Sexist (John F. Harris, Politico)

Poll: Sanders 28%, Warren 19%, Biden 17%, Bloomberg 13%,  Buttigieg 10%, Klobuchar 5% (CBS/YouGov)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 28%, Sanders 23%, Steyer 18%, Warren 12%, Buttigieg 10%, Klobuchar 4% (CBS News/YouGov)

James Clyburn to Endorse on Wednesday, Prior to South Carolina Primary (CNN)

NBC News Reports that Clyburn’s Choice Is Joe Biden (NBC4, Washington DC)

Biden Campaign Rolls Out SC Endorsements by Legislators & Party Leaders (The State)

Tom Steyer Qualifies for South Carolina Debate on Tuesday (The Hill)

Steyer’s South Carolina Spending Draws Scrutiny (NY Times)

Buttigieg Courts South Carolina Voters with His Veteran’s Status (Reuters)

Warren, with Castro, to Campaign in San Antonio (KTSA San Antonio, Texas)

As Warren’s Campaign Ramps Up on Home Turf, Supporters Remember Personal Touch (Boston Globe)

Bloomberg Cancels CNN Town Hall Appearance to Prep for Tuesday Debate (Associated Press)

Sanders Wins Decisively in Nevada, Biden Headed for Second-Place Finish (Reuters)

Biden’s Last Stand: Former VP Depends on SC Victory to Revive His Campaign (Post & Courier)

South Carolina (Pre-Nevada) Polling Averages: Biden 23.4%, Sanders 21%, Steyer 15.7%, Bloomberg 10%, Buttigieg 9.5%, Warren 7.1%, Klobuchar 6.7% (538)

Jim Clyburn: South Carolina “May Not Line Up with Iowa, New Hampshire or Nevada” (The Hill)

Video: Buttigieg Hits Sanders as an “Inflexible” Leader of “an Ideological Revolution that Leaves Out Most Democrats & Americans” (YouTube)

Warren Tells Seattle Supporters She’s “Still in the Fight” (KUOW Seattle Public Radio)

Klobuchar Plans to Continue After Fifth Place in Nevada (Associated Press)

Bloomberg: Nominating Sanders Would Be “a Fatal Error” (Bloomberg Campaign Press Release)

Nevada Poll: Sanders 30%, Buttigieg 17%, Biden 16%, Warren 12%, Klobuchar 11%, Steyer 10% (Emerson)

Minnesota Poll: Klobuchar 27%, Sanders 21%, Warren 16%, Buttigieg 10%, Bloomberg 9%, Biden 9% (UMass Center for Public Opinion)

Harry Reid Says Sanders Needs More than a Plurality to Win the Dem Nomination (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren Crushed the Debate, but 75,000 Nevadans Had Already Voted (NY Times)

Warren Keeps Pounding Sanders: ‘I Don’t Want to Be President Just to Yell at People’ (Mediaite)

Latino Victory Fund Endorses Joe Biden Ahead of Nevada Caucuses (Axios)

Biden Repeats Iowa Tactic in Deploying Out-of-State Precinct Captains in Nevada’s Caucus (Daily Beast)

Is Nevada’s Result More Open Than We Realize? (538)

Pete Buttigieg Faces Obstacles in the Nevada Caucus & Beyond (Indianapolis Star)

$45 Million in 90 Days: How Bloomberg Bought Your Facebook Feed (The Guardian)

Like Them or Not, Klobuchar & Warren Represent the Future of Leadership (Salon)

‘Titanic, Meet Iceberg,’ Warren’s Attacks on Bloomberg Go Viral (Washington Post)

Despite His Billions, Bloomberg Busts (NY Times)

Las Vegas Debate Exposed Bloomberg’s Inexperience & Warren’s Hunger (Dallas Morning News)

‘One Winner & Five Losers’: What People Are Saying About Last Night’s Debate (Patch)

Black to the Future Action Fund Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President (Axios)

Questions About Bernie Sanders’ Health Linger After Heart Attack (Associated Press)

‘Not Her Night’: What People Are Saying About Amy Klobuchar’s Debate (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

‘Are You Mocking Me?’ Why It Boiled Over Between Buttigieg & Klobuchar (Forbes)

Sanders Camp Calls Nevada Ranked-Choice Rule ‘Voter Suppression’ (French Press Agency)

Democrats Won’t Commit to Same-Day Release of Nevada Results (Associated Press)

Inside the Push to Turn Out Latino Voters in Nevada (NY Times)

Poll: Sanders 29%, Biden 22%, Bloomberg 14%, Warren 12%, Buttigieg 8%, Klobuchar 6% (Emerson)

Poll: Sanders 32%, Biden 16%, Bloomberg 14%, Warren 12%, Buttigieg 8%, Klobuchar 7% (ABC/WaPo)

California Poll: Sanders 25%, Bloomberg 21%, Biden 15%, Buttigieg 12%, Warren 9% (Survey USA)

California Poll: Sanders 32%, Biden 14%, Warren 13%, Bloomberg 12%, Buttigieg 12%, Klobuchar 5% (PPIC)

North Carolina Poll: Sanders 22%, Bloomberg 22%, Biden 20%, Buttigieg 11%, Warren 8% (Survey USA)

Maine Poll: Sanders 25%, Buttigieg 15%, Bloomberg 14%, Biden 12%, Warren 9% (Colby College)

Oklahoma Poll: Bloomberg 20%, Sanders 13%, Biden 12%, Buttigieg 11%, Warren 8%, Klobuchar 6% (CHS)

Bloomberg Makes Gains with Black Voters Amid ‘Stop & Frisk’ Controversy (Morning Consult)

Sanders Makes Gains Among Hispanic Voters – but Bloomberg Is Rising Just as Fast Among them (Morning Consult)

Bloomberg to Make Democratic Debate Debut in Nevada Tonight (Financial Times)

Nevada Poll: Sanders 35%, Warren 16%, Buttigieg 15%, Biden 14%, Steyer 10%, Klobuchar 9% (Data for Progress)

Virginia Poll: Bloomberg 22%, Sanders 22%, Biden 18%, Buttigieg 11%, Klobuchar 9%, Warren 5% (Monmouth)

National Poll: Sanders 31%, Bloomberg 19%, Biden 15%, Warren 12%, Klobuchar 9%, Buttigieg 8% (NPR/Marist)

26,000 Nevadans Voted in First Two Days of Early Balloting (Reno Gazette Journal)

Michael Bloomberg Just Qualified for Wednesday’s Debate (Politico)

Bloomberg Opens First Attack on Democratic Rival Sanders (NY Times)

Bloomberg Drops $124 Million in Ads for Super Tuesday Contests (LA Times)

Video: Bloomberg Ad That Heavily Features Past Obama Praise for Former NYC Mayor (YouTube)

Not Catering nor Surging, Warren Seeks Campaign Revival (NY Times)

Tucson, Arizona Mayor Regina Romero Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President (KVOA TV, Tucson)

Pete Buttigieg’s Next Test: Winning Over Minority Voters (Associated Press)

Video: Learn How to Caucus in Nevada (Nevada Independent)

Fears Grow Over Possible Nevada Caucus Tech Malfunction (Politico)

Warren, Buttigieg, Make Final Push Through Northern Nevada (Reno Gazette Journal)

Nevada Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall Endorses Joe Biden for President (KRNV TV Reno)

Video: Nancy Pelosi Tells Christine Amanpour, ‘I’m Not Counting Out Joe Biden Yet’ (CNN)

Biden: Sanders ‘Has Never Gotten Anything Done’ on Health Care (Daily Beast)

Klobuchar: It’s ‘On Me’ to Build a Diverse Coalition (Politico)

Klobuchar Says She’s Raised $12 Million Since New Hampshire Primary (CBS News)

Tom Steyer Hoping for Top-Two Finish in Nevada Caucuses (CBS Face the Nation)

Obama Remains Neutral in Democratic Presidential Primary, Sees Role to Unite the Party Later (New York Mag)

The First Polls Since New Hampshire Show No Big Bounces by Any Candidate (538)

Poll: Two Thirds of Nevada Democrats Favor Changing Caucus to a Primary (Las Vegas Review Journal/AARP)

Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders & Warren Qualify for SC Debate, Bloomberg on the Cusp (ABC News)

Biden Calls on Sanders to Show Accountability for ‘Outrageous’ Online Threats by Followers (NY Times)

Harry Reid Says Biden Will Do Well in Diverse Nevada Caucuses (Associated Press)

Texas Dems Worried a Sanders-Led Ticket Would Harm Hopes to Flip the State House (Politico)

Bill de Blasio Endorses Bernie Sanders for President (CNN)

Warren Highlights Work with Obama & Harry Reid in New Nevada TV Ad (The Hill)

Video: ‘The Leading Voice’ (Warren Nevada TV Ad) YouTube

One on One with Mayor Pete in Las Vegas (Channel 3, Las Vegas)

As Biden Sinks, Bloomberg Touts Role as Obamacare Protector (Forbes)

Nevada Caucus Poll: Sanders 25%, Biden 18%, Warren 13%, Steyer 11%, Buttigieg 10%, Klobuchar 10% (Las Vegas Review Journal/AARP)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 28%, Sanders 20%, Steyer 14%, Buttigieg 8%, Warren 7%, Klobuchar 7% (East Carolina University)

With Newly-Added Early Voting, Here’s How the Nevada Caucuses Will Work (CBS News)

Cracks Emerge in Joe Biden’s South Carolina Firewall (Politico)

Biden Hasn’t Exactly Collapsed Since New Hampshire (538)

Some Congressional Democrats Say that a Sanders Nomination Would Threaten Their Reelection (Associated Press)

Amy Klobuchar’s Appeal to College-Educated Women? She’s the Ultimate #GirlBoss (Sarah Jones, New York Mag)

Facebook Changes Political Ad Rules to Allow Bloomberg ‘Meme’ Blitz (Politico)

Elizabeth Warren Cranks Up Her Anti-Bloomberg Crusade (Vanity Fair)

Pete Buttigieg’s Dash for Cash: Ten Fundraising Events in Two Weeks (NY Times)

Tom Steyer’s Gambit: Win Nevada, Show He Can ‘Beat Bloomberg’ on the Economy (Nevada Independent)

Florida Poll: Bloomberg 27%, Biden 26%, Buttigieg 11%, Sanders 10%, Klobuchar 7%, Warren 5% (St. Pete Polls)

Texas Poll: Sanders 24%, Biden 22%, Warren 15%, Bloomberg 10%, Buttigieg 7% (UT/Texas Tribune)

Georgia Poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 14%, Bloomberg 14%, Buttigieg 5%, Warren 4% (WSB/Landmark)

South Carolina Republicans Urge ‘Operation Chaos’ in Dem Primary to Vote for Sanders (CNN)

Video: Nevada’s Culinary Workers Union Continues Hitting Sanders, Won’t Endorse a Candidate (Yahoo)

Warren Says Bloomberg Shouldn’t Be the Nominee, Citing Redlining Remarks (NY Times)

Biden Campaign Redeploying Dozens of Staffers to Nevada & South Carolina (CNN)

Amy Klobuchar’s Mission in Nevada: ‘I Have to Get People to Know Me’ (LA Times)

As Mayor, Pete Buttigieg Created a Phone Tree to Warn Undocumented About ICE Raids (Meaww)

Ending Presidential Bid, Andrew Yang Says He Will Oppose Trump, Not Endorse in Primary (NY Times)

Pete Buttigieg Now Has Boots on the Ground in All Super Tuesday States (CNN)

Video: Klobuchar Confident She Can Win Black & Latino Voters Because of Her Record (MSNBC)

Warren Presses On, Patrick Bows Out, After Tough New Hampshire Primary (WCVB Boston)

What’s Behind Warren’s Weak Start, & Why She’s Not Out of It Yet (538)

Nevada’s Culinary Union Defends Its Health Plan, Targets Sanders’ Position to Eliminate It (US News & World Report)

Sanders Joins Trump in Telling Media to Go to Hell over His Undisclosed Health Records (Politico)

South Carolina May Provide Last Chance for Biden to Save His Candidacy (CNN)

The Bloomberg Campaign Is a Waterfall of Cash (NY Times)

Bloomberg Endorsed by Three Black US House Members (US News & World Report)

Democratic Candidates Flood Nevada, Caucus Uncertainty Remains (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Early Voting for Nevada Caucus Starts Saturday (Laughlin Times)

CNN Announces Candidate Town Halls in Nevada (CNN)

The Democratic Nomination Race Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon (New York Mag)

Klobuchar Leads NH Midnight Vote, Bloomberg Wins Support Despite Not Being on the Ballot (Newsweek)

Why I’m Changing My Vote from Joe Biden to Amy Klobuchar (Clay Aiken, USA Today)

Biden Braces for a Rough New Hampshire Vote, Setting Expectations Low (NY Times)

“Never Trump” Republicans Are Backing Joe Biden in New Hampshire Primary (NY Post)

Cynthia Nixon Speaks Out Against Boos of Hillary Clinton at NH Sanders Rally (Daily Beast)

Loving Elizabeth Warren Means Having a Plan for When America Breaks Your Heart (Monica Hesse, Washington Post)

Warren Hopes to Fire Up Nevada Supporters During Visit to Reno on Sunday (Reno Gazette Journal)

Mike Bloomberg Doesn’t Want Silicon Valley’s Money. He Does Want Its Employees (Vox)

Little Rock, Arkansas Mayor Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President (KATV, Little Rock)

NH Poll: Sanders 23%, Buttigieg 20%, Warren 16%, Biden 14%, Klobuchar 6%: Undecided Vote Has Doubled in a Week (Boston Herald/Franklin Pierce)

NH Tracking Poll: Sanders 27% (+3), Buttigieg 21% (-3), Klobuchar 14% (+5), Warren 12% (-1), Biden 12% (+2) (Boston Globe/Suffolk)

NH Tracking Poll: Sanders 30% (=), Buttigieg 23% (-1), Klobuchar 14% (+1), Warren 11% (-1) Biden 10% (-1) (WHDH/Emerson)

Sanders Glides Toward the Day as Moderates Brawl in New Hampshire (Politico)

Sanders’ Secret Weapon: Independent Voters (The Atlantic)

Can Sanders Break Out of His Demographic Base? (Washington Post)

Warren Surrogate Maura Healy Says Candidate Is in for ‘the Long Haul’ in ‘Wide Open Race’ (Channel 5, Boston)

Amy Klobuchar Pushes to Defy Expectations in New Hampshire (Associated Press)

Joe Biden Is Preparing for the Worst in New Hampshire (Buzzfeed)

Biden Calls Woman Questioner ‘a Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ at New Hampshire Event (NY Post)

NH Tracking Poll: Sanders 24% (=), Buttigieg 22% (-3), Warren 13% (-1), Biden 10% (-1), Klobuchar 9 (+3) Boston Globe/Suffolk

NH Tracking Poll: Sanders 30% (-1), Buttigieg 20% (-4), Klobuchar 13% (+4), Warren 12% (+1), Biden 11% (=) WHDH/Emerson

In Boston Globe NH Tracking Poll, Independents Boost Sanders & Buttigieg Numbers (NY Post)

8.000 NH Dems Hear from Candidates at State Party Dinner (WMUR New Hampshire)

Elizabeth Warren Won the Organizing Battle at NH Dems Arena Dinner (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Raised $2 Million After Debate (The Inquisitr)

Biden Says Buttigieg Is ‘Not a Barack Obama’ (Associated Press)

‘Neither Is He,’ Buttigieg Fires Back at Biden (CNN)

‘You Don’t Get What You Don’t Fight For’: Why I’m Knocking on NH Doors for Elizabeth Warren (Victoria Hugo-Vidal, Portland Press Herald)

Beware of the Polls: They Missed the Buttigieg Surge, Undercounted the Women Candidates, in Iowa (The Bulwark)

Report: Bloomberg Campaign Is Paying Online Influencers to Make His Campaign ‘Seem Cool’ (Salon)

NH Tracking Poll: Buttigieg 25% (+1), Sanders 24% (=), Warren 14 (+1), Biden 11% (=), Klobuchar 6% (=) Boston Globe/Suffolk

NH Tracking Poll: Sanders 31% (-1), Buttigieg 24% (+1), Warren 11% (-2), Biden 11 (=), Klobuchar 9 (=) WHDH/Emerson

How You Know Pete Buttigieg Is a Frontrunner: His Rivals Kept Attacking Him at Debate (Buzzfeed)

Amy Klobuchar & Pete Buttigieg Were the Debate’s Two Winners (Boston Globe)

Video: Elizabeth Warren Speaks after Democratic Debate (WMUR New Hampshire)

Editorial: The False Narrative: No, Buttigieg & Biden Are not ‘Centrists’ (Washington Post)

Democrats Vie to Be Not-Sanders (Politico)

Trump 2016 Strategist Steve Bannon: Bernie’s People Made Trump President – & Will Again (The Wrap)

The Next Democratic Debate in Nevada Is Only 12 Days Away (Vox)

NH Tracking Poll: Sanders 24% (-1 from day before), Buttigieg 23% (+4), Warren 13% (+2), Biden 11% (-1), Klobuchar 6% (=) Boston Globe/Suffolk

NH Tracking Poll: Sanders 32% (+1), Buttigieg 23% (+2), Warren 12% (+1), Biden 11% (-1), Klobuchar 9% (-2) WHDH/Emerson

Inside Pete Buttigieg’s Iowa Comeback: 1,600 Highly Trained Precinct Captains (Politico)

What Stands Out After Iowa Is Bernie’s Limited Crossover Appeal (NBC News)

At CNN Town Hall, Sanders Says He Wants VP with His ‘Worldview,’ Won’t Commit to Picking a Woman (Politico)

Tonight’s Debate a Last Chance to Break Through in New Hampshire (Manchester Union Leader)

Warren Campaign All-In for Super Tuesday: Begins 5-City Latino Tour in Texas on Monday (NBC News)

His Campaign on the Line, Joe Biden Goes Missing in New Hampshire (Washington Post)

Denver Senator Julie Gonzalez Endorses Elizabeth Warren in Colorado Primary (

Warren Before She Was a Pol: TPM Republishes Progressive 2005-08 Blog Posts (Talking Post Memo)

A Catholic Case for Amy Klobuchar (National Catholic Reporter)

Why American Jews Are Wary of Bernie Sanders (Mosaic: Advancing Jewish Thought)

Buttigieg Says He ‘Absolutely Can’ Win New Hampshire Primary (Manchester Union Leader)

With No Primary of Its Own, SC GOP Pushes Republicans to Back Sanders (NY Post)

Biden Goes on Attack, Warren Stresses Unity: Two Different Strategies to Stay Alive to Super Tuesday (NY Times)

Persistence & Persuasion: Warren Has Quietly Brought Many Former Harris, Castro, Booker & O’Rourke Backers into Her Field Army (TIME)

‘White Momentum’ Shouldn’t Undermine Joe Biden (David Leonhardt, NY Times)

Video: Klobuchar’s New New Hampshire TV Ad: ‘It’s About You’ (YouTube)

John Cougar Mellencamp Supports Mike Bloomberg in ‘Small Town’ TV Ad (Indianapolis Star)

Iowa Totals (97% Reporting): Buttigieg 26.2, Sanders 26.1, Warren 18.2, Biden 15.8%, Klobuchar 12.2% (Iowa Democratic Party)

Trump Fans Flooded Iowa Caucus Hotline with False Results (Bloomberg)

Candidates Have Until Midnight Tonight to Qualify for Friday’s Democratic Debate in NH (WMUR)

Three Towns Poised to Hold Midnight Vote in New Hampshire Primary (WGBH)

Iowa Results (71% Counted): Buttigieg 26.8%, Sanders 25.2%, Warren 18.4%, Biden 15.4%, Klobuchar 12.6%, Yang 1% (NY Times)

New Hampshire Aggregate of Polls (Pre-I0wa): Sanders 25.6%, Biden 17.6%, Buttigieg 14.1%, Warren 13.7%, Klobuchar 7.2% (RCP)

Pete Buttigieg Is More Electable than Bernie Sanders & More Progressive Than You Think (VOX)

An Emotional Pete Buttigieg Reflects on What Iowa Success Means for LGBTQ Progress (CNN)

Joe Biden’s Campaign Tries to Reassure Donors He’ll Win NV & SC After Iowa’s Caucus Loss (CNBC)

Elizabeth Warren Has a Movement, Even If You Don’t See It Yet (Joan Walsh, The Nation)

Scenes from Bernie Sanders’ Dispirited Would-Be Victory Party In Des Moines  (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Comes Out Swinging in NH After Iowa Home Stretch (The Patch)

Mike Bloomberg to Double Ad Spending After Iowa Chaos (MSNBC)

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimundo Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President (The Hill)

Iowa Poll Cancelled After Pete Buttigieg’s Name Is Accidentally Omitted (Des Moines Register)

In Iowa for Sanders, Rashida Tlaib Leads Audience to Boo Hillary, Later Apologizes (The Telegraph)

Video: Mike Bloomberg’s 60-Second Super Bowl Ad Tells a Human Story of Gun Violence (YouTube)

Sanders Campaign Telegraphs It Will Claim Iowa Win Even if He Loses in Delegate Count (New York Mag)

‘How Do You Fall for the Bernie Sanders Scam?’ Martin O’Malley on the Democrats & Iowa (The Guardian)

Progressives and Moderates: Don’t Destroy Each Other (E.J. Dionne, Washington Post)

Connecticut Progressives Wrestle with Their Choice Between Sanders & Warren (Hartford Courant)

Joe Biden Targets Eastern Iowa Catholics (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Draws Her Largest Iowa Crowd with 700 in Des Moines (WHO-TV)

US Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) Endorses Amy Klobuchar for President (The Hill)

Pete Buttigieg Is on the Attack in Iowa (

Andrew Yang Says His Caucus Success will ‘Shock’ the Nation (WHO-TV)

Black Voters Love Ayanna Pressley, but Convincing Them to Vote for Warren Isn’t Easy (Politico)

Iowa Poll: Biden 20%, Sanders 18%, Buttigieg & Warren 17%, Klobuchar 12% (Park Street Strategies)

Video: At Iowa Sanders Event, US Rep. Rashida Tlaib Invokes Audience to Boo Hillary Clinton (Twitter)

Hillary Clinton Slams Bernie Sanders for Not Working to Unite Democrats in 2016 (NY Times)

U of Iowa Mock Caucus Result: Sanders 74, Warren 70, Yang 52, Others Don’t Make Threshold (Daily Iowan)

Iowa Party Leaders Sue & Bob Divorsky, Who Backed Kamala Harris, Endorse Elizabeth Warren (Des Moines Register)

Iowa City Press-Register Endorses Amy Klobuchar for President (Bloomberg)

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Iowa Poll: Sanders 24%, Warren 19%, Buttigieg 17%, Biden 15%, Klobuchar 11% (Civiqs/Iowa State U)

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NH Poll: Sanders 26%, Biden 25%, Buttigieg 22%, Warren 15%, Klobuchar 7% (NBC News/Marist)

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Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller Backs Joe Biden in 2020 (The Gazette)

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Pete Buttigieg Under Fire for Saying Downed Airliner Result of US ‘Tit for Tat’ with Iran (NY Post)

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Endorses Joe Biden for President (LA Times)

NH Libertarians Who Backed Sanders in 2016 Are Eyeing Gabbard & Yang in 2020 (NY Times)

Biden vs. Sanders War Escalates (Politico)

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Trump Reelection Campaign Has Run 800 Distinct Facebook Ads Highlighting Suleimani Killing (NY Times)

Facebook Internal Memo Tells Company ‘Don’t Tip the Scales Against Trump in Election’ (NY Times)

Bloomberg, Trump, Each Will Drop $10 Million for an Ad During the Super Bowl (MarketWatch)

Des Moines Register, CNN Moderators Announced for Next Tuesday’s Dem Debate (USA Today)

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Bernie Sanders Steps Up Attacks on Joe Biden (The Hill)

Julian Castro Joins Elizabeth Warren at Brooklyn Campaign Rally (Politico)

Bloomberg Bets Early & Big on Florida (Politico)

Nevada Democrats Increase Critical Number of Las Vegas Strip Caucus Sites for Casino Workers (CNN)

Amy Klobuchar Kicks Off 2020 with a Surge, Says Things Are Just Heating Up (WHDH News 7, Boston)

Andrew Yang Fails to Qualify for Ohio Ballot, Says He’ll Mount Write-In Campaign There (CNN)

Warren: Bloomberg Is Skipping ‘the Democracy Part’ of the Democratic Primary (MSNBC)

Elizabeth Warren’s Iran Comments Are a Serious Warning Against War (Refinery29)

Pete Buttigieg Releases Four Early-State Ads with Four Distinct Messages (CNN)

John Kerry to Campaign with Joe Biden in Iowa Today (KETV-7 Omaha)

Judge Judy Appears on The View to Endorse Michael Bloomberg (Deadline)

Deval Patrick Hopes for an Unlikely Surge but for Many, ‘It’s Awfully Late’ (NY Times)

Iowa Poll: Sanders, Biden & Buttigieg Each at 23%, Warren 16%, Klobuchar 7% (CBS/YouGov)

New Hampshire Poll: Sanders 27%, Biden 25%, Warren 18%, Buttigieg 13%, Klobuchar 7% (CBS/YouGov)

Q4 Fundraising: Trump $46M, Sanders $34M, Buttigieg $24M, Biden $22M, Warren $21M, Yang $16M, Klobuchar $11M (CNN)

Julian Castro Endorses Former Rival Elizabeth Warren for President (Associated Press)

Warren, in Break with Sanders, Says She Will Vote to Ratify USMCA Trade Agreement in Senate (CNN)

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In Email, Buttigieg Bundler H.K. Park Dangled Influence in Exchange for Donations (Axios)

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Warren’s Brothers Are a Silent Fixture of Her Campaign (Boston Globe)

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31-Year-Old Press Secretary for Joe Biden Diagnosed with Metastatic Lung Cancer (CBS News)

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Why Some Unions Are Nervous About ‘Medicare for All’ (LA Times)

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Sanders Pivots to Climate Change When Asked About Racism (CNN)

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Thursday’s Democratic Debate Is Back on After Labor Agreement Is Reached (NY Times)

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Googled ‘Impeachment’ Lately? The First Result Is a Bloomberg Ad (NY Times)

Jamaicans Are Disappointed that Kamala Harris Is Out of the US Presidential Race (Jamaican Observer)

‘Progressive’ Texas Congressional Candidate Deletes Tweet Wishing Cancer on Barack Obama (Mediaite)

Poll: Biden 24%, Sanders 22%, Warren 17%, Buttigieg 13%, Yang 5% (NPR/PBS/Marist)

Turbulence Shakes Democrats’ Final 2019 Debate – Which May Not Even Happen (Associated Press)

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Sanders & Company Speculate on Cabinet Members, Pick Out the White House Drapes (Politico)

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Sportsperson of the Year Megan Rapinoe Backs Warren: ‘I Just Feel Like I Trust Her’ (CNN)

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Elizabeth Warren Draws Sharp Contrasts, Describes Rivals Reluctance to Challenge Corruption as “Naive” in NH Speech (NY Times)

Warren’s Drop in the Polls Is Good News for Her, Creates Opportunity to Emerge as a Fighter (John F. Harris, Politico)

Senators Booker & Warren Get Top Grades on Racial Justice Scorecard, Biden Gets an ‘F’ (Ebony)

Cory Booker Doubles Down on Iowa After Failing to Make the December Democratic Debate (Reuters)

Bloomberg’s Bottomless Wallet: Campaign Has Hired More than 300 Staffers (Politico)

Bill Weld Will Be on Massachusetts Ballot Despite the State GOP’s Efforts to Block Him (WBUR Boston)

California Poll: Biden 21%, Sanders 20%, Warren 17%, Buttigieg 9%, Yang 6%, Bloomberg 5% (CNN)

Texas Poll: Biden 35%, Sanders 15%, Warren 13%, Buttigeg 9%, Bloomberg 5% (CNN)

Seven Candidates Qualified for the December Debate (538)

As Caucus Night Draws Near, Expect to See Damaging Information Leaked About the Candidates (Iowa State Daily)

Amy Klobuchar Now Polling in Double Digits in Iowa (Bring Me the News)

Klobuchar Gains Endorsement of New Hampshire Democratic Leaders Alan & Joan Reische (WMUR Manchester)

Elizabeth Warren Wins Coveted Iowa Endorsement from Art Cullen’s Storm Lake Times (Des Moines Register)

Warren Staffs Up in Florida with Andrew Gillum Campaign Veterans (Tampa Bay Times)

Socialists Will Never Understand Elizabeth Warren: Pro-Market Leftism Is Part of a Long Intellectual Tradition (Foreign Policy)

Mike Bloomberg to Donate $10 Million to House Democrats Targeted by GOP (ABC News)

Tom Steyer Leads in Page Views for the Second Consecutive Week (Ballotpedia)

Iowa Poll: Biden 23%, Sanders 22%, Buttigieg 18%, Warren 12%, Klobuchar 10% (Emerson)

New Hampshire: Buttigieg 18%, Biden 17%, Sanders 15%, Warren 12%, Gabbard & Yang 5% (WBUR/MassInc)

National: Biden 26%, Warren 21%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 11%, Bloomberg 4% (Economist/YouGov)

National: Clinton 21%, Biden 20%, Sanders 12%, Warren 9%, Buttigieg 5% (Harvard-Harris)

Indivisible Progressive Scorecard: Warren 95%, Sanders 89%, Castro 87%, Booker 80%, Buttigieg 77%, Biden & Klobuchar 50% (Indivisible)

Pete Buttigieg Releases Client List, Includes Insurance & Retail Industries, US Agencies (Politico)

Elizabeth Warren Seeks a Second Act After Slip from the Top (NY Times)

Video: Bernie Sanders at Culinary Workers Union Town Hall (Las Vegas Sun)

Disorganization Mars Sanders Event in Reno, Nevada (

Joe Biden Signals to Aides that He Would Serve Only One Term but Won’t Publicly Commit (Politico)

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Andrew Yang Qualifies for December Debate (NY Times)

Cruel Primary History Lessons Joe Biden Won’t Want to Hear (Steve Kornacki, NBC News)

Iowa Voters Are Breaking Late: Still in the ‘Speed Dating’ Phase of the 2020 Campaign (The Courier)

Elizabeth Warren Earned $1.9 Million over Three Decades from Corporate Clients (NY Times)

Warren Campaign Makes Available Full List of Law Clients Since 1986, Work Contracted & Amounts Paid by Each (

Pete Buttigieg Faces New Scrutiny Over Consulting Work, Policy Ideas (Des Moines Register)

Warren & Buttigieg Are at War over College Educated Voters in Iowa & New Hampshire (Mary Ann Marsh, Fox News)

In Interview, Warren Says Voters Are Ready for an All Women Ticket (Associated Press)

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Mayor Pete’s Retirement Plan to Tax the Middle Class (Wall Street Journal)

California Poll: Sanders 24%, Warren 22%, Biden 14%, Buttigieg 12%, Harris 7% (Berkeley IGS)

Same Poll with 2nd Choice of Harris Voters Factored: Sanders 25%, Warren 24%, Biden 17%, Buttigieg 13% (Berkeley IGS)

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Editorial: Buttigieg’s Untenable Vow of Silence on His Work at McKinsey (NY Times)

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Twitter’s Stan Culture, Born in 2016, Brings Tribal Warfare to the 2020 Campaign (Buzzfeed)

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Iowa Poll: Buttigieg 25%, Warren 16%, Biden 15%, Sanders 15%, Klobuchar 6% (Des Moines Register/Selzer)

Iowa Poll: Biden 22%, Sanders 22%, Buttigieg 21%, Warren 18%, Klobuchar & Harris 5% (CBS/YouGov)

New Hampshire Poll: Warren 31%, Biden 22%, Sanders 20%, Buttigieg 16%, Klobuchar & Harris 3% (CBS/YouGov)

Nevada Poll: Biden 33%, Sanders 23%, Warren 21%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 4% (CBS/YouGov)

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North Carolina Poll: Biden 37%, Warren 15%, Sanders 14%, Buttigieg 6%, Harris 4% (Fox News)

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Obama Thinks Patrick Is Getting in ‘Very Late,’ Has Not Given Him His Blessing (NY Times)

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City Councilors-elect Isaiah Thomas & Jamie Gauthier Endorse Elizabeth Warren (Philadelphia Mag)

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Twitter Blew Up on Pete Buttigieg for Quote on Barack Obama… That He Didn’t Say (LGBTQ Nation)

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As Kamala Harris Hopes for a Comeback, Iowa Staff Additions Still Not Fleshed Out (Des Moines Register)

Mike Bloomberg to Focus on Super Tuesday States, Skip Earlier Contests (Associated Press)

Pete Buttigieg Outlasts the Pundits by Emerging as an Alternative to Biden (LA Times)

Amy Klobuchar Says a Woman with Pete Buttigieg’s Experience ‘Would Not Make it to the Debate Stage’ (Washington Post)

Yes, Women of Color Support Bernie Sanders (Linda Sarsour, Teen Vogue)

Tulsi Gabbard’s Attorneys Demand ‘Retraction’ of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Defamation’ (Epoch Times)

Running for President May Make You More Unpopular in Your Own State (538)

Wisconsin Poll: Warren 25%, Biden 23%, Sanders 20%, Buttigieg 5%, Yang 2% (NYT/Siena)

More Battleground State Democratic Nomination Polling from MI, PA, FL, AZ & NC (NYT/Siena)

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Actively Prepares for 2020 Run – as a Democrat (Politico)

Bloomberg Bid Would Hurt Biden, Buttigieg, other Moderates’ Nomination Chances (TIME)

Eric Holder Takes Virginia: Democratic Plan to Dominate State Legislatures Notches First Win (Wall Street Journal)

Eugene Robinson Reports that Eric Holder Is Meeting with Democratic Strategists About Possible 2020 Run (Newsweek)

Joe Biden: An Anti-Endorsement (The Nation Editorial Board)

Black Women Activists Endorse Elizabeth Warren, Announce ‘People’s Policy Making Summit’ in First 100 Days of Warren Presidency (

Andrew Yang Launches One Million Dollar TV Ad Buy in Iowa (Daily Beast)

Video: ‘Andrew Yang: A New Way Forward,’ Produced by Sanders’ 2016 Consultant Firm (YouTube)

November Debate Could be Do or Die for Booker, Gabbard, Steyer & Yang (NY Mag)

Poll: Biden 23%, Warren 23%, Sanders 20%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 5% (Monmouth)

Poll: Biden 26% (-1 from Oct. 29), Warren 25% (+2), Sanders 14% (same), Buttigieg 8% (+1), Harris 6% (+2) (Economist/YouGov)

Iowa Poll: Warren 20%, Buttigieg 19%, Sanders 17%, Biden 15%, Klobuchar 5%, Harris 4% (Quinnipiac)

Land Lines, Cell Phones, Texts & Online: When It Comes to Polls, Mode Matters (Mark Mellman, The Hill)

Julian Castro Campaign Shutting Down New Hampshire Operations (Associated Press)

Tulsi Gabbard & Amy Klobuchar Hit Debate Polling Thresholds (Politico)

Kamala Harris Endorsed by Higher Heights (Essence)

Harris’ Family Friendly School Act Would Create Options from 8 to 6 p.m. for Kids of Working Parents (CBS 13, Sacramento)

Elizabeth Warren Offers to Sit Down with Bill Gates to Explain Her Wealth Tax Proposal (CNBC)

Ayanna Pressley Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President (NY Times)

Stop Blaming Black Homophobia for Pete Buttigieg’s Problems: Put an End to this Racist Trope (Charles Blow, NY Times)

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Bernie Sanders Plans to Spend Half of All Money Raised on TV Ads in Early States (NY Times)

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Kamala Harris First Candidate Invited to Speak to Nevada’s Culinary Workers Union (Associated Press)

ABC to Air Rare Footage of Desegregation Busing that Shaped Kamala Harris’s Formative Years (Essence)

Officials: Tom Steyer Staffer Downloaded Kamala Harris Volunteer Data in South Carolina (ABC News)

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Julian Castro Gets Support of Nine Texan Lawmakers Who Backed O’Rourke (Texas Tribune)

Poll: Biden 27%, Warren 23%, Sanders 19%, Buttigieg 6%, Harris 4% (NBC/WSJ)

Poll: Biden 28%, Warren 23%, Sanders 17%, Buttigieg 9%, Others 2% or Less (ABC/WaPo)

Nevada Poll: Biden 30%, Warren 22%, Sanders 19%, Harris, Buttigieg & Yang at 5% (Emerson)

Michigan Poll: Biden 34%, Sanders 28%, Warren 18%, Buttigieg 8%, Harris & Booker 3% (Emerson)

‘Justice Is on the Ballot’: Kamala Harris Gives Rousing Iowa Speech Amidst Campaign Redirection (Essence)

Kamala Harris Closes 3 of 4 Offices & Fires Staff in New Hampshire (CNN)

There Is No Single ‘Black Vote,’ There Are Many: Not Everyone Is Lining Up for Joe Biden (Vox)

US Rep. Ilhan Omar Endorses Bernie Sanders at Minnesota Rally (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Sanders & Warren Seek to Clarify Their Difference as Race for Democratic Left Intensifies (Washington Post)

Pete Buttigieg: Race Is Between Me & Warren – as New Poll Puts Him Fourth (The Guardian)

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Iowa Poll: Warren 22%, Sanders 19%, Buttigieg 18%, Biden 17%, Klobuchar 4%, Harris 3%, Yang 3% (NY Times/Siena)

Warren Unveils a ‘Medicare for All’ Plan That Won’t Raise Taxes on Middle Class, Allows Transition for Those Who Want to Keep Current Insurance (CNN)

Cranky Billionaire Scolds Elizabeth Warren for Not Being Nicer to Rich People (Vanity Fair)

‘Unite the Country,’ New Super PAC to Support Joe Biden, Launches Website (

The Next Phase of Pete Buttigieg (The Atlantic)

‘Don’t Count Her Out’: Can Kamala Harris Salvage a Languishing 2020 Bid? (The Guardian)

Prominent Iowa Democrat Roxanne Conlin Endorses Amy Klobuchar for President (WHO TV, Des Moines)

The Iowa Democrats’ Biggest Dinner Ever Comes to Des Moines Tonight (Des Moines Register)

Who Could Win Iowa? Pretty Much Anyone (Bloomberg)

Julian Castro Raises $800,000 Goal, Stays in Presidential Race (ABC News)

Pennsylvania Poll: Biden 30%, Warren 18%, Sanders 12%, Buttigieg 8%, All Others 2% or Less (Franklin & Marshall)

Kamala Harris 2020 Campaign Cutting Costs & Realigning Staff Toward Iowa (CBS News)

Joe Biden’s Slap at Bernie Sanders Sends Elizabeth Warren a Warning (Washington Post)

Biden Backers Say Campaign Is Bungling New Hampshire Effort (Daily Beast)

Progressive Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President (Philly Voice)

Stuck in Single Digits, Pete Buttigieg Tries to Solve His South Carolina Puzzle (Roll Call)

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) Says He Won’t Vote for Bernie Sanders in a General Election (The Hill)

Could a Long Impeachment Trial Derail the Senators Running for President (New York Mag)

Lack of Iowa Campaign Organization Disqualifies Tulsi Gabbard from Friday’s Democratic Stage Call (CNN)

Meet the Top Foreign Policy Gurus in the 2020 Race (Reuters)

Poll: Biden 27%, Warren 23%, Sanders 14%, Buttigieg 7%, Harris 4%, O’Rourke 4% (Economist/YouGov)

New Hampshire Poll: Sanders 21%, Warren 18%, Biden 15%, Buttigieg 10%, Klobuchar 5%, Gabbard 5% (CNN/UNH)

Longtime Biden Ally Larry Rasky Launches Super PAC to Support 2020 Bid (Politico)

Biden Campaign to Super PAC: Don’t Attack Other Democrats (CBS News)

Sanders & Warren Fight for Home Field Advantage in New Hampshire (CNN)

How Kamala Harris’ ‘Family of Fighters’ Influenced Her Campaign Message (Wall Street Journal)

Is America Ready?’ Kamala Harris Blames Descent in Polls on Her Status as a Woman of Color (Atlanta Black Star)

Pete Buttigieg Led Show Biz Fundraising Last Quarter, Kamala Harris Still Tops Money Race to Date (Deadline)

Is Amy Klobuchar the Moderate Democrats Need? (Froma Harrop, Minnesota Post Bulletin)

Tulsi Gabbard Drops a Big Hint About Running a Spoiler Campaign to Help Trump (New York Mag)

Russians Are Already Meddling in the Democratic Primary (Washington Post)

Democrats Have the Most Racially Diverse Field Ever. Why Is the Top Tier White? (NY Times)

Joe Biden Denied Communion at South Carolina Church Over His Legal Abortion Stance (SC Now)

Biden Schedules One Event in Vermont, a $500 a Head Fundraiser (Burlington Free Press)

Kamala Harris: Katie Hill Is a Victim of Cyber Exploitation (Buzzfeed)

Elizabeth Warren Is Increasingly Popular with Democratic Activists in Early States (538)

‘Why Do Guys Feel So Threatened by a Woman President?’ John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Back Elizabeth Warren (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren & Julian Castro May Be Rivals, but They’re Buddies, Too (UPI)

Only Three Candidates Have So Far Qualified for the December Debate (538)

California & Nevada Democrats Frustrated That Their Early Contests Still Get Less Candidate Attention (Politico)

Court Orders New Maps Drawn for North Carolina Congressional Districts in Win for Democrats (Charlotte Observer)

Speaker Order Set for Friday’s Iowa Democrats Dinner, Historic Kickoff to Caucus Campaign (Iowa Democrats)

‘Super Delegates’ Would Get to Vote if Democratic Convention Goes to Second Ballot (Politico)

Kamala Harris Rejoins HBCU Criminal Justice Event After Sponsor That Gave Trump an Award Was Removed (ABC News)

Bernie Sanders Tells Black Students to ‘Respect’ Police to Avoid Getting Shot (The Grio)

Sanders, in Detroit, Remembers ‘Dear Friend’ John Conyers (CNN)

Joe Biden Says He’s Undeterred by Elizabeth Warren’s Ascendancy (Associated Press)

George Soros Supports a Wealth Tax, Calls Warren “the Most Qualified” & “the Clear Cut Person to Beat” for Nomination (NY Times)

Bill Weld Says Country ‘Is Never Going to Be Able to Breathe a Sigh of Relief’ Unless Trump Is Removed from Office (Boston Globe)

Millennial & Bisexual US Rep. Katie Hill Should Not Have Had to Resign (LA Times)

After Criticism from Hillary Clinton, Tulsi Gabbard Drops Her Reelection Campaign for Congress (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren Jumps to Seven-Point Lead Over Joe Biden in Latest Quinnipiac Poll (USA Today)

Rising US House Star Katie Porter Plans to Endorse Elizabeth Warren (CNN)

Break-in Reported at Warren’s Manchester NH Campaign Office (CNBC)

Anita Hill Says She’s Ready to ‘Hold Joe Biden Accountable’ for 1991 Court Confirmation Hearings (CNN)

Biden Campaign Drops Opposition to Formation of Super PACs to Support Its Candidate (NY Times)

Kamala Harris Says She’ll Prosecute Oil Companies & Utilities for Role in Climate Crisis (Mother Jones)

The Rise and Stall of Pete Buttigieg (Washington Post)

Here Are Quotes from Corporate Media Propping Up Bernie Sanders, as Candidate Claims It Is Tearing Him Down (Washington Post)

‘What Is This Bart that Is Bright?’: Watch Cory Booker Troll the Hell Out of a Breitbart Reporter (Mediaite)

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan Ends His Bid for President (NPR)

Iowa Poll: Warren 28%, Buttigieg 20%, Sanders 18%, Biden 12%, Klobuchar 4%, Harris 3% (Civiqs/Iowa State University)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 33%, Warren 16%, Sanders 12%, Harris 6%, Steyer 4% (Monmouth)

California Poll: Warren 28%, Sanders 24%, Biden 19%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 8% (NPR/KQED)

National Poll: Warren 28%, Biden 21%, Sanders 15%, Buttigieg 10%, Harris 5% (Quinnipiac)

‘Do We Really Know Her?’ With Iowa Looming the Knives Come Out for Elizabeth Warren (Vanity Fair)

Meet Camonghne Feliz, the Poet on Elizabeth Warren’s Communications Team (NY Times)

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Pete Buttigieg Gets Aggressive as He Looks to Break Out of the Middle (CNN)

Why Zuckerberg’s Embrace of Mayor Pete Should Worry You (WIRED)

Amy Klobuchar Qualifies for November Debate (CNN)

Biden Allies Intensify Push for Super PAC After Lackluster Fundraising Quarter (CNN)

Andrew Lang Scoops Up Bernie Sanders’ Old Ad Man, Tad Devine (Daily Beast)

National Poll: Biden 34%, Warren 19%, Sanders 16%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 6% (CNN)

Massachusetts Poll: Warren 33%, Biden 18%, Sanders 13%, Buttigieg 7%, Harris 3% (WBUR/MassInc)

Joe Biden Trails Rivals in Support from Young Voters. His Staff Thinks They Can Change That (Des Moines Register)

Corporate America Fears Elizabeth Warren Is Unstoppable (Politico)

As a Centrist Path Opens, Pete Buttigieg Moves Toward It (NY Times)

Buttigieg Campaign Says Its Focus Groups Found Being Gay a Barrier for Some Black South Carolinians (Raleigh News & Observer)

Bernie Sanders Launches First Ad Touting AOC Endorsement (Politico)

Backlash Against Sanders & Ocasio-Cortez in Queens (NY Times)

Residents of Queensbridge Houses Felt Blindsided by Sanders Rally (The Patch)

Kamala Harris, with Senate Colleagues, Seeks Trump Ukraine Documents (Axios)

Cory Booker Says, ‘There’s No Bigger Policy Wonk Nerd in this Race than Me’ (Concord Monitor)

Tulsi Gabbard Affirms She Won’t Run as Third Party Candidate (Honolulu Civil Beat)

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Iowa Poll: Biden 18% (-6 from June), Warren 17% (+4), Buttigieg 13% (+7) Sanders 9% (same), Harris 3% (-13) (Suffolk/USA Today)

Iowa Poll:  Biden 23%, Warren 23%, Buttigieg 16%, Sanders 13%, Yang 5%, Booker 3%, Harris 2% (Emerson)

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Poll: Warren 27%, Biden 26%, Sanders 10%, Buttigieg 7%, Harris 3%, Yang 3% (IBD/TIPP)

South Carolina: Biden 41%, Warren 12%, Sanders 10%, Harris 4%, Steyer 4% (Fox News)

Wisconsin: Biden 28%, Warren 22%, Sanders 17%, Buttigieg 7%, Harris 5% (Fox  News)

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Nevada Poll: Biden 22%, Sanders 22%, Warren 18%, Harris 5%, Buttigieg 4% (CNN)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 37%, Warren 16%, Sanders 11%, Harris 5%, Buttigieg 4% (CNN)

Surging Elizabeth Warren Has Yet to Prove Herself in South Carolina (CNN)

Millennials Give Elizabeth Warren an ‘In’ to South Carolina Black Voters (Bloomberg)

Buttigieg Plans Sharper Distinctions with Warren & Sanders (The Hill)

Cory Booker May Exit Race by Tuesday Despite ‘Avalanche of Support’ (The Guardian)

Hillary Clinton Defends Joe Biden Over Criticisms of His Interactions with Women (People)

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Kamala Harris Calls for NY Bar Association Probe into Rudy Giuliani (The Hill)

Longtime NH Democratic Activists John & Mary Rauh Endorse Pete Buttigieg (WMUR Manchester)

Julian Castro Warns Supporters that Not Qualifying for November Debate Would Be ‘the End of My Campaign’ (Texas Tribune)

Florida Poll: Biden 24% (-15 from May), Warren 11% (+6), Sanders 5% (-11), Harris 3% (-2), Buttigieg 2% (-1) (Preserve the American Dream Tracking Poll)

Maryland Poll: Biden 33%, Warren 21%, Sanders 10%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 5% (Goucher College)

National Poll: Warren 27%, Biden 25%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 7%, Harris 3% (Quinnipiac)

National Poll: Warren 27%, Biden 26%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 6%, Harris 4% (Economist/YouGov)

Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Will Invest in Beating Maine Senator Susan Collins (CBS News)

Warren to Launch $10 Million in First TV Ads in Early States, Marking New Phase of Campaign (CNN)

For Joe Biden, Trump Impeachment Query Brings a Long Expected Test (NY Times)

Pete Buttigieg Releases New Iowa Ad that Knocks ‘Medicare for All’ Democrats (CNN)

Iowa Poll: Warren 22%, Biden 20%, Sanders 11%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 6% (Des Moines Register)

Nevada Poll: Biden 23%, Warren 19%, Sanders 14%, Harris 4%, Others 3% or Less (Suffolk/USA Today)

California Poll: Warren 29%, Sanders 21%, Biden 18%, Harris 11%, Buttigieg 7% (Capitol Weekly/Political Data)

Why Elizabeth Warren Is a Bigger Frontrunner Than Many Think (CNN)

Top Sanders Staffers Are Now Openly Attacking Elizabeth Warren (Vox)

Trans Actress Angelica Ross Quits Twitter After Online Attacks From Sanders & Trump Supporters (Newsweek)

DNC Slightly Raises Polling & Number of Donations Bar to Qualify for November Debate (LA Times)

Democrats’ Rising Debate Standards Could Squeeze Out Julian Castro, Though Beto O’Rourke Seems Safe (Dallas Morning News)

Kamala Harris & Elizabeth Warren Attend Emily Clyburn’s Funeral in South Carolina (Philadelphia Tribune)

On Campaign Bus in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg Gives Press Unfiltered Access (Des Moines Register)

Iowa Poll: Biden 25%, Warren 23%, Buttigieg 12%, Sanders 9%, Klobuchar 8%, Harris 5% (Focus on Rural America/David Binder Research)

Democratic Opponents Search for a Plan Against Elizabeth Warren (Wall Street Journal)

Elizabeth Warren’s Selfie Lines Are so Well Known that People Lined Up in an Airport (Boston Globe)

Black Leaders Chastise Bernie Sanders Supporters for Alleged Racist Attacks Following WFP Vote (Vermont Digger)

Next One Out? Booker Memo Warns He Might Be Next Candidate to Leave the 2020 Race (NBC News)

Pete Buttigieg Gets Personal During Presidential LGBTQ Forum (Hollywood Reporter)

Beto O’Rourke Meets with a Group of Predominantly Black Marijuana Dealers in Oakland (The Grio)

Warren Draws 2,000 to Rally on U. of Iowa Campus in Iowa City (Fox 28)

Three New Congressional Endorsements for Joe Biden (NBC News)

Kamala Harris Doubles Staff, More Than Doubles Offices, in Iowa (Des Moines Register)

Harris Bets It All on Iowa to Break Free Fall (Politico)

Younger Black Voters to Their Parents: Break Up with Joe Biden (NY Times)

Giuliani Admits to Asking Ukraine About Biden After Denying It 30 Seconds Earlier (Washington Post)

Jacobin Mag’s Outrage Over WFP Endorsement of Warren Is Foolish & Unjustified (The Nation)

Young Voters Still ‘Feel the Bern,’ Just Not for Bernie Sanders Anymore (NY Times)

New Jersey Poll: Biden 26%, Warren 20%, Sanders 18%, Booker 9%, Buttigieg 6%, Harris 6% (Monmouth)

Florida Poll: Biden 34%, Warren 24%, Sanders 14%, Buttigieg 5%, Harris 4% (Florida Atlantic University)

Poll: Biden 33% (unchanged from July), Warren 19% (unchanged), Sanders 17% (-3), Harris 6% (-3), Buttigieg 5% (-3) (SurveyUSA)

Poll: Biden 26%, Warren 21%, Sanders 14%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 6% (Economist/YouGov)

How Kamala Harris Can Still Make a Comeback (David Leonhardt, NY Times)

Analysis: How Elizabeth Warren Is Working Iowa’s Rural Counties (The Daily Yonder)

Working Families Party, Which Backed Sanders in 2016, Endorses Warren for President (NY Times)

Joe Biden Is Problematic: No Amount of Growth or Good Intentions Can Change That Fact (Charles Blow, NY Times)

Beto O’Rourke Responds to Age, Fitness Questions About Joe Biden: ‘Who the Hell Cares?’ (Newsweek)

Texas Democrat Pulls Support of Julian Castro, Switches to Joe Biden (TPM)

Bernie Sanders Replaces New Hampshire Campaign Director (Daily Beast)

O’Rourke & Buttigieg Clash Over Guns After Former Congressman’s AR-15 Comment (CNN)

Cory Booker Dismisses Early Surveys: ‘If You’re Polling Ahead Right Now, You Should Worry’ (The Hill)

Poll: Among Debate Watchers, Warren, Buttigieg & O’Rourke Gained, Biden, Sanders, Harris & Castro Lost Ground (538/Ipsos)

14 Million Watched Thursday’s Debate, More than Watched in July (Deadline)

California US Senator Dianne Feinstein Will Cohost a Fundraising Event for Joe Biden in October (CNBC)

Cory Booker Knocks ’em Dead at Democratic Debate, but Still Mired with the B-List Candidates (NY Daily News)

New Hampshire State Senator Jeanne Dietsch Backs Amy Klobuchar for President (Keene Sentinel)

Andrew Yang Offered $1,000 a Month to Ten Random Families – Is That Legal? (CBS News)

Joe Biden Has His Best Debate Night – & That Might Be Good Enough (CNN)

Up, Up, Up with Elizabeth Warren: Canny, Cunning, Unstoppable (Frank Bruni, NY Times)

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Bernie Sanders Distances Himself from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Democratic Debate (CBS News)

Cory Booker Just Proved that He’s the One to Watch in Democratic Presidential Contest (The Independent)

Amy Klobuchar on Health Care: ‘Bernie Wrote the Bill, I Read the Bill’ (Roll Call)

The Two Minutes that Julian Castro Questioned Joe Biden’s Memory (Politico)

Video: Beto O’Rourke: ‘Hell, Yes, We’re Going to Take Your AR-15s” (Bloomberg)

Andrew Yang’s Money Giveaway Gimmick Undermines Universal Basic Income (Quartz)

Ed Rendell Says He Wrote Op-Ed Attacking Elizabeth Warren Without Telling Biden’s Campaign (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Ranked Choice Poll: In a Head-to-Head Race Warren Would Beat Biden 53% to 47% (Vox)

New Hampshire Poll: Biden 22%, Sanders 21%, Warren 15%, Gabbard 6%, Harris & Buttigieg 5% (HarrisX)

Warren Draws 5,000 to Austin, Texas Rally (Austin American-Statesman)

Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell Endorses Kamala Harris for White House (WBUR)

At Debate, Castro & O’Rourke Can Fight Each Other Over a Scrap, or Go After One of the Big Dogs (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Is Tired of Debate Questions About Other Candidates (NY Times)

ABC Warns Democrats Not to Use Profanity at Debate (CBS Boston)

At the Texas Southern University Debate, HBCUs Should Take Center Stage (Houston Chronicle)

Join Us at the Organize & Win Debate Watch Party Tonight (

Poll: Warren 26%, Biden 26%, Sanders 16%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 6% (Economist/YouGov)

New Hampshire Poll: Biden 24%, Warren 21%, Sanders 13%, Buttigieg 11%, Harris 8% (Emerson)

Texas Poll: Biden 28%, Warren 18%, O’Rourke 12%, Sanders 12%, Harris 5% (Quinnipiac)

They Meet at Last: Biden-Warren Matchup Is the Main Event at Thursday Debate (NY Times)

Biden Aims to Use Debate to Question Warren’s Corporate Work (Bloomberg)

Biden Camp Thinks the Media Just Doesn’t Get It (Politico)

CNBC Host Jim Kramer Thinks Warren Win Would Be a Loss for the Big Banks – She Agrees (Market Watch)

Cory Booker on Senate Beginnings: ‘It Was the Least Diverse Place I Had Ever Seen’ (The Root)

Is Andrew Yang Ready for Prime Time? (NBC News)

ABC Matches 2020 Candidates with Undecided Voters in ‘Around the Table’ Series (Deadline)

Should Rahm Emmanuel Run for President and Save Democrats from Joe Biden? (Chicago Tribune)

Poll: Biden 33%, Sanders 21%, Warren 16%, Harris 7%, Buttigieg 5% (Morning Consult)

Video: Major Democratic Candidates Band Together in Ad Against Gun Violence (Newsweek)

Fear Not, Elizabeth Warren Is Electable (Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe)

Elizabeth Warren Energizes New Hampshire Dems as Bernie Sanders Looks On (Vermont Digger)

Bernie Sanders, Stuck in Second, Under Pressure to Upstage Elizabeth Warren (Bloomberg)

Can Kamala Harris Recapture the Magic? She Gets a Shot at Thursday’s Debate (LA Times)

Beto O’Rourke Will Get His Shot at Joe Biden at the Houston Debate on Thursday (Houston Chronicle)

Meet the Moderators of Thursday’s Debate on ABC and Univision (Vox)

What to Watch For, How to Watch Online, Thursday Debate Format & More (ABC News)

If You’re Polling in the Low Single Digits, You’re Probably Toast (Nate Silver, 538)

Ossoff to Run for US Senate in Georgia (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Poll: Biden 29%, Sanders 19%, Warren 18%, Harris 7%, Buttigieg 4% (Washington Post/ABC)

‘It’s a Deceptive Lead’: Why Biden’s Rivals Are Planning Around His Big Collapse (Politico)

Elizabeth Warren Rises as Joe Biden Clings to Narrowing Delegate Edge (CBS News)

We Interviewed 100 of the 1,280 NH State Democratic Convention Delegates: Half Are Still Undecided, Warren the Favorite Among the Rest (Politico)

Warren & Clinton Talk Behind the Scenes as 2020 Race Escalates (NBC News)

Kamala Harris Proposes Legalizing Marijuana, Ending Bail, Eliminating Death Penalty (LA Times)

Internal Kamala Harris Campaign Document, Left in NH Restaurant, Acknowledges ‘Summer Slump’ (Politico)

Linda Sarsour: ‘I’m Proud to Help Elect Bernie Sanders as the First Jewish President (Forward)

Here’s How Amy Klobuchar Could Pull Off the Nomination (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post)

Poll: Biden 26%, Warren 22%, Sanders 14%, Harris 5%, Buttigieg 5% (Economist/YouGov)

Poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 20%, Warren 16%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 5% (Politico/Morning Consult)

Poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 16%, Warren 13%, Harris 7%, Buttigieg 4% (Harvard/Harris)

Poll: Biden 28%, Warren 24%, Sanders 12%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 5% (IBD/TIPP)

Poll: Warren 29%, Sanders 22%, Biden 19%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 6% (Change Research)

Here’s the Schedule for Tonight’s 7-Hour Televised Climate Crisis Forum with 10 Candidates (CNN)

A Rap Legend Ripped Kamala Harris’ Marriage to a White Man. Then She Won Him Over (Politico)

Crowley: Don’t Count Kamala Harris Out Yet (Yahoo)

Joe Biden’s Campaign Is Already Making Excuses About Iowa & New Hampshire (CNN)

Democrats’ Most Plugged-In Voting Bloc Seems to Be Coalescing Around Elizabeth Warren (538)

‘Thoughtful & Progressive but Realistic’: Scarlett Johansson Backs Elizabeth Warren (Axios)

New Yorker Festival to Host Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro & Nancy Pelosi (NY Times)

It’s Now Biden, Warren, Sanders – & Everyone Else: ‘It’s Too Late to Say It’s Too Early’ (Politico)

Joe Biden: The Anemic Front-Runner (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren & Kamala Harris Are Each Forced to Run Two Campaigns at Once (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren Reflects on Labor Day as She Woos New Hampshire Voters (Boston Globe)

Clyburn Cancels South Carolina Town Hall with Warren Due to Hurricane Dorian (Marietta Daily Journal)

Tribal Leaders Say 2020 Should Be About ‘Life or Death Issues,’ Not Warren’s DNA (KSRO Radio)

Bernie Sanders Leads Campaigns Staffing Up in California (Sacramento Bee)

Pete Buttigieg Racing to Build Person-to-Person Network in Iowa (Associated Press)

Andrew Yang Gets Media Cold Shoulder (Axios)

How to Handle an Outlier Poll (Nate Silver, 538)

Due to Security Breaches, DNC to Recommend Scrapping ‘Virtual’ Voting in Iowa & Nevada Caucuses (Politico)

Joe Biden Seeks to Create South Carolina Firewall as He Maintains 2020 Lead (Charleston Post & Courier)

Elizabeth Warren Lovefest Ending as 2020 Competitors Fear Her Rise: Will Coming Attacks Backfire? (Politico)

America Needs Kamala Harris (State Rep. Patricia Cornell, New Hampshire Union-Leader)

Beto O’Rourke Has Chucked the Presidential Playbook. Will It Save His Campaign? (LA Times)

Anger Not as Compelling for Sanders Campaign This Time Around (Washington Post)

Pete Buttigieg Was Rising, then Came South Bend’s Policing Crisis (NY Times)

Tulsi Gabbard Says She Won’t Run as an Independent (Bloomberg)

How Julian Castro Got Drowned Out (Politico Magazine)

Here’s Where Democrats Will Stand on Stage at September 12 Debate (Politico)

Poll: Biden 25%, Warren 21%, Sanders 12%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 5% (Economist/YouGov)

Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, Booker, O’Rourke, Yang, Klobuchar & Castro Make September 13 Debate Cut (

September’s Sole Debate will Be First with Biden & Warren on Same Stage, Same for Sanders & Harris (CNN)

It’s Not Over Between Bernie Sanders & Kamala Harris on Medicare for All (Vice)

Kirsten Gillibrand Drops Out of 2020 Democratic Nomination Race (NY Times)

Tom Steyer’s Mega-Millions Debate Gambit Flops (Politico)

Michael Bennett, Mad as Hell, Not Dropping Out (The Atlantic)

Tulsi Gabbard Misses 2020 Debate Threshold, Complains About Process (Honolulu Civil Beat)

Ahead of Debate, New Polls Show Biden with Wide Lead in 2020 Contest (CBS News)

Poll: Biden 32%, Warren 19%, Sanders 15%, Harris 7%, Buttigieg 5% (Quinnipiac University)

Poll: Biden 32% (+2 from June), Warren 14% (+4), Sanders 12% (-3), Harris 6% (-2), Buttigieg 6% (-3) (USA Today/Suffolk)

Democratic Debate Appears to Be Set for One Night on September 13 After Steyer & Others Fail to Qualify (NBC News)

Dem Campaigns Get Desperate with Debate Shutout Looming (Politico)

Gillibrand & de Blasio Among Candidates Shut Out of September Debate (Albany Times Union)

Congressman Jim Clyburn & Senator Elizabeth Warren to Cohost Town Hall in Orangeburg (ABC4-TV, Charleston, South Carolina)

Kamala Harris Has Run 29,000 Facebook Ads Mentioning Trump (Newsweek)

Joe Biden Took Questions from Black Reporters for 90 Minutes & Did Not Disappoint (Politico)

Beto O’Rourke Makes an Impression at Historic Black Benedict College (The State, Columbia SC)

Yang Fires Back at Sanders Over Universal Basic Income (The Hill)

2020 Candidates Pledge, if Elected, Not to Form National Organization Outside of DNC (Politico)

Poll: Warren 20%, Sanders 20%, Biden 19%, Harris 8%, Booker 4%, Buttigieg 4% (Monmouth University)

Poll: Biden 33%, Sanders 20%, Warren 15%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 5% (Morning Consult)

The Promise & Peril of Joe Biden’s Front-Runner Campaign (LA Times)

“Personal”: New Biden TV Ad on Protecting Obamacare (Biden for President, YouTube)

Elizabeth Warren’s Growing Crowds (NY Times)

Data Firm Finds Kamala Harris Is Drawing the Most Attendees to Campaign Events (Cheddar)

On the Latest Episode of “Ballers” Dwayne Johnson Is Reading Elizabeth Warren’s Book (The AV Club)

United Electrical Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders for President (UPI)

Rep. Calvin Smyre, Georgia’s Longest Serving State Legislator, Endorses Joe Biden for 2020 (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Half of Americans Feel Trump, Biden & Sanders Are Too Old to Be President (Study Finds)

A Tom Steyer Debate Spot Is in Limbo but His Money Is Poised to Upend 2020 Anyway (NY Times)

The Rock Star vs. the Rock: Warren & Biden Hurtle Toward Collision (Politico)

Joe Biden Has an Iowa Problem, Not an Enthusiasm Problem (Nate Silver, 538)

Biden Banks on ‘Electability’ but If He Falters Warren Is Hot on His Heels in IA & NH (Mary Anne Marsh, Fox News)

Elizabeth Warren Draws Record Crowd of 15,000 in Seattle (Bloomberg)

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Poll: Biden 22%, Sanders 19%, Warren 18%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 8% (Economist/YouGov)

Former U.S. Rep. & Radio Talk Show Host Joe Walsh to Challenge ‘Absolutely Unfit’ Donald Trump in GOP Primaries (Politico)

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Poll: Biden 29%, Sanders 15%, Warren 14%, Harris 5%, Buttigieg 5% (CNN)

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Harry Reid: Nevada Organizing by Biden “Good,” Harris “Excellent” & Warren “Sensational” (Vox)

Biden Campaign to Train Organizers in IA, NH, NV & SC this Fall (

Rethinking Public Safety to Reduce Mass Incarceration & Strengthen Communities (Elizabeth Warren, Medium)

Gillibrand Says New Hampshire Helped form Her Mental Health Plan (Manchester Union-Leader)

Iowa Fair Straw Poll: Biden 17.66%, Warren 17.19%, Buttigieg 14%, Sanders 10%, Harris 8% (Iowa Secretary of State)

Eight Democratic Candidates Will Participate in CNN Climate Change Debate, Minus Harris (CNN)

13 Candidates Head to DNC Meeting in San Francisco, Minus Biden (Politico)

Warren Apologizes at Native American Forum: ‘I Have Listened & I Have Learned’ (NY Times)

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‘A Heavy Lift’: Religious Black Voters Weigh Pete Buttigieg’s Bid (Associated Press)

Andrew Yang Vows to Mass Pardon All Imprisoned for Nonviolent Marijuana Offenses (Fox News)

Poll: Biden 31% (no change since March), Warren 20% (+16), Sanders 10% (-13), Harris 8% (no change) (Fox News)

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National Poll: Biden 21%, Warren 20%, Sanders 15%, Harris 8%, O’Rourke 5%, Buttigieg 5% (Economist/YouGov)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 36%, Warren 17%, Sanders 16%, Harris 12%, Buttigieg 5% (ChangeResearch/Post & Courier)

Bernie Sanders Tones Down Criticism of Washington Post but Complains of Campaign Coverage (CNN)

Sanders’ Real Media Problem (Washington Post)

Pete Buttigieg Echoes Elizabeth Warren with $80 Billion Rural Broadband Plan (TechCrunch)

Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President (Crain’s Chicago Business)

Biden, Harris, Booker Confirmed for September 7 NH State Democrats Convention (WMUR Manchester)

Tom Steyer Spent $2.9 Million on Facebook Ads to get 130,000 $1 Donations to Qualify for Debate (GQ)

SpaceX Chief Elon Musk Backs Andrew Yang for President (Fox News)

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Republicans in Texas Brace for 2020 Drubbing (Politico)

Anthony Scaramucchi Says Trump May Need to Be Replaced for 2020 (Axios)

Nevada Poll: Biden 26%, Warren 23%, Sanders 22%, Harris 10%, Buttigieg 7% (Change Research)

Warren Emerges as Biden’s Most Dangerous Rival (The Hill)

Elizabeth Warren Circles in Iowa as Joe Biden Stumbles (Boston Globe)

Warren, Met with the Largest Iowa Fair Soapbox Crowd Yet, Touts Her 2 Cent Ultra-Millionaires Tax (Des Moines Register)

Kamala Harris, in a Pivot, Makes Her Play for Iowa (NY Times)

Editorial: Beto, Come Home – Texas Needs You (Houston Chronicle)

Amy Klobuchar Tells Soapbox Audience that She Courts Moderates With Ideas that ‘Could Actually Get Done’ (Des Moines Register)

Cory Booker Enjoys a Fried-on-a-Stick Vegan Meal at the Iowa State Fair (Des Moines Register)

Texas Poll: O’Rourke 25%, Biden 23%, Sanders 16%, Warren 10%, Harris 5%, Castro & Buttigieg 4% (Tyler Morning Telegraph)

Scenes from Iowa’s Rowdy Anti-Trump Wing Ding: Candidates Attack Trump, Not Each Other (Politico)

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Kamala Harris Nabs Endorsement from Iowa Power Couple, Sue & Bob Dvorsky (Politico)

Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Reduce Gun Violence by 80 Percent (Vox)

Bernie Sanders Says That if He’s Elected He’ll Reveal Whether Aliens Are Real (CNN)

Julian Castro Defends Brother Shaming Trump Donors (Politico)

Kirsten Gillibrand Unleashes $1 Million Ad Buy in IA & NH in Attempt to Remain on Debate Stage (Politico)

Senior Voters, Some Wavering on Trump, Figure to Shape 2020 Election (Wall Street Journal)

Joe Biden’s Campaign Says He Mispoke When He Said ‘Poor Kids’ Are Just as Bright as ‘White Kids’ (CNN)

Biden & Harris Make a Big Play for Iowa but Warren Is Months Ahead (Politico)

Surging in Polls, Elizabeth Warren Now Has a Path to the Nomination (New York Mag)

New Iowa Poll in First State to Vote Suggests Bernie Sanders Could Be in Big Trouble (The Oregonian)

El Pasoans Rally Around Beto O’Rourke at Walmart Vigil as He Skips Key Campaign Stop (Dallas Morning News)

The Art of Giving a Damn: Anger Is the Ethic of the Moment, Reflected in the Language of Campaigns (The Atlantic)

Editorial: Pete Buttigieg Impresses on Policy but Needs to Engage Hearts, Not Just Heads (Des Moines Register)

Andrew Yang Qualifies for Next Debates With New Iowa Poll (CNN)

Iowa Poll: Biden 28% (+1 since April), Warren 19% (+12), Harris 11% (+4), Sanders 9% (-7), Buttigieg 8% (-1) (Monmouth)

Pennsylvania Poll: Biden 28%, Warren 21%, Sanders 12%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 6% (Franklin & Marshall)

Beto O’Rourke Has Finally Proved Himself a Worthy Presidential Candidate – Don’t Drop Out Now (The Independent)

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Joe Biden’s Speech in Iowa Puts Trump to Shame (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post)

Transcript of Biden Trump Rebuke Speech (Rev Political Transcripts)

Kamala Harris Hits the Airwaves in Iowa with a Weeks Long Buy (Politico)

Video: Kamala Harris’ 60-Second TV Add, “Me, Maya & Mom” (YouTube)

Ocasio-Cortez Rips Her Ex-Staff Chief for ‘Divisive’ Tweet About Fellow Dems (NY Daily News)

Tulsi Gabbard’s Daredevil Act Is Stoking Speculation About Her End Game (Politico)

‘Be Quiet!’ Trump Slams Beto O’Rourke, Claims He Uses a Phony Name to Indicate Hispanic Heritage (Washington Post)

After the El Paso Shooting Beto O’Rourke Snapped – & Found His Voice (Austin American-Statesman)

‘He Won’t Be Welcome Until He Repents’: El Paso Residents Ask Trump to Stay Away (The New Yorker)

While Trump Condemns White Nationalism, His Campaign Facebook Ads Talk Immigrant Invasion (USA Today)

Poll: Biden 32%, Warren 21%, Sanders 14%, Harris 7%, Buttigieg 5% (Quinnipiac)

‘Warren Has Built a Monster’: Inside the Democrats’ Battle for Nevada (Politico)

Joe Biden, in Iowa Speech, Plans to Say Trump ‘Has Fanned the Flames of White Supremacy’ (Washington Post)

O’Rourke Thanks Harris for Buying His El Paso Staff Lunch: ‘We Can All Come Together in These Dark Moments’ (The Hill)

Is ‘Bernie or Bust’ the Future of the Left? DSA Convention Declares Sanders the Only Option (NY Times)

Fried Food & Stump Speeches: The Iowa State Fair Is Back (NBC News)

Beto O’Rourke: Trump Is Not Welcome in El Paso (News 12, Phoenix)

Fox News Cuts Off Heated Interview with Tim Ryan Linking Trump Rhetoric to Shootings (Mediaite)

Biden: ‘Trump Abandoned the Theory that We Are One People’ (USA Today)

Fact Check: Tulsi Gabbard’s Claims About Kamala Harris Misleading & Untrue (Politifact)

Poll: Dems Say Warren Reigned in Second Debates (Politico/Morning Consult)

Florida Influencer Poll: Warren & Biden Came Out on Top at Democratic Debates (

New Hampshire Poll: Biden 21%, Sanders 17%, Warren 14%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 6% – Top 2nd Choice Is Warren (Boston Globe)

Iowa’s Tom Harken to Hold Event with Kirsten Gillibrand (WHO-TV, Des Moines)

Mayor Bill de Blasio Seems Sick of His City – and the Feeling Is Mutual (NY Times Mag)

Texodus & the Democratization of the Lone Star State (Nancy LeTourneau, Washington Monthly)

Beto O’Rourke in El Paso, Asked What Trump Could Do: “Members of the Press, What the Fuck?” (Eric Bradner via Twitter)

Elizabeth Warren Slams ‘Hate for Profit’ Fox News in Wake of Shootings (Market Watch)

Cory Booker: ‘The Harvest of Hate Violence Now Lies at Trump’s Feet’ (1010 WINS Radio, NY)

UnidosUS Blasts Trump’s ‘Hateful Words’ as Democratic Candidates Arrive at Its San Diego Convention (Bloomberg)

String of Gun Deaths Reshapes Democratic Primary (Politico)

The Large Field, Problematic for Kamala Harris, Could Improve for Her as It Dwindles (Nate Silver, 538)

Betting Market, Post-Debate, Shifts Heavily from Harris to Biden, Warren Stays Steady (PredictIt)

Mike Gravel Ends Campaign, Will form “Leftist Thinktank” Instead (Must Read Alaska)

O’Rourke: Trump a White Nationalist Who’s Rhetoric Encourages Violence (Politico)

“No Joyful Warriors”: Democrats Fret Over Negative Tone of Primary Fight (Washington Post)

Is Elizabeth Warren a Consensus Democratic Choice? This Data Suggests She Might Be (Buzzfeed)

Joe Biden Remains a Favorite Among Black Voters Even If He Doesn’t Know His Kool-Aid (Chicago Sun-Times)

Harris Shows She Can Take a Punch After Gabbard Attack (The Hill)

Unions Take Center Stage in Medicare-for-All Debate at Las Vegas Candidates Forum (Nevada Independent)

Cory Booker Tours Women’s Prison in Las Vegas, Promises Reform (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Rookie Bundlers Power Buttigieg Fundraising Surge (Politico)

Bot-Like Twitter Accounts Pumped Divisive Content During Democrats’ Debate (Big Think)

Democratic Presidential Candidates Descend on Las Vegas Today for Union Forum (Fox 5, Las Vegas)

Memo: After the Debates, It’s a Biden-Warren Race (John Zogby Strategies)

The Who-Can-Beat-Trump Test Leads to Kamala Harris (Roger Cohen, NY Times)

US Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-CA) Endorses Kamala Harris for President (Oakland Press)

Elizabeth Warren Is Running a Brilliant Campaign (David Axelrod, CNN)

Warren Makes Inroads into Sanders’ World, One Backer at a Time (Washington Post)

Joe Biden Is the Reason Obama’s Legacy Is on Trial (Sarah Jones, New York Mag)

Beto O’Rourke to Visit San Quentin Prison Inmates (San Jose Mercury News)

The Republican Party Is Losing Its Future (The Atlantic)

Joe Biden’s Lucky Break Was the Miscalculation of Rivals Who Criticized the Obama Administration (CNN)

Biden: Criticism of Obama During the Debate ‘Surprise Me’ (CBS News)

Debating the Obama Presidency During This One Seems Politically Suicidal (Charles Pierce, Esquire)

US Rep. Raul Grijalva, 2016 Sanders Backer, Introduces Elizabeth Warren at Arizona Event (Courthouse News)

Kamala Harris to Launch Five Day Iowa Trek (The Gazette)

Cory Booker Tries to Turn His Debate Moment into Momentum (Los Angeles Times)

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Clorox Line, Honed on the Campaign Trail, Was a Debate Hit (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Kirsten Gillibrand Landed Zinger in Debate that Might Be Her Last (Albany Times-Union)

Amy Klobuchar Qualifies for Third & Fourth Democratic Debates (Minnesota Star Tribune)

What Beto Gets Right: His Approach to Both Medicare & the Border (David Leonhardt, NY Times)

Debate Disappointment: I Wanted So Much More from Joe Biden (Frank Bruni, NY Times)

Video: Joe Biden to Kamala Harris: ‘Go Easy on Me, Kid’ (CNN)

Cory Booker Comes Out Swinging at Joe Biden (New York Mag)

Kirsten Gillibrand Targets Joe Biden’s Views on Women (The Atlantic)

Most Googled Democrat May Not Make Next Debate (CNN)

Julian Castro Says Joe Biden Hasn’t ‘Learned the Lessons of the Past’ (NY Times)

Latino Victory Fund Endorses Julian Castro for President (NBC News)

Beto O’Rourke Courts Macomb County Voters With ‘Right to Organize’ (Detroit Free Press)

Betting Market: Biden Stock Up 4 Cents, Harris Down 7 After Night Two of the Debates (PredictIt)

Video: In Iowa Focus Group, 7 of 9 Undecided Voters Say Elizabeth Warren Won Them in Debate (CNN)

Native American Congresswoman Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President (CBS Boston)

Did Amy Klobuchar’s Star Rise in Second Democratic Debate? (CBS Minnesota)

Texas Poll: O’Rourke 38%, Biden 19%, Sanders 13%, Warren 9%, Harris 8%, Castro 2% (UT Tyler Center for Opinion Research)

Pete Buttigieg Tells Democrats to Stop Worrying About the GOP (Yahoo)

‘Joe Biden Needs to Atone’: Ex-Veep Braces for Pile On in Tonight’s Debate (Politico)

Here’s Why Kamala Harris Needs Another Strong Debate (CNN)

Julian Castro Needs Another Surge Tonight in Democratic Debate (San Antonio Express News)

Poll: 73% of Democratic Voters Say They’re Motivated to Watch the Debates This Week (Politico)

What the History of Black Democratic Primary Voting Tells Us About 2020 (New York Mag)

US Reps Grijalva (AZ), Haaland (NM), Levin (MI) & Clark (MA) Endorse Elizabeth Warren for President (Boston Globe)

The Awkward Warren-Sanders Truce Faces Its Biggest Test Yet in Tonight’s Debate (Politico)

Beto O’Rourke Invites Black Students Who Kneeled for Anthem to the Debate (The Hill)

What I’ve Learned from Living in Today’s Ellis Island (Beto O’Rourke, CNN)

California Poll: Harris 19%, Warren 15%, Sanders 12%, Biden 11%, Buttigieg 5% (San Francisco Chronicle)

How Kamala Harris’ Courtroom Experience Prepared Her for the Debate Stage (CNN)

Gavin Newsom Opens $50 Million Donor Network to Harris Campaign (CNBC)

Firefighters Union Backing Joe Biden Opposes ‘Medicare for All’ (CNN)

National Poll: Biden 24.6%, Warren 22.6%, Harris 16.9%, Sanders 16.1%: And Who’s Most ‘Likeable?’ Warren & Harris  (Vox)

Why Joe Biden’s Age Worries Some Democratic Allies & Voters (NY Times)

It’s Biden’s Win to Lose in Iowa, but He Should Beware the Rise of Warren (The Guardian)

Sanders & Warren Campaigns Say Not to Expect Them to Clash at Tuesday Debate (CNN)

Online Evidence Surfaces of Kirsten Gillibrand Campaign’s Pre-Debate Oppo Research on Joe Biden (Axios)

The Democratic Nomination Is Now Down to Warren & Harris (Mary Anne Marsh, Fox News)

My Plan for Medicare for All (Kamala Harris, Medium)

Trade – on Our Terms (Elizabeth Warren, Medium)

The Greatest Lesson I Learned in Afghanistan (Pete Buttigieg, CNN)

Cory Booker Qualifies for Next Round of Debates (Insider NJ)

Billionaire Tom Steyer Has Spent $927k on Internet Ads Pleading for $1 Donations to Get in Debates (Politico)

Memo to Our Democratic Presidential Candidates Before the Detroit Debates (Rahm Emanuel, Medium)

In the Detroit Debates It’ll Be Biden vs. Everybody (Detroit News)

Booker Chases Breakout Moment by Going After Biden (The Hill)

Video: In Kindergarten, Kamala Harris Took a Rock to the Head to Stand Up for a Friend (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren: “Fiery Pragmatism” from the Heart (Boston Globe)

These 2016 New Hampshire Sanders Voters Have Switched to Warren (Boston Herald)

The Expat Crew Campaigning for Bernie Sanders in France (Politico)

Searching for Beto: Can O’Rourke Turn It Around? (The Atlantic)

Pete Buttigieg Speaks to Millennial Leaders in Des Moines (WHO-TV, Iowa)

Amy Klobuchar’s Daughter Abigail Bessler Follows in Her Mom’s Footsteps (Oprah Mag)

There Is Nothing Wrong with Julian Castro’s Spanish (NY Times)

Nevada Poll: Biden 29% (-9 from May), Sanders 23% (-2), Warren 11.5% (+3.5), Harris 10.5% (+2.5), Buttigieg 6% (-2) (Nevada Independent)

Top Joe Biden Donor & Fundraiser Tom McInerney Flips to Kamala Harris (CNBC)

Two Longtime African-American South Carolina Biden Backers Switch to Tim Ryan (NBC News)

Complaint Against Sanders Campaign Alleges Three Staffers Were Fired for Labor Organizing (National Labor Relations Board Document)

Elizabeth Warren Campaign Hits Milestone of One Million Donations (NY Times)

Why Joe Biden & Cory Booker Are Heading for a Democratic Debate Clash (Philadelphia Inquirer)

In Warmup to Debate, Kirsten Gillibrand Blasts Democratic Rivals Over Sexual Assault, Harassment Issues (Iowa Starting Line)

Opportunity? Or Calamity? For Beto O’Rourke Tuesday’s Debate Looms Large (Washington Post)

Tulsi Gabbard’s $50 Million Google Lawsuit Takes a Page from the Far-Right Playbook (Vice)

Why Lil Nas X Declined to Perform with Pete Buttigieg at Buzzfeed Event (Page Six, NY Post)

‘She’s Dangerous’: GOP Insiders Fear Kamala Harris Could Be the Next Obama (Vanity Fair)

Asked, Elizabeth Warren Answers: I Would Have Accepted a VP Offer from Hillary Clinton (Politico)

Joe Biden to Opponents: If You Come at Me I Will Hit Back (CBS News)

Iowa Lawmaker & 2016 Sanders Supporter Endorses Joe Biden for President (The Gazette)

In a Crowded Presidential Field, Is Bernie Sanders Old News? (LA Times)

Sanders & Warren Face a Potential Knockout Round in New Hampshire (Bloomberg)

Julian Castro Introduces ‘People First’ Indigenous Communities Platform (NH Labor News)

Bernie Sanders & Pete Buttigieg Hold Hollywood Fundraisers (Variety)

Pete Buttigieg’s Catholic High School Wouldn’t Hire Him Today Because He’s Married to Another Man (NY Daily News)

Cory Booker Hires Rev. Aaron Bishop as Faith Outreach Coordinator in South Carolina (McClatchy)

Kirsten Gillibrand in Iowa City: ‘I Will Be the Nominee’ (Daily Iowan)

Jen O’Malley Dillon Is a Star Democratic Operative – Can She Save Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign? (Texas Tribune)

Poll: Biden 25%, Warren 18%, Sanders 13%, Harris 9%, Buttigieg 6% (Economist/YouGov)

At Detroit Fundraiser, Biden Says He’ll be ‘Less Polite’ with Harris at Next Debate (Detroit News)

Biden & Booker Escalate Feud Over US Criminal Justice System (Reuters)

Biden Beats Trump in Hypothetical Matchup in Ohio (Politico)

Why Elizabeth Warren’s Biggest 2020 Competition Might Be Kamala Harris (McClatchy)

Kamala Harris’ Most Devoted Online Supporters Have formed the #KHive (Vox)

Kamala Harris’ Debate Bounce Is Fading (Nate Silver, 538)

Bernie Sanders Learns a Small Business Lesson (Forbes)

Seattle Lines Up to See Mayor Pete (News Tribune)

Maine State Treasurer Henry Beck Endorses Pete Buttigieg for President (Lewiston Sun Journal)

Kirsten Gillibrand Releases $10 Trillion, 10-Year Plan to Combat Climate Change (CNN)

Democrats Do Little to Sway NAACP Crowd but Bill Weld Does (Detroit Free Press)

Joe Biden Launches Campaign Blitz to Shore Up Black Support (Politico)

Kamala Harris Sponsors Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana, Expunge Convictions (CBS San Francisco)

Why Elizabeth Warren Says ‘Persist’ Instead of ‘Glass Ceiling’ (NY Times)

Elizabeth Warren Wins Iowa ‘Cookie Caucus’ (WHO-TV, Des Moines)

Sanders Campaign Accused of Illegal Dismissal, Interrogation of Employee, in NLRB Complaint (9 News)

Cory Booker Is All Out of Love: The Senator Drops His Gloves (Politico)

The Case of Al Franken (The New Yorker)

Amy Klobuchar Fires Back at Trump: ‘You’ll Never Win Minnesota’ (The Hill)

Beto O’Rourke to Hold Town Hall in Flint, Michigan Today (TV 12, Flint)

Delegate Projections Through Super Tuesday: Biden 38% (-7 from June), Warren 29% (+7), Sanders 17% (-3), Harris 12% (+7) (CBS/YouGov)

Was Sanders’ Response to Union $15 Wage Demand, by Cutting Workers’ Hours. a Violation of Federal Labor Law? (NY Post)

Bernie Sanders Might Be Losing His New Hampshire Firewall (Boston Globe)

Elizabeth Warren, Who Predicted 2008 Crisis, Says ‘Warning Lights Are Flashing’ for Coming Recession (USA Today)

Why Kamala Harris Picked Baltimore for National Campaign Headquarters (Baltimore Sun)

Cory Booker Says He Could Confront Biden on Race at Detroit Debate (Bloomberg)

Popular Country Radio Host Interviews Pete Buttigieg but Company Refuses to Air It (Washington Post)

Indian Americans, a Rising Political Force, Gave $3 Million to 2020 Presidential Campaigns (LA Times)

Texas Southern University in Houston to Host Third Democratic Debate in September (ABC TV 13 Houston)

“Big Change Is Easier”: Elizabeth Warren Is on the Verge of Turning Her Campaign into Something Much Larger (The Atlantic)

Megan Rapinoe: ‘It’s Time for Us as a Country to Embrace a Woman President’ (CNN)

Joe Biden Says He Agrees with $15 Minimum Wage for Campaign Workers (Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders Says Joe Biden Is ‘Absolutely Wrong’ About ‘Medicare for All’ (Des Moines Register)

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National Poll: Biden 25%, Warren 16%, Sanders 16%, Harris 14%, Buttigieg 8%, No One Else Over 3% (NBC/SurveyMonkey)

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Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders to Square Off at Debate, as Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Get a Rematch (LA Times)

Labor Fight Roils for Bernie Sanders Campaign as Workers Demand the $15 Hourly Pay the Candidate Has Proposed for Employees Nationwide (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris Plans 5-Day Iowa Bus Tour After Second Debate (Politico)

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Warren Husband Bruce Mann Doesn’t Give Many Interviews So We Read His Books (LA Review of Books)

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Julian Castro Is Beefing Up Campaign Staff in New Hampshire (Concord Monitor)

There Aren’t Enough Voters Who Are Young and White and Moderate for Beto O’Rourke to Have a Base (Nate Silver, 538)

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Kirsten Gillibrand Slams Ron Paul for Blocking Unanimous Consent on 9/11 First Responders Aid Bill (Politico)

Prior to Calling on Rivals to Join Anti-Pharma Money Pledge, Sanders Took Big Pharma Donations (ABC News)

Delaney, Sanders Meet with Moderate New Democrat Caucus in US House Seeking Endorsement (Yahoo)

California Poll by Quinnipiac: Harris 23% (+6 since April), Biden 21% (-5), Sanders 18% (same), Warren 16% (+8), Buttigieg 3% (Politico)

Kamala Harris on Trump’s Racist Attack: ‘He Needs to Go Back Where He Came From’ (CNN)

Peter Thiel Says Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Dangerous,’ Warren Reponds: ‘Good’ (Tech Crunch)

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Booker Struggling with Black Voters & Hispanic Voters Cool on Castro (Politico)

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Burn Rate: Gillibrand Led Dems in Spending More than She Raised in Q2, Here’s the List of All of Them (Financial Times)

Why Are Some Democrats Undermining Obamacare? (Bloomberg)

Harris Rises to 2nd Place, Sanders Drops to 5th, in New Hampshire Primary Poll (WMUR Manchester)

Missouri Poll: Biden 43%, Warren 15%, Harris 13%, Buttigieg 5%, Sanders 4% (WDAF Kansas City)

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Netroots Nation Was the Day that Elizabeth Warren Became President of the American Left (Will Bunch, Philadelphia Enquirer)

Warren Backs Amazon Workers Striking on Prime Day (The Hill)

Beto O’Rourke Discloses that He’s Descended from Slave Owners (Texas Tribune)

Joe Biden Proposes Massive New Obamacare Subsidies, Public Option in Health Care Plan (CNN)

The Case for Biden’s ‘Electability’ Fades Under Scrutiny (New York Mag)

Sanders Campaign: ‘Media Find Bernie Annoying, Discount His Seriousness’ (Politico)

Michael Bennett: Democrats Could Lose Colorado if Sanders Is the Nominee (Des Moines Register)

‘Stand Up for What We Believe In’: Only Pete Buttigieg Gets Standing Ovation in Iowa Corn Feed Event (Des Moines Register)

New Republic Drops Out of Climate Forum Amid Backlash Over Offensive Piece on Buttigieg (Slate)

Amy Klobuchar Struggles to Make Cut for Key Third Debate in September (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

‘Is Bernie Going to Come?’: Warren Seizes on Sanders’ Netroots Absence (The Guardian)

The Activist Left Already Knows Who It Wants for President – With a Surprising Second Choice (The Atlantic)

Warren Trends on Twitter After Pledging to Investigate Crimes Against Immigrants (Newsweek)

Race Is ‘America’s Achilles Heel,’ Kamala Harris Tells African-American Group (Yahoo)

New Republic Pulls ‘Inappropriate & Invasive’ Op Ed Piece About Pete Buttigieg (Deadline)

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12 Candidates to Appear Sunday at Progress Iowa’s Corn Feed (KWWL TV 7, Cedar Rapids)

Tom Steyer Banks on South Carolina in Presidential Bid (ABC News)

Tom Steyer & Andrew Yang Graduated from the Same High School, Phillips Exeter Academy (Boston Globe)

Mike Gravel Says He Reached the Donor Threshold to Qualify for the Next Debates (The Hill)

National Poll: Biden 26%, Warren 19%, Harris 13%, Sanders 13%, Buttigieg 7% (NBC/Wall St. Journal)

Slipping in Polls & Outraised by Some, Sanders Campaign Sees Biden as the Real Threat (NY Times)

Sanders & Warren Voters Have Astonishingly Little in Common (Politico)

Kamala Harris Defends Nancy Pelosi, Says She “Has Been Very Respectful of Women of Color” (Washington Post)

Video: Kirsten Gillibrand, in Youngstown, Ohio, Speaks About ‘White Privilege’ (Reuters)

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The 10 Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip in 2020 (Washington Post)

Before Caucus Night There May Be 2,500 More Presidential Campaign Events in Iowa (Des Moines Register)

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Kirsten Gillibrand: US Women’s Soccer Team Deserves to Be Paid More than Men’s (Yahoo)

O’Rourke, Booker, Gillibrand & Klobuchar Among Those Who Have Not Released Q2 Fundraising Numbers (TIME)

You Democratic Presidential Pretenders Have Had Your Fun – Now Get Back to Work (LA Times)

CNN Nixes ‘Show of Hands’ Questions for Debate (Bloomberg)

Houston to Host Third Democratic Debate in September (Texas Tribune)

Elizabeth Warren Is Proving a More Politically Viable Alternative to Sanders with $19 Million Haul (The Root)

Warren’s New Kind of Campaign: Ads Will Be Made In-House, Not By Consultant Class (Politico)

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Julian Castro Reaches 130,000 Donors, Meeting Donor Threshold for September Debates (Texas Tribune)

Dear Tom Steyer, Don’t Run for President (Helaine Olen, Washington Post)

Six New Hampshire State Reps Endorse Cory Booker for President (NH Labor News)

Kirsten Gillibrand TV Ad Hits Trump for ‘Broken Promises’ (CNN)

105 Town Halls & 35,000 Selfies: How Elizabeth Warren Has Shaken Up the 2020 Race (The Guardian)

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CNN Will Hold Live Draw July 18 at 8 p.m. ET to Determine Debate Lineup (CNN)

Cory Booker Says He’s 15,000 Donors Short of Qualifying for September Debate (NJ Globe)

Democrats at Essence Fest Woo Black Women Voters (Bloomberg)

Billionaire Tom Steyer to Join Presidential Race (NY Post)

Marianna Williamson Urges Supporters to Donate to Mike Gravel to Get Him in Debate (Insider)

John Hickenlooper Vows to Stay in Presidential Race, Says Senate Bid Isn’t His “Calling” (CBS News)

Seth Moulton Says Democrats Can’t Keep ‘Rehashing Votes from 40 Years Ago’ (Politico)

Poll: Biden 55, Trump 41; Harris 51, Trump 43; Warren 51, Trump 44; Sanders 51, Trump 45, “A Socialist” 46, Trump 46 (ABC News)

Biden, Under Fire on Race, Apologizes for Remark on Segregationists (NY Times)

It All Seemed Clear After that Harris-Biden Moment in Miami, Today, Things Look Muddier (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren’s First Law Review Article in 1975 Blasted an Anti-Busing Court Ruling (CNN)

Warren & Harris Rise in Democratic Primary, Challenging Male Frontrunners (NY Times)

Bernie Sanders Didn’t Give a Clear Answer on Sex Work vs. Sex Trafficking (CNN)

Pete Buttigieg Provincetown Stop Ignites LGBTQ Voters: ‘It’s History in the Making’ (Yahoo News)

Nancy Pelosi to Join Pete Buttigieg as Speaker at Young Democrats of America Convention (Indianapolis Star)

Amy Klobuchar on Meet the Press: ‘I’m Not Going to Make Promises Just to Get Elected’ (NBC News)

Ocasio-Cortez Stays on the Sidelines of Latest ‘Justice Democrats’ Primary Challenges (Politico)

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In Iowa, Biden’s Frontrunner Status Looks Shaky (Reuters)

Buttigieg Campaign Multiplies in Size After Huge Cash Haul (Politico)

Steve Bullock Reports Raising $2 Million, Hitting Another Threshold for July Debate (KTVH Helena)

10 Presidential Candidates Make Case to Teachers’ Union Members (Bloomberg)

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2020 Candidates Headed to Essence Fest in New Orleans, Expected to Host Half a Million Attendees (ABC News)

One of These Animals Could Be the Next First Pet (The Hill)

Joe Biden Says He Wasn’t Prepared for Kamala Harris to Confront Him the Way She Did (CNN)

Biden & Harris Bring Their Debate-Stage Fight to Iowa (NY Times)

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan to Boost Wages for Women of Color (Bloomberg)

‘Racism Has No Place in American Politics,’ Pete Buttigieg Tells Man at Iowa Event (CBS News)

A Reeling Beto O’Rourke Seeks a Way Forward: ‘Things Can Change on a Dime’ (Politico)

Dem Debates Fuel Race for Support from Black Caucus Members (Philadelphia Tribune)

Only Six Candidates Look Like a Sure Thing for the Third Debate (NY Post)

Meet Five Top Presidential Hopefuls for Free at Essence Festival This Weekend (Mid-City Messenger)

‘Democrats Want a Killer’: Kamala Harris Exposes a Hard Truth About Joe Biden (Vanity Fair)

Bad News for Bernie Has His Backers Getting Antsy (Politico)

Everyone’s Supporters Thought Harris & Warren Did Well at the Debates (538)

Warren Takes on Harris & Biden for Black Support (Politico)

Iowa Poll: Warren 20%, Harris 18%, Biden 17%, Sanders 12%, Buttigieg 10%, Klobuchar 4%, Booker 4% (Iowa Starting Line/Binder & Associates)

National Poll: Biden 21%, Warren 18%, Harris 13%, Sanders 10%, Buttigieg 9% (Economist/YouGov)

Trump Will Lose in 2020, Says Pollster Dr. Rachel Bitecofer – Who Got 2018 Right (America Blog)

With 16 Months to Go, Negative Partisanship Predicts the 2020 Election (Rachel Bitecofer, Wason Center)

Biden Campaign Says Its Raised $21.5 Million in Q2, More Than Sanders, Less than Buttigieg (NY Times)

Some Bad – & Some Even Worse – Poll News for Bernie Sanders (Washington Post)

Harris, Warren, Castro & Booker Lead The Root’s Black Power Rankings (The Root)

Kamala Harris Picks Up Endorsement of Freshman US Rep. & CBC Member Jahana Hayes (D-CT) (Associated Press)

Pete Buttigieg: Expanding National Service Will Unify US (CBS Chicago)

Bernie Sanders 2020 Is in Big Trouble (Harry Enten, CNN)

Steve Kornacki: ‘There’s a Preponderance of Evidence that This Was a Bad Week for Joe Biden’ (MSNBC)

Where Did Kamala Harris’ New Voters Come From? (538)

Elizabeth Warren Campaigns at Packed East Las Vegas Town Hall (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Former Iowa Congressman Berkley Bedell Endorses Elizabeth Warren (Carroll Times Herald)

Two Women Surge in Race to Take on Trump (Bloomberg)

Pete Buttigieg Promises Range of Reforms to Address Systemic Racism (NY Times)

Is Julian Castro Our Century’s John F. Kennedy? (Ruben Navarrete Jr., Daily Beast)

Longtime Jason Kander Aide Abe Rakov Joins Beto O’Rourke Campaign as Early States Director (Politico)

Here Are the Democrats at Risk for Not Making the July Debate (NY Times)

Poll: Biden 22% (-10 from May), Harris 17% (+9), Warren 15% (+8), Sanders 14% (-4), Buttigieg 4% (-1) (CNN)th

Iowa Poll: Bieden 24%, Harris 16%, Warren 13%, Sanders 9% (USA Today/Suffolk)

Poll: Harris & Warren Given Top Grades by Voters Who Watched  the Debates (Politico/Morning Consult)

Madame President? Five Candidates on What It Will Take to Shatter the Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling (Vogue)

Bernie Sanders Says He Raised $18 Million in the Second Quarter, Trails Buttigieg’s $24 Million (Associated Press)

Pete Buttigieg Sees No Bump in Post Debate Polls (The Advocate)

Beto O’Rourke & Julian Castro Are Fighting Over Who Gets to Be ‘The Texan’ (Texas Monthly)

Cory Booker Picks Up Iowa Endorsements Post-Debate (Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Social Media Trolls Try but Fail to Give Kamala Harris the Obama-Birther Treatment (Think Progress)

John Hickenlooper’s Finance Director Flees to Beto O’Rourke Campaign (Politico)

Poll: Biden 30% (-9 from May), Warren 13% (+4), Harris 13% (+1), Sanders 13%(-6), Buttigieg 11% (+5) (Rasmussen Reports)

Could It Be that the Two Strongest Candidates to Take on Trump Are Women? (Marianne Marsh, Fox News)

Kamala Harris Dazzles San Francisco Pride in Technicolor Jacket (The Advocate)

Harris Lands Two More Endorsements from Congressional Black Caucus Members (Associated Press)

Buttigieg Raises $24.8 Million in Quarter, Continuing 2020 Surge (Bloomberg)

Small Donor Survey Reveals the Vulnerability of Biden (and Bernie) (NY Times)

Cory Booker Unsure Joe Biden Is ‘Up to the Task’ of Fixing US Racial Injustice (The Guardian)

There’s a Generational Shift in the Debate over Busing (The Atlantic)

Video: Bernie Sanders asks, ‘Does Anybody Think It’s a Good Idea to Bus Children?’ (ABC This Week)

Bernie Sanders Shares Doctored Video of Him ‘Scaring’ Donald Trump at Rally (The Hill)

Jesse Jackson Opens Up on 2020 & the Changing Democratic Party (Politico)

Kamala Harris Raises $2 Million in 24 Hours After Breakout Moment in Debate (CNN)

Rivals Support Harris After Trump Jr. Questions Her Race (NY Times)

Elizabeth Warren Voices Support of Busing Amid Harris-Biden Feud (NY Post)

Cory Booker Takes Aim at Joe Biden’s ‘Hoodie’ Language About Race (NBC News)

Biden Tells Fundraisers He Refuses to Accept ‘Old Guy’ Criticism (The Hill)

‘Age Isn’t Everything’ Says Bernie Sanders (NPR)

Beto O’Rourke to Visit Mexico, Meet Turned-Away US Asylum Seekers (NBC Dallas)

LGBTQ Victory Fund Endorses Pete Buttigieg (Pink News)

Eric Swalwell on Mayor Pete Police Shooting Response: ‘Where Does the Buck Stop?’ (Mediaite)

Julian Castro: Trump-Kim DMZ Meeting ‘All for Show’ (Politico)

Women Shake Up Democratic Presumptions on Electability (Associated Press)

18 Million Watched Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Square Off in Highest Rated Democratic Primary Debate Ever (CNN Business)

Focus Group: Warren, Booker Ended 1st Debate, Harris & Biden the 2nd, with Highest Approval Ratings (New York mag)

No Country for Old White Men: Kamala Harris Heralds Changing of the Guard (The Guardian)

Jesse Jackson Says Joe Biden Was on ‘the Wrong Side of History’ on Busing (Politico)

Eric Swalwell Quotes Joe Biden: ‘It’s Time to Pass the Torch’ (Yahoo News)

Bernie Sanders Accuses Swalwell of ‘Ageism’ (San Francisco Gate)

Online Searches for Sanders’ & Biden’s Age Spiked During Last Night’s Debate (Google Trends)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Scores Debate Points but Is Eclipsed by Kamala Harris (South Bend Tribune)

Kirsten Gillibrand Gave Her Opponents a History Lesson on Abortion (Vox)

Elizabeth Warren Stands Alone & Other Takeaways from the Democratic Debates (LA Times)

Democrats Need a Candidates Kids Table (LA Times)

Elizabeth Warren Pledges Not to Give Ambassadorships to Wealthy Donors if Elected (CNN)

Cory Booker Has Second Best Fundraising Day After Democratic Debate (The Hill)

Elizabeth Warren Debated a Bunch of VP Prospects at the First Debate (John Nichols, The Nation)

I Was Wrong About Elizabeth Warren (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)

First Democratic Debate: Elizabeth Warren Persists but Julian Castro Is the Star (Amanda Marcotte, Salon)

Julian Castro & Beto O’Rourke Spar in Fight that Appeared Deeper than Just Policy (CNN)

Spanish Speakers Stand Out as O’Rourke, Castro & Booker Show Bilingual Skills (CBS News)

Cory Booker Showed He Can Be a Contender (Vox)

Video: Amy Klobuchar Clocks Jay Inslee at Debate for Claiming Mantle of Abortion Rights (Mediaite)

Watch Tonight’s Debate With Live Commentary at (Organize & Win)

Via Tulsi Gabbard’s Twitter Account, Her Sister Stirs Up Drama at Democratic Debate (The Cut)

Bill de Blasio Uses Son to Address Policing, Race at Democratic Debate (USA Today)

Tim Ryan’s Coveted Moment Eludes Him at Democratic Debate (

Lesser-Known Candidates Claw for the Spotlight in Democratic Debate (Washington Post)

What Will Democrats Look for in the Debates? Someone They Can Imagine Onstage with Trump (NY Times)

Elizabeth Warren, Rising in Polls, Gets Center Stage at Debate (Bloomberg)

Beto O’Rourke Pitches South Florida Teachers in Town Hall Leading Up to Debates (WJCT Jacksonville)

Is Cory Booker Too Nice? (And Is That Bad?) (NY Times)

These Two Minnesota Moms Will Be Amy Klobuchar’s Guests at the Debate (Twin Cities Pioneer Press)

Running While Brown: How Julian Castro Is Navigating White Presidential Politics (Rivard Report, San Antonio)

Biden Campaign Offers 8-Week Organizing ‘Training’ – but It’s Just a Weekly Online Course (

Democrats Try Out Their Spanish on TV as They Court Latino Voters (Politico)

Candidates Have Been Ignoring South Carolina’s Pee Dee Region & Locals Have Noticed (Charlotte Post & Courier)

‘There’s a White Male Bias’: Debating Democrats Vie for African-American Votes (The Guardian)

How 2016 – & Trump – Ushered in the Era of the Mega-Debate (Washington Post)

MoveOn Members Vote: Warren 38%, Sanders 17%, Biden 15%, Buttigieg 12%, Warren & Harris Top Second Choice Preferences (

Florida Poll: Biden 47%, Warren 12%, Buttigieg 8%, Sanders 8% (St. Pete Polls)

How Elizabeth Warren Learned to Fight: She Won the State Debate Championship in High School (NY Times)

Joe Biden Keeps Stepping in It – & Voters Couldn’t Care Less (Politico)

Candidates Invade South Florida in Preparation for Wednesday & Thursday Debates (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

US Rep. William Lacy Gray (D-MO) Endorses Kamala Harris for President (CNN)

US Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA) Endorses Beto O’Rourke for President (California Politico)

Cory Booker Is Trailing in the Polls, but Some Democratic Activists Really Like Him (538)

Progressive Group TIP Nation Endorses Andrew Yang for President (PR Newswire)

Joe Biden Faces the Most Dangerous Week of the Campaign for Him So Far (Bloomberg)

Our Latin America Policies Are Morally Bankrupt – Mine Reflect American Values (Joe Biden, Miami Herald)

“These People Are Ready to Bolt”: Elizabeth Warren Allies Plan to Target Joe Biden Voters (Buzzfeed)

The Real New Deal: Warren’s Plans to Remake the US Economy Are as Sweeping as FDR’s (Bloomberg)

An Aura of Authority: Kamala Harris Makes an Entrance – Wait for It (Washington Post)

Beto O’Rourke Proposes ‘War Tax’ as Part of Veterans Plan (CNN)

A Grumpy Bernie Sanders Isn’t Taking Warren’s Surge Well (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

How a Grieving Mom Changed Kirsten Gillibrand’s Stance on Guns (Washington Post)

Top Black Leaders Say Pete Buttigieg is ‘Naive’ on Race (Daily Beast)

Jay Inslee Seeks to Ban Fracking (Buzzfeed)

Marianne Williamson’s Quest for a Spiritual Awakening in Politics Heads for a Roadblock at Debates (CNBC)

Video: Each of the 2020 Candidates Speeches at the SC Democratic Convention (MSNBC)

South Carolina Voters Stand By Joe Biden After Comments About Segregationist Senators (CNN)

‘The Black Vote Is Not Monolithic’: 2020 Democrats Find Split Preferences in South Carolina (NY Times)

‘She’s Number One’: Elizabeth Warren Is Having a Moment in South Carolina (Buzzfeed)

FYI Democrats: ‘The Divine Nine’ – Black Sororities & Fraternities 101 (Denise Oliver Velez, Daily Kos)

The Women In the Primary Debates Can Make History: Here’s How the Moderators Can Do the Same (Barbara Lee, NBC News)

How 2020 Democrats Are Prepping for This Week’s Debates (New York Mag)

Reality TV Has Nothing on the Democratic Debates (Chicago Tribune)

What Mayor Pete Couldn’t Fix About the South Bend Cops (Politico)

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Defends Biden’s ‘Segregationist’ Comments (Bloomberg)

Jim Clyburn’s ‘World Famous Fish Fry’ Draws Candidates, Thousands of SC Voters (Charlotte Post & Courier)

In South Carolina, Biden Finds Shelter from the Storm (Politico)

Clyburn Has Opinions on Why Harris & Booker Haven’t Caught on Yet in SC (NBC News)

Marchers Confront Pete Buttigieg, Police Chief in Wake of South Bend Shooting (South Bend Tribune)

Elizabeth Warren vs. Wall Street (The New Yorker)

Poll: More Than One Third of Democratic Primary Voters Want Bernie Sanders to Drop Out of the Race (Suffolk University/USA Today)

Democratic Presidential Candidates Pitch Latino Voters at Miami Forum (ABC News)

Video: Andrew Yang Shares His Big Idea for Universal Basic Income (NBC News)

Biden Huddles with Congressional Black Caucus Members Amid Segregationist Controversy (Politico)

Joe Biden Called Cory Booker, but Apologize? It’s Not the Biden Way (NY Times)

Controversies Test Biden & Buttigieg Appeal to Black Voters (Reuters)

Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren Had a Secret Non-Aggression Agreement – Is It Falling Apart? (New York Mag)

Sanders: Warren Is Surging Because She’s Got Ovaries (Vanity Fair)

US Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Florida) Endorses Kamala Harris (CNN)

South Carolina Senator Thomas McElveen Endorses Beto O’Rourke (Charleston Post & Courier)

Amy Klobuchar Fundraises for Doug Jones After Roy Moore’s Senate Run Announcement (The Hill)

Actress Jane Fonda to Give Steve Bullock’s Presidential Campaign a Boost (Associated Press)

Think Kirsten Gillibrand Has No Chance? She’s Heard that Before – & Won Anyway (Roll Call)

Julian Castro Releases Plan to Boost Homeownership & Hold Wall Street Accountable (NH Labor News)

Biden Faces Backlash Over Comments About ‘Civility’ with Racist Senators (Washington Post)

Harris ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over Biden’s Segregationist Comments (The Hill)

Biden Defiant as Democrats Release Barrage of Criticism (Politico)

Video: Biden Responds to Booker, “Apologize for What?” (CBS’ Bo Erickson on Twitter)

Jim Clyburn Defends Biden Comments (NY Times)

Sanders Is Slowly Sliding in Polls – as Warren Rises (Boston Globe)

Sanders Wants Democrats to Think that Warren’s Gains Are a Function of Moderates: They Aren’t (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren’s Rise Opens a New Chapter in the Progressive Primary (CNN)

Warren Is Winning the Ideas Primary (The Nation)

Cory Booker Proposes Clemency for Thousands of Nonviolent Drug Offenders (NY Times)

US Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) Endorses Kamala Harris (Politico)

Pete Buttigieg Hires 30 More Iowa Staffers (Des Moines Register)

Kirsten Gillibrand Plans 7-Day ‘Marathon’ Swing in All 10 NH Counties (WMUR Manchester)

Here’s Where Each Candidate Will Stand on Stage During Next Week’s Debates (MSNBC)

Poll: Majority of Democratic Voters Say the DNC Is Running the Debates Fairly (Politico)

Video: Chris Matthews Handicaps the Upcoming Democratic Debates (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

Joe Biden Visits Stonewall, Saying the Fight for LGBT Rights Must Continue (NY Times)

Kamala Harris Boosts Outreach to Historically Black Colleges (The Grio)

Moderate Democrats Are Warming to Warren as a Possible Coalition Candidate (Politico)

Yes, Elizabeth Warren Can Win (Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune)

Willie Nelson on Supporting O’Rourke: ‘Anything He Wants to Do, I’m with Beto’ (The Hill)

Amy Klobuchar Would Focus Heavily on Education Civil Rights in First 100 Days (Education Week)

Joe Biden Says His Campaign Has Raised Nearly $20 Million (NY Times)

Elizabeth Warren Knocks Opponents for Spending Time at ‘Fancy Fundraisers’ (The Hill)

US Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA) Endorses Kamala Harris for President (Fresno Bee)

Amy Klobuchar Outlines Actions She Would Take in Her First 100 Days as President (NY Times)

Poll: Trump’s Reelection Support Is 50-50 in Texas Where Biden & O’Rourke Lead Democrats (Texas Tribune)

Actor Alan Cumming Is Backing Pete Buttigieg for President (Variety)

Delaney, Hickenlooper & Bennett Are Waiting for Biden to Fall (The Atlantic)

Poll Shows ‘Medicare For All’ Is Confusing to Most Americans (CNN)

Want to Win the NH Primary? It Helps to Be the Candidate Next Door (538)

Joe Biden & the ‘Electability’ Delusion: Why the Media Keep Making the Same Mistake (Washington Post)

Biden’s Warren Problem: Advisors Say He Caught a Break in Not Having to Face Her in the 1st Debate (Axios)

Biden Slams Critics of Working with GOP Members: ‘Why Don’t You All Go Home Then?’ (CNN)

Kamala Harris Unveils Monthly Column with an Open Letter to Essence Readers (Essence)

SC Harris Supporter Bakari Sellers Claims Jim Clyburn Is ‘Putting His Finger on the Scale’ for Biden (The State)

Julian Castro Calls for Surge in Federal Spending to End Homelessness (LA Times)

Pete Buttigieg Pauses Campaign After South Bend Police Officer Shoots a Suspect (Washington Post)

Buttigieg Says Being Gay ‘Is Not the Only Thing that Defines Me’ (Indianapolis Star)

What the 2020 Dems Can Learn from the Chicago Mayoral Race (Chicago Mag)

South Carolina Poll: Sanders Falls to 4th Place Tie with Harris at 9% – Biden 37%, Warren 17%, Buttigieg 11% (Charleston Post & Courier)

National Poll: Biden & Sanders Favorability Slip While Warren Support Grows (NBC News)

Early & Super Tuesday States Poll: Biden 31%, Warren 17%, Sanders 16%, Harris 10%, Buttigieg 8% (CBS News)

Warren Downplays Rise in Polls: ‘It’s Way Too Early’ (Bloomberg)

Kamala Harris Gets Warm Reception at Las Vegas Rally (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

LGBTQ Caucus-Goers Not Necessarily All In for Buttigieg (Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, Iowa)

Full Transcript: Pete Buttigieg on ‘Face the Nation’ (CBS News)

Beto O’Rourke Wants Reparations for Slave Descendants (WCSC, South Carolina)

Tyranny of the 70-Somethings: The Democratic Party’s Gerontocracy Is Holding Back the Causes It Wants to Advance (The Atlantic)

Minnesota Poll: Warren 21%, Biden 20%, Sanders 19%, Klobuchar 16%, Buttigieg 11% (Change Research)

Biden Tells China: Hong Kong Protesters ‘Are Brave’ & ‘The Whole World Is Watching’ (Hong Kong Free Press)

Mayor Pete Quietly Moves in on Joe Biden’s Top Issue: Foreign Policy (Daily Beast)

Kamala Harris Will Keynote Portsmouth NH Democrats’ Banquet (Foster’s Daily Democrat)

Elizabeth Warren Just Became the Ultimate Democratic Debate Overdog (LA Times)

Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All? (The New Yorker)

Texans Julian Castro & Beto O’Rourke Will Square Off in Democrats’ First Debate Lineup (Dallas Morning News)

Coloradans John Hickenlooper & Michael Bennett Will Go Toe-to-Toe in 2nd Democratic Debate (CBS Denver)

Democrats Are Lining Up for Jim Clyburn’s World Famous Fish Fry (WBHM)

What Bernie Sanders Gets Wrong About Socialism (Slate)

Trump Counter-Attacks on Kamala Harris’ Vow to Prosecute Him (The Hill)

Elizabeth Warren & James Clyburn Sponsor Bill to Cancel $50,000 in Student Loan Debt Per Borrower (Newsweek)

Anita Hill on Whether She Could Vote for Joe Biden: ‘Of Course I Could’ (CBS News)

Pete Buttigieg Has a Brain Trust of More than 100 Foreign Policy Advisors (Washington Post)

O’Rourke Campaign Taps Key Georgia Democrat for National Campaign Role (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Iowa Caucus First Impressions: ‘Wonky’ Kirsten Gillibrand Shows a Fierce Passion for Civil Rights (Des Moines Register)

Harris, Warren, Klobuchar & Gillibrand to Co-Sponsor Booker’s Reparations Bill (The Root)

Julian Castro in Fox News’ Town Hall: Let’s Talk About Me, Not Hillary (Politico)

Elizabeth Warren Surpasses Bernie Sanders in Nevada Poll, Trailing Only Joe Biden (NY Times)

Iowans Seem to Like Warren & Buttigieg (Nate Silver, 538)

How Pete Buttigieg & Elizabeth Warren Cracked the Code on the 2020 Race (NY Times)

SC’s ‘Reckoning Crew’ of African-American Women Organizers Throws Support Behind Kamala Harris (Charleston Post & Courier)

How Kamala Harris Would Provide Citizenship to Dreamers (Politico)

Beto O’Rourke Unveils Plan to Protect LGBTQ Rights (Associated Press)

New Hires Boost Kirsten Gillibrand’s NH Staff to Eight (WMUR Manchester)

Ten Candidates to Attend Poor People’s Forum June 17 in Washington DC (Politico)

Sanders Staffer David Sirota Says Brokered Convention a Possibility (The Hill)

Bernie Sanders Plans DC Speech Today on Democratic Socialism (The Atlantic)

Buttigieg Outlines Foreign Policy Position, Urges End to ‘Endless War’ (NY Times)

Is Pete Buttigieg to the Left of Bernie Sanders on Israel? (Observer)

Warren Wins Broward County, Florida Young Dems Straw Poll Far Ahead of Biden & Sanders (Sun-Sentinel)

Joe Biden & Donald Trump Trade Barbs in Iowa (Associated Press)

After Promising Start Kamala Harris Looks for Ways to Break Through (Christian Science Monitor)

Texas Poll: O’Rourke 27%, Biden 24%, Sanders 13%, Warren 12%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 8%, Castro 2% (Change Research)

Covering the Candidates in Texas (Columbia Journalism Review)

Klobuchar, in NH, Says She’ll Beat Trump in the Midwest (Concord Monitor)

Beto O’Rourke Campaign Rolls Out Voter Registration Toolkit (

Iowa Poll: Most Likely Caucus Goers Say There Are Too Many Candidates for President (Des Moines Register)

Poll: New Yorkers Favor Gillibrand over De Blasio for President by Wide 56% to 25% Margin (Siena)

Who Cares if Joe Biden Really Believes in Bipartisanship? (Mother Jones)

Kamala Harris Fights Perception that She Is Overlooking Iowa (CNN)

The Memo: Warren’s Rise Is a Threat to Sanders (The Hill)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dangles 2020 Endorsement: Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? (LA Times)

Biden Continues to Dominate Cable News Coverage (538)

Iowa Poll: Biden 24%, Sanders 16%, Warren 15%, Buttigieg 14%, Harris 7% (Des Moines Register)

Buttigieg & Warren Are Surging Because They Are the Anti-Trumps (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post)

Kamala Harris: Being Tough on Crime Will Help Me Get Tough on Trump (The Guardian)

Don’t Look Now, but Joe Biden Is Beating Trump in Texas (Vanity Fair)

Elizabeth Warren Challenges Bernie Sanders for Progressives’ Support (Associated Press)

Latino Leaders Sound Alarm that Democrats Need to Do More to Mobilize Their Voters (Politico)

Warren & Booker Flex Organizational Muscle at Iowa Candidates’ Dinner (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Says Trump Treats Farmers Like ‘Poker Chips’ at His ‘Bankrupt Casinos’ (CBS News)

Kirsten Gillibrand Served Up Drinks at Iowa Gay Bar for Pride (

Is Bernie Sanders Finished? (Bloomberg)

Joe Biden Denounces Hide Amendment, Reversing His Position (NY Times)

Kamala Harris Ramps Up Staff, Organizing in Iowa: ‘It’s Game On’ (Des Moines Register)

Maya Harris Serves as Chief Advisor and Alter-Ego to Her Sister (Politico)

How Internet Insinuation Becomes Campaign Fact (Rebecca Solnit, Literary Hub)

I Want to Live in Elizabeth Warren’s America, Where Adults Discuss Serious Ideas Seriously (Farhad Manjoo, NY Times)

Steve Bullock Likely to Fall Short of Qualifying for First Democratic Debates (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Nails First Iowa Endorsement After Bonding with Legislator over Mental Health Care (Kaiser Health News)

Ex-Staffers Say Bernie Sanders Has a Blind Spot on Women’s Issues (Daily Beast)

Poll: 60% of Texas Democrats Prefer that Beto O’Rourke Run for US Senate over President (Houston Chronicle)

Julian Castro to Be First Candidate to Visit Flint, Michigan (The Hill)

Booker & Buttigieg Attend DNC’s African-American Leadership Summit (CBS Atlanta)

17 Democratic Presidential Candidates Will Go Toe-to-Toe in Iowa on Sunday (Des Moines Register)

Poll: A Growing Number of Democratic Voters Are Prioritizing Gender Equality Issues (Vox)

In Michigan, Warren Touts Plan to Boost US Manufacturing (Associated Press)

Booker’s Housing Plan Offers Tenants Tax Credits to Help Pay Rent (Bloomberg)

Beto O’Rourke Unveils Ambitious Plan to Boost Voter Turnout, Diminish Money in Elections (Austin American-Statesman)

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Plan to Legalize Marijuana (Newsday)

Pete Buttigieg Struggles to Win Over Latinos (Buzzfeed)

Biden: Does Trump Know Puerto Ricans Are US Citizens? (Politico)

21 Candidates Qualified for First Democratic Debates but Rule Limit of 20 Means One Has to Go (ABC News)

Sanders vs. Warren: Two Candidates Crowd Each Other in Hunt for Progressive Voters (USA Today)

Early Primary States Poll: Biden 40%, Sanders 18%, Warren 10%, Harris 6%, Buttigieg 6% (Morning Consult)

National Poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 18%, Harris 8%, Warren 7%, O’Rourke 5%, Buttigieg 5% (CNN)

Joe Biden Embraces Green New Deal as He Releases Climate Plan (Washington Post)

Cory Booker & Elizabeth Warren Are Making Massive Bets on Iowa (New York Mag)

Pete Buttigieg: I Wouldn’t Have Urged Al Franken to Quit When He Did (CNN)

Julian Castro on Trump’s Tariff Plan: ‘This is Grade A Dumb’ (CNN)

Michael Bennett Makes Polling Criterion for First Democratic Debates (Politico)

Warren Bumps Sanders Out of Second Place for Cable News Mentions Last Week (538)

Elizabeth Warren ‘Established an Early Beachhead in Iowa & Built on It’ (Politico)

As Sanders Reprises Greatest Hits, Warren’s Support Is Surging (Vanity Fair)

Hillary Clinton: Anyone Overtaking Bernie Sanders in a District Considered His, He’ll Burn the Place Down (NY Post)

Julian Castro Reveals Police Reform Plan (Texas Tribune)

Kamala Harris’ Protester Was a Case of ‘Peak Mansplaining’ (Slate)

Cory Booker Rolls Out Iowa Steering Committee (Voice of America)

Pete Buttigieg Has Town Hall on MSNBC Tonight at 7 ET (South Bend Tribune)

Beto O’Rourke: Race Is the Number One Indicator for Location of Toxic Facilities (Houston Chronicle)

Mary J. Blige, the Clash, Dolly Parton… Here Are the 2020 Democrats’ Walk Up Songs from the California Convention (San Francisco Chronicle)

‘I’m Not a Bernie Bro’: Sanders’ 2016 Base Splinters in California (Politico)

With Biden Absent, His Rivals Pounce at California Democratic Convention (Associated Press)

Biden in Ohio: The Fastest Way to End Transgender Violence ‘Is to End the Trump Administration’ (CNN)

Animal Rights Protester Storms Move On Stage to Take Microphone from Kamala Harris (BBC)

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Will Not Challenge Trump for GOP Nomination (Washington Post)

Head to Head Match Up Poll: Warren Beats Biden & Sanders, Biden Beats Sanders & Harris (Inside Sources)

Beto O’Rourke: Yes, He Can (Earn a Second Chance) (Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast)

Cory Booker: ‘Where Not Helpless’ to Stop Gun Violence (The Guardian)

Video: Amy Klobuchar Speaks at SEIU Breakfast Forum in San Francisco (Bay Area NBC)

California Democrats Dig In for Wild Party Convention (Politico)

Kamala Harris Flexes Endorsement Muscle Ahead of California Democratic Convention (CBS News)

6,500 Turn Out for Elizabeth Warren’s Oakland Town Hall (San Jose Mercury News)

Trump, in Book Published in 2000, Supported Crime Bill Policies He Hits Biden for Today (CNN)

Beto O’Rourke Asked Hillary Clinton for Advice This Week in Phone Conversation (Daily Beast)

Buttigieg Campaign, Brimming with Cash, Staffs Up (Politico)

Kirsten Gillibrand Unveils LGBTQ Agenda on First Day of Pride (CBS News)

‘You Don’t Have to Be in Des Moines’: How Social Media Expands the Primary Map (NY Times)

Hilda Solis, First Latina Cabinet Secretary, Endorses Joe Biden for President (CBS News)

Bernie Sanders Tries to Reclaim the Insurgency (The Atlantic)

Sanders Takes ‘Umbrage’ When Audience Member Says He Didn’t Support Hillary Clinton in 2016 (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren Wants Congress to Insure that Presidents Can Be Indicted (NY Times)

After Dazzling Debut, Has Kamala Harris Fallen from Top of the Presidential Pack? (LA Times)

US Rep. Al Lawson, Congressional Black Caucus Member, Endorses Joe Biden (Florida Times-Union)

Jay Inslee Tops Greenpeace Climate Grades (NBC News)

Here’s Why Kirsten Gillibrand’s ‘Baby Bundle’ Program Is Important (Fast Company)

Fox News Announces Town Hall with Julian Castro on June 13 (Fox News)

Asian American Leaders See Growing Political Power Heading into 2020 Election (USA Today)

Beto O’Rourke Staffs Up, Plans Major Iowa Organizing Push (NBC News)

Home in South Bend, Pete Buttigieg Gets Tough Questions at Mayor’s Night Out (WSBT TV)

Kamala Harris’ MSNBC Town Hall Draws Strong Ratings (Hollywood Reporter)

Elizabeth Warren Puts a Giant Tech Breakup Billboard in San Francisco’s Face (The Verge)

Controversy in Vermont over Sanders Campaign’s Claimed Crowd Size Numbers (Burlington Free Press)

Some Bernie Backers Blame DNC for Joe Biden’s Popularity in the Polls (Washington Times)

Nevertheless, Elizabeth Warren Is Persisting in the Polls (Vogue)

The Math on Which Candidates Are in Danger of Missing the Third Debate (Nate Silver, 538)

New Hampshire State Rep. Sue Ford Endorses Kirsten Gillibrand (Associated Press)

Mueller Statement Moves Cory Booker to Back Impeachment (Yahoo News)

14 Candidates Converge on Moscone Center for California Democratic Convention (San Jose Inside)

Nevada Poll: Biden 29%, Sanders 24%, Buttigieg 13%, Warren 12%, Harris 11% (Nevada Independent)

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Endorses Biden Over Texans O’Rourke & Castro (Dallas Morning News)

Is There an Anti-Biden Lane in the Democratic Primary? (538 Roundtable)

Elizabeth Warren Is Now Among Democratic Frontrunners (YouGov)

Kamala Harris, on MSNBC, Lays Out Plan for Federal Oversight of State Abortion Laws (NY Times)

Podcast: Amy Klobuchar on Winning the Midwest & Working with Republicans (Pod Save America)

Okay, Mainstream Media: Prove Your Coverage Isn’t Sexist (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post)

Beto O’Rourke’s Immigration Plan Calls for a Path to Citizenship (LA Times)

DNC Makes It More Difficult to Qualify for Third Debate in September (Politico)

‘It Was Supposed to Be Different This Time’: Sanders 2020 Looks Like Sanders 2016 (Associated Press)

Al Franken Coming Back with New Podcast (Minnesota Public Radio)

Elizabeth Warren Gains Ground in 2020 Field, One Plan at a Time (NY Times)

Joe Biden’s Early Campaign Strategy Doesn’t Involve Much Campaigning (New York Mag)

In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders Frames Himself as the Original Progressive (Boston Globe)

Jay Inslee’s Climate Plan Is Every Wonk’s Dream (Green Tech Media)

Gay Candidates Then & Now: From Harvey Milk to Pete Buttigieg (KPBS)

Cory Booker Says Early Polls Don’t Reflect Facts on the Ground in Iowa (NJTV)

Elizabeth Warren Emphasizes Her Roots and a Working Class Message in Rural Iowa (Iowa City Press-Citizen)

HBO’s ‘Running with Beto’ Documentary Provides Inside Look at the Campaign Trail (CNN)

They Donated to De Blasio, but Aren’t Supporting Him for President (NY Times)

Montpelier VT Police Department: ‘No More than 1,500′ Attended Sanders’ Home State Rally (Burlington Free Press)

Warren in Ottumwa, Iowa: ‘My Goal Is to Win by a Russia-Proof Majority’ (Ottumwa Courier)

Pete Buttigieg on ABC’s This Week: There’s ‘No Question’ Trump Faked Disability to Avoid Military Service (Slate)

In Vastly White Iowa, Black Democrats Organize to Play a 2020 Role (Associated Press)

Cory Booker Says Beating Trump Should Be the Floor, Not the Ceiling (NY Times)

Amy Klobuchar Says John McCain ‘Kept Reciting Dictator Names’ During Trump’s Inauguration (CNN)

Klobuchar Sees an ‘Iowa Slingshot’ in Her Path to 2020 Victory (The Guardian)

Kirsten Gillibrand at Waterloo, Iowa Baptist Church Preaches that Trump Is ‘Contrary to the Gospel’ (Des Moines Register)

‘It’s Not Easy to Get Beto O’Rourke to Speak Disparagingly about Anyone – I’ve Tried’ (The New Yorker)

Bill De Blasio Slams Biden – but not Sanders – over 1994 Crime Bill Vote (CNN)

Poll: Biden Would Beat Every Other Democrat in a One-to-One Race (Vox)

Trump Slams ‘Low IQ’ Biden – While Misspelling His Name (Haaretz)

Chart of Insults Trump Has Hurled at 2020 Democrats (NY Times)

Gillibrand Zeroes In on Abortion in Wake of New State Laws (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Releases Plan to Help US Farmers (Associated Press)

Beto O’Rourke Says Trump Is ‘Provoking Another War’ by Sending Troops to Middle East (CNN)

Video: O’Rourke’s ‘War & Peace’ Statement on CBS’ Face the Nation (CBS)

Bernie Sanders, No Longer the Frontrunner, Brings Campaign Home to Vermont (NY Times)

Cory Booker Announces Ambitious Plan to Curb Gun Violence (Now This)

Two Tall Mayors: Bill de Blasio’s Campaign Follows in the Footsteps of John Lindsay’s (NY Daily News)

Poll: Biden 31%, Sanders 22%, Warren 15%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 8% (Change Research)

Women Hold Most Senior Positions for 2020 Democratic Presidential Campaigns (Axios)

Democrats Institute New Rule to Prevent ‘Undercard’ Debate in June (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Proposes Revamping EPA Ethanol Rules (Reuters)

Jay Inslee Hits 65,000 Donor Threshold to Qualify for Democratic Debates (Politico)

Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘Our Lives Depend’ on Protecting Abortion Rights (CBS News)

13 Presidential Hopefuls to Attend California State Democratic Convention This Weekend (San Francisco Chronicle)

2020 Dem Primary Calendar May Boost Hispanic Voter Clout (Washington Post)

Pete Buttigieg Accuses Trump of ‘Eroding the Integrity of the Military’ with Proposed Pardons (CNN)

Joe Biden & Barack Obama’s One-Sided Embrace (NY Mag)

Could Kamala Harris Be the Anti-Biden? (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Clean Up the Pentagon (Mother Jones)

The Secret of Bernie’s Millions (Politico Magazine)

Monmouth Poll: Biden 33% (+6 since April), Sanders 15% (-5), Harris 11% (+3), Warren 10% (+4), Buttigieg 6% (-2) (The Hill)

Pete Buttigieg: ‘I Put My Life on the Line to Defend NFL Players’ Right to Protest’ (Washington Post)

Amy Klobuchar Supports Ending Blockade on Cuba (Prensa Latina)

Steve Bullock Hires 10 More Iowa Staffers for His Just-Launched Presidential Campaign (Des Moines Register)

Comeback in the Polls: How Warren Emerged as a Top Biden Rival (Vox)

Black Staff Matters: Behind the Scenes with the Biden 2020 Team (Ebony)

Waiting for Obama: As 23 Candidates Struggle for Attention, One Name Stands Out (The Atlantic)

‘Must Win’ Early States: Candidates Telegraph Which – IA, NH, NV & SC – Each Targets (Politico)

CNN Has Hosted 21 Town Halls with 2020 Candidates; MSNBC Just One (Hollywood Reporter)

Neoliberal? High-Dollar Donations Funded Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution’ Group Prior to 2020 (Buzzfeed)

Senator Maggie Hassan Aide Mike Ollen to Direct Beto O’Rourke’s NH Campaign (WMUR Manchester)

Biden on Trump Claim He ‘Deserted’ Pennsylvania: “I’ve Never Forgotten Where I Came From’ (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren Deploys a Unique Strategy to Court Black Voters (The Atlantic)

Kamala Harris’ Bill Addresses Racial Bias in Maternal Care (Associated Press)

At CNN Town Meeting, O’Rourke Calls for Trump’s Impeachment (Des Moines Register)

Bernie Sanders Is Far More Popular Among Voters Who Say They Aren’t Paying Attention (Newsweek)

Julian Castro to Join Striking McDonald’s Workers in North Carolina (The Hill)

At a Historic Moment for Asian-American Candidates, Andrew Yang Leans In (NY Times)

Quinnipiac National: Biden 35%, Sanders 16%, Warren 13%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 5% (Courthouse News)

Black Voters: Biden 38%, Sanders 14%, Harris 6%, O’Rourke 6%, Booker 5%, Warren 5%, Buttigieg 1% (Fox News)

Elizabeth Warren & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Team Up in Video Critique of ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale (Yahoo Finance)

Joe Biden Finds Unexpected Success with Low Dollar Donors (PBS News Hour)

Kamala Harris Seeks Iowa Edge with Army of Volunteers (The Hill)

Laura Ingraham Suffers On-Air Meltdown Over Pete Buttigieg’s Critique of Her on Fox (Gay Today)

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Says Biden, Warren & Harris Each ‘Have What It Takes’ to Beat Donald Trump (Associated Press)

Elizabeth Warren Building Unlikely Coalition with Black Women Voters (Associated Press)

Iowa Poll: Biden 24%, Sanders 24%, Buttigieg 14%, Warren 12%, Harris 10% (Iowa Starting Line)

After 154 Local ‘Town Halls’ Beto O’Rourke to Hold First Televised One Tonight at 10 p.m. ET (CNN)

What the Hell Happened with Bernie Sanders’ Abortion Comments on Meet the Press on Sunday? (The Cut)

Fired Staffer Sues Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution’ Group Alleging Racial Discrimination (Yahoo)

Trump Accuses Biden of Having ‘Deserted’ Pennsylvania – When Biden Was 11 (Washington Post)

Klobuchar & Buttigieg to Headline Virginia Democrats’ Fundraising Dinner Next Month (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Democrats Were Said to Be Furious & Hungry for Change, then Joe Biden Jumped In (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris Offers Plan to Fine Companies that Don’t Pay Women Equally as Men (CNN)

Bernie Sanders’ Incredible Shrinking Candidacy & Why Trump Wants to Run Against Him (Mary Anne Marsh, Fox News)

Kirsten Gillibrand on Face the Nation: Trump ‘Started a War’ on American Women (Washington Post)

In NH, Amy Klobuchar to Lay Out Wide Reaching 2020 Tech Agenda (Morning Consult)

Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign Is Being Boosted by Putin Apologists (Daily Beast)

Pennsylvania Is ‘Ground Zero’ for 2020 Presidential Election – It’s Showing Already (Penn Live)

Poll: Biden 35% (+4), Sanders 17% (-6), Warren 9% (+5), Buttigieg 6%, Harris 5%, O’Rourke 4% (Fox News)

Warren Responds to Alabama Abortion Law with Four-Part Plan (Axios)

An Open Letter to Men on Abortion (Cory Booker, GQ)

Joe Biden Endorses Marijuana Decriminalization & Rescheduling – but Not Legalization (Marijuana Moment)

Steve Bullock Stakes His Claim on ‘Iowa or Bust’ Strategy (CNN)

Caucuses Aren’t King on the Democratic Campaign Trail Any More (NY Mag)

Pete Buttigieg’s Formative Years & Political Team at Harvard University (Boston Globe)

Kamala Harris Says Joe Biden ‘Would Be a Great Running Mate,’ Has VP Experience (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren Gives Fox News the Debate It Didn’t Ask For by Rejecting Its Offer (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris Won’t Participate in Fox News Town Hall (The Hill)

Poll: Biden 39%, Sanders 19%, Warren 8%, Harris 8%, Buttigieg 6%, O’Rourke 5% (Morning Consult)

Biden Sites His National Campaign HQ in Philadelphia (

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio Enters 2020 Presidential Race (NPR)

Why Did All the White Guys Stampede into the Race so Late? (Nate Silver, 538)

Cory Booker Calls for Men to Defend Women’s Rights (MSNBC)

Some Congressional Black Caucus Members Want a Biden-Harris Ticket to Beat Trump (Politico)

They Worked for Obama: They’re Not Supporting Biden – Yet (Washington Post)

West Virginians Applaud Elizabeth Warren in Town Where Trump Won 80% of the Vote (Politico)

Health Care, Climate Change, Education Top Iowans’ Questions to 2020 Candidates (Des Moines Register)

Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Headline Monday Green New Deal Rally at Howard University (The Hill)

Biden & Sanders Need Each Other as Foils to Keep Focus Off Other Candidates (NBC News)

Montana Governor Steve Bullock Teases ‘Big Announcement’ on 2020 (ABC News)

Klobuchar Says She Isn’t Worried that Older White Men Are Leading the 2020 Polls (Politico)

Ocasio-Cortez Suggests that Her Endorsement Will Go Either to Sanders or to Warren (Newsweek)

‘Watching My College Boyfriend, Beto O’Rourke, Run for President’ (Sasha Watson, Washington Post Magazine)

Florida Takes Shape as Joe Biden’s Firewall (Politico)

Stars Show Support for Pete Buttigieg at Gwyneth Paltrow Event (Variety)

Iowa Dems Warn Against & Shut Down New Bernie-Hillary Wars: ‘No Tolerance for this Bullshit’ (Politico)

Biden ‘Middle Ground’ on Climate Change Said Likely to Back Nuclear Power? (Reuters)

Some Women Voters Worry that Women Candidates Could Get ‘Hillary’d’: ‘I Can’t Go Through That Again’ (CNN)

Biden Surrogate Says Kamala Harris Is Being Treated Unfairly by the Media (The Hill)

LGBT Voters in Bay Area Have Two Favorites: Kamala Harris & Pete Buttigieg (San Francisco Chronicle)

Amy Klobuchar to Visit Yonkers, NY Schools with AFT President Randi Weingarten (Lohud)

New Details Announced on the First Democratic Debates, June 26 & 27, in Miami (UPI)

Author Marianne Williamson Reaches Donor Threshold for Democratic Debates (Politico)

HBO to Premier Documentary, ‘Running with Beto,’ on May 28 (Broadway World)

New Hampshire Poll: Biden 36%, Sanders 18%, Buttigieg 9%, Warren 8%, Harris 6% (Monmouth)

Warren’s Caucus Organization Is Embedding Early on College Campuses (Daily Iowan)

In South Carolina, Jesse Jackson Says He Likes Harris, Warren, O’Rourke & Buttigieg (Myrtle Beach News)

Wohl Admits Tricking College Student into False Sexual Assault Claim on Mayor Pete (Daily Beast)

Stacey Abrams Says 2020 Presidential Run Is Still Possible (Politico)

Poll: Sanders, de Blasio & Gabbard Most Disliked Among Democratic Primary Voters (Rolling Stone)

MoveOn to Host Democratic Candidates Forum in June (Politico)

‘I Have a Plan for That’: Elizabeth Warren Bets that Americans Are Ready for Big Ideas (TIME)

Cory Booker Unveils ‘Justice Academy’ to Train Volunteers in Community Organizing (CBS News)

Kamala Harris Seeks to Reset Her Campaign by Taking on Trump (NY Times)

Jewish Voters Overwhelmingly Favor Joe Biden as Democratic Nominee (Jerusalem Post)

Joe Biden’s Gains Are Coming Mostly at Bernie Sanders’ Expense (Yahoo)

Beto O’Rourke Hires Obama Delegate Wizard Jeff Berman (Politico)

Indiana Poll: Biden 33%, Sanders 23%, Buttigieg 20%, Harris 3%, Warren 2%, O’Rourke 2% (We Ask America)

Poll: Biden 40%, Sanders 19%, Warren 8%, Harris 7%, Buttigieg 6%, O’Rourke 5% (Morning Consult)

Meet the Republicans Pulling for Bernie Sanders (Politico)

Kamala Harris Blows Past Rivals in Fundraising in Communities of Color (NBC News)

Elizabeth Warren Reads Full Mueller Report on Senate Floor (Now This)

Beto O’Rourke Hires Hillary Clinton’s Digital Director Rob Flaherty (Politico)

Michael Bennett Enters 2020 Contest, Says He’ll Change Politics as Usual (Colorado Public Radio)

Pete Buttigieg on Lack of Black Voter Support: ‘I Need Help’ (CNN)

Joe Biden Talks About ‘My Buddy Barack’ as He Courts Black Voters in South Carolina (CNN)

Cory Booker Wants Gun Owners to Get Licenses (Buzzfeed)

Kamala Harris at NAACP Dinner in Detroit: ‘Time to Speak Truth’ (Detroit News)

Saturday Night Live’s Elizabeth Warren Sees You Picking Mediocre White Male Candidates (Refinery29)

The New Hampshire Primary Will Make or Break Bernie Sanders (Vox)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Not Ready to Endorse 2020 Candidate (San Jose Mercury News)

Buttigieg Family Attends Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School Class (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris to Keynote for 10,000 Diners at Annual NAACP Dinner in Detroit (Associated Press)

Harvard-Harris Poll: Biden 44%, Sanders 14%, Harris 9%, Warren 5%, Buttigieg 4% (The Hill)

Elizabeth Warren Heckled by Animal Rights Protesters in Iowa (Des Moines Register)

Beto O’Rourke Defends Pete Buttigieg, Criticizes Anti-Gay Hecklers in Texas (CNN)

‘Can a Woman Win?’ 2020 Candidates Offer an Easy Answer: ‘I Have’ (NY Times)

Biden Announcement Planned for Today Is Pushed Back Until Tomorrow (CBS News)

New Hampshire Poll: Sanders 30, Biden 18, Buttigieg 15, Warren 5 (University of NH)

Iowa Poll: Sanders 19, Biden 19, Buttigieg 14, Harris 6, Warren 6, O’Rourke 5 (Gravis)

Elizabeth Warren Is the Star Who Can Eclipse Bernie Sanders (Jess McIntosh, CNN)

It’s Early, but Kamala Harris Isn’t Betting on New Hampshire (Daily Beast)

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Trump Favorability at Historic Low, but Voters Don’t Favor Impeachment (Politico)

Cory Booker to Hold Gun Violence Round Table in North Milwaukee (WTMJ Milwaukee)

Warren Makes Her Case for Universal Free College & Canceling Student Loan Debt (Medium)

Mueller Report & Biden’s Entry Are Set to Reshape the Democratic Campaign (Bloomberg)

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Cancel Up to $50,000 in Loan Debt for 42 Million Students (CBS News)

Amy Klobuchar’s Big Idea: Bipartisan Appeal Can Beat Trump (NY Times)

Survey: Many Early State Activists Don’t Want Gabbard or Sanders (538)

In NH, Pete Buttigieg Compares Sanders’ Supporters to Trump’s (Washington Examiner)

Does Experience Matter Anymore in US Presidential Elections? (Columbus Dispatch)

Rep. Seth Moulton Becomes 19th Democrat to Declare for President (ABC News)

For Bernie Sanders, 2016 Gets in the Way of 2020 (Washington Post)

Biden & Sanders Lead Early Polls, but Don’t Place Bets Yet (NBC News)

Iowa House Party Host: It’s ‘Surreal’ When Your Living Room Is a Campaign Stage (NPR)

The 2020 Campaign Trail Runs Through Churches in South Carolina (The Columbian)

Nevada Cow Counties Create Cyber Campaign Trail for 2020 Candidates (Associated Press)

Booker Campaign Official Calls New Hampshire ‘More Crucial’ Despite Other Early States (Manchester Union-Leader)

Two Former Sanders Staffers Part Ways with the O’Rourke Campaign (Buzzfeed)

Gillibrand Struggles to Break into Top Tier of Dem Presidential Hopefuls (Newsday)

On Impeachment, Warren Just Stole the Show from Her Dodging Democratic Rivals (NBC News)

Biden for President Committee Begins Raising Money for 2020 Campaign (NY Times)

What the Stop & Shop Picket Line Says About 2020 (Boston Globe)

Cory Booker Delivers Hopeful Message to Dems in Washoe & Douglas Counties (Reno Gazette Journal)

Pete Buttigieg Shows It’s Possible to be LGBT, Christian & Proud (Daily Beast)

Somersworth, New Hampshire Teens Question Beto O’Rourke at Campaign Event (Foster’s Daily Democrat)

Talking NH Commuter Rail, Klobuchar Makes the Case for More Infrastructure Spending (NH Public Radio)

Elizabeth Warren Becomes the First 2020 Candidate to Call on the House to Start Impeachment Proceedings (CNN)

Warren Approaches Breakout Moment with Black Voters, Say Southern Organizers (Politico)

Florida Man Arrested for Threats Against Cory Booker, Ilhan Omar & Others (Philly Voice)

Julian Castro Bets that Slow & Steady Wins the Race (Houston Chronicle)

How 2020 Candidates Are Spending their Money: Many Investing in Digital Ads (Washington Post)

Pete Buttigieg Joins Striking Stop & Shop Workers in Massachusetts (Boston Globe)

Kirsten Gillibrand Says She Misses Al Franken: ‘He Was Somebody Who Served Us Well’ (Mediaite)

Biden Set to Announce Presidential Run Next Week (NBC News)

Details About Elizabeth Warren’s Impressively Large Campaign Staff (David Bernstein, WBGH Boston)

Indian-American PAC Endorses Kamala Harris for President (The Indo-Canadian Voice)

Without Hillary Clinton to Target, Bernie Sanders Looks for New ‘Establishment’ to Fight (Vox)

O’Rourke Talks Health Care, Voting Rights & Immigration in Second NH Visit (NH Public Radio)

Pete Buttigieg to Fundraise in DC with Help from Obama & Clinton Bundlers (NBC News)

Four More South Carolina African-American Democratic Officials Endorse Cory Booker (Associated Press)

How Women Candidates Are Overlooked (Harper’s Bazaar)

Ed Rendell & Michael Nutter Plan Philadelphia Fundraiser for Joe Biden (BBC)

Kamala Harris Expresses Regrets Over Enforcement of California Truancy Law (LA Times)

Warren in Utah: ‘We Need Big, Systemic Change’ (Salt Lake Tribune)

Citing His 2007 Vote vs. Immigration Reform, Ann Coulter Says She Could Vote for Sanders (Fox News)

Former Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina on ABC: Sanders Can’t Beat Trump (The Hill)

Terry McAuliffe Will Not Run for President (NY Times)

Barney Frank on Pete Buttigieg: A Sign that Prejudice Is Diminishing (MSNBC)

Kamala Harris on Christine Blasey Ford: ‘She Risked Everything to Send a Warning’ (TIME’s 100 Most Influential)

Elizabeth Warren on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘And She’s Just Getting Started’ (TIME’s 100 Most Influential)

Bernie Sanders on Radhya Almutawakel: ‘One of the Truly Courageous Among Us’ (TIME’s 100 Most Influential)

Kirsten Gillibrand to Tour Iowa Flood Damage (Channel 3, Omaha)

New Hampshire State Senator David Watters Endorses Cory Booker (Foster’s Daily Democrat)

Why Julian Castro Could Be 2020’s Dark Horse Candidate (NY Mag)

Obama Fundraiser Eric Mindlach to Boost Joe Biden (CNBC)

Joe Biden to Visit Boston, Stand with Striking Stop & Shop Workers (MassLive)

Pete Buttigieg Faces Down Anti-Gay Hecklers in Iowa (CNN)

Ohio Focus Group: Swing Voters See Beto O’Rourke as Biggest Threat to Trump (Axios)

Gillibrand Backs Primary Challenger to Anti-Choice Rep. Daniel Lipinski in Illinois (Washington Post)

Democrats Who Like More than One Candidate Are Giving Money to Them (Buzzfeed)

Ten Months Before Iowa, Julian Castro Sees ‘Lower Expectations’ for Him as Advantage (Texas Tribune)

Jane Sanders Gets $100k Advance for Book ‘on Her & Bernie’s Experience’ (Daily Mail)

DNC Chair Tom Perez’s Job Is to Prevent a Democratic Civil War (SF Chronicle)

Hollywood’s Biggest Names Are Lining Up to Throw Support Behind Kamala Harris (The Root)

What First Quarter Fundraising Results Can Tell Us About 2020 (538)

Warren Donates Highest Amount of Her Income to Charity, According to Tax Filings (The Forward)

A Long Talk with Jay Inslee on Climate Change & More (NY Mag)

NY Times Calls Neera Tanden’s 78-Year-Old Mother for Quotes on Bernie Sanders Controversy (NY Times)

Not In It to Win It: Some 2020 Candidates Are Running Only to Raise their Profiles (The Guardian)

Bill Weld Officially Announces He Is Challenging Trump for 2020 GOP Nomination (CNN)

Democrats Running for President Raise $75 Million, Signaling a Drawn Out Fight (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren Builds Largest Staff of Any 2020 Presidential Candidate (Reuters)

Meet the New Political Documentary Stars, Beto O’Rourke & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Entertainment Weekly)

At Hollings Funeral, Biden Resumes Role as One of the Nation’s Top Eulogists (Associated Press)

Kamala Harris Is Top Fundraiser Among South Carolina Donors (McClatchy)

Presidential Forum Will Have 2020 Democrats Answer to Women of Color (Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns: He’s Part of the 1% (NY Times)

Kamala Harris Releases 15 Years of Taxes (Reuters)

Klobuchar Has Released 13 Years of Tax Returns (Associated Press)

Beto O’Rourke Releases Ten Years of Tax Returns (The Hill)

Inside the Launch of Cory Booker’s ‘Justice for All’ Tour (Observer)

Why Joe Biden’s Obama Strategy Is Smart – & Risky (NY Mag)

Julian Castro Raises $1.1 Million in First Quarter of 2019 (Texas Tribune)

Pete Buttigieg Officially Launches His 2020 Campaign (CNBC)

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Broad Plan to Protect Public Lands (NY Times)

Making Inroads in South Carolina, Kamala Harris Gains Support of Bakari Sellers (Politico)

Beto O’Rourke Talks About the Costs of War (John Nichols, The Nation)

Kirsten Gillibrand Raises $3 Million in First Quarter of 2019, Has $10 Million Cash on Hand (CNN)

Sanders Proves His Critics Right: Thin Skin, Sharp Elbows & Not a Team Player (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post)

Joe Biden to Campaign as Extension of Obama’s Political Movement (Associated Press)

Cory Booker at Hometown Launch Rally: ‘We Can’t Wait for Justice’ (CNN)

Bernie Sanders, in Michigan, Criticizes Clinton 2016 Campaign (Michigan Public Radio)

Kamala Harris Releases 15 Years of Her Tax Returns (CNN)

Beto O’Rourke Endorsed by South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus Member Martin Pendarvis (The Hill)

Julian Castro Talks Immigration & Opportunity in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Pete Buttigieg’s Focus: Storytelling First, Policy Details Later (NY Times)

Stalled in the Polls, Kirsten Gillibrand Waits – & Works – for a Breakout Moment (Buffalo News)

Text of Elizabeth Warren’s Remarks to the Building Trades Unions Conference (NH Labor News)

Beto O’Rourke’s Stampede Across Iowa Proves He Does Have ‘It’ (The Guardian)

Kamala Harris Carves Distinct Early State Path in Her 2020 White House Bid (Reuters)

Former NH Dems Comms Director Sarah Guggenheim Signs with Gillibrand (WMUR Manchester)

Video Clips of Bernie Sanders Railing Against Millionaires, of Which He Is Now One (Think Progress)

Cory Booker Plans Saturday Campaign Kickoff in Newark (CNN)

The 2020 Candidates’ Campaign Logos, in Graphic Detail (NBC News)

Pennsylvania Poll: Biden 28%, Sanders 16%, Harris 8%, Warren 8%, Unsure 20% (PoliticsPA)

Beto’s Got ‘the Beef,’ Plus Star Power (Storm Lake Times, Iowa)

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Popularity in ‘Red’ Upstate NY Shows Her Electability vs. Trump (The New Yorker)

Video: Julian Castro Says Trump Is Using Cruelty as a Weapon on Immigration (CNN)

Warren Walks the Picket Line with Striking Stop & Shop Workers in New England (Associated Press)

Pete Buttigieg Provokes a Not-Safe-for-Work Freak Out on the Religious Right (LGBTQ Nation)

The Broader Democratic Electorate Is More Likely to ‘Forgive & Forget’ than Twitter Democrats (NY Mag)

Elizabeth Warren Is the Intellectual Powerhouse of the Democratic Party (Moira Donegan, The Guardian)

Biden Leads Polls Because of More than Name Recognition (Harry Enten, CNN)

Buttigieg Gains the Support of Massachusetts Democrat Steve Grossman (Boston Globe)

Kamala Harris Speaks on Why, as a Former Prosecutor, She Owns a Handgun (CNN)

Jay Inslee: ‘Forget Impeaching Trump – Vote Him Out’ (Associated Press)

Inside the Russian Effort to Target Sanders Supporters & Elect Trump in 2016 (Washington Post)

Democrats’ Lag in Fundraising for 2020 as Large Donors Are Holding Back (Washington Post)

Iowa Poll: Biden 27%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 7%, Warren 7%, O’Rourke 6% (Politico)

The Numbers: The Democratic Electorate on Twitter Is Not the Actual Democratic Electorate (The Upshot, NY Times)

With 50 People on Staff, Warren Has the Largest Field Organization in Iowa (Des Moines Register)

CNN Invites 5 Candidates – Sanders, Harris, Warren, Klobuchar & Buttigieg – to “Youth Forum” in NH (Politico)

Kamala Harris Draws 900 to Iowa City Town Hall (Iowa City Press-Citizen)

Reports of the Warren Campaign’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated & Premature (Slate)

Bloomberg Editorial Board Welcomes Bernie Sanders to the Millionaires Club (Bloomberg)

O’Rourke Headed to North Carolina, Virginia Next Week (Raleigh News & Observer)

New Hampshire Poll: Biden 23%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 11%, Warren 9%, Harris 7% (St. Anselm College)

Wisconsin Poll: Sanders 32%, Biden 29%, Warren 17%, Harris 11%, O’Rourke 10% (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Washington to Hold 2020 Primary, Joining Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota Nebraska & Utah in Ditching Precinct Caucuses (DecisionDesk HQ)

It’s the Sexism, Stupid: Why Men Are Dominating the Democratic 2020 Primary (Politico)

Senator Maggie Hassan Director Mike Ollen to Run O’Rourke’s NH Campaign (WMUR Manchester)

Warren & Booker Impress at Building Trades Unions Conference (NBC News)

Eric Swalwell Makes Fight Against Gun Violence Focus of 2020 Run (CNBC)

California Poll: Biden 26%, Sanders 18%, Harris 17%, Warren 7%, Buttigieg 7% (Quinnipiac)

Julian Castro to Hold Counter-Rally to Trump’s Appearance in San Antonio (Politico)

California Is a Golden Opportunity – & Challenge – for Kamala Harris (New York Mag)

Elizabeth Warren, After Foregoing High Donors, Still Raises $6 Million in First Quarter of 2019 (Politico)

Klobuchar Staffs Up in New Hampshire with  Three Veteran Political Operatives (WMUR Manchester)

How Will Democratic Voters Respond to the 2020 Field’s Historic Diversity (538)

Pelosi Would Like to See a Woman on the 2020 Ticket – but Won’t Insist on It (Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders, now a Millionaire, Pledges to Release Tax Returns by Monday (NY Times)

Poll: Democrats Unfazed by Biden Complaints, Still See Him as Most Electable vs. Trump (Politico)

As Mayors, We Need Elizabeth Warren’s Housing Bill (Martin Walsh & Yvonne Spicer, CommonWealth)

Gillibrand Says She’s Still Close with Hillary Clinton Despite Remarks about Bill (CBS News)

Are Bernie Sanders & Kamala Harris Ignoring New Hampshire? (WMUR Manchester)

‘Mayor Pete’ Graduates to the Second Tier of Candidates, but Is that His Peak? (Slate)

Mike Gravel’s Plan to Rock the Democratic Primary (The Atlantic)

National Poll Reassures Joe: Biden 32%, Sanders 23%, Harris 9%, O’Rourke 8%, Warren 7% (Politico)

Joe Biden Deserves Better than This, and So Do We (The Bulwark)

Biden to Deliver Senator Fritz Hollings Eulogy in South Carolina Funeral (Charleston Post & Courier)

Elizabeth Warren Had Charisma – & then She Ran for President (The Atlantic)

What a Jam-Packed Beto O’Rourke Campaign Day Is Like (Iowa Starting Line)

Cable News Mentions Bernie Sanders Twice as Much as Any of His Rivals (538)

Amy Klobuchar Raises $5.2 Million in First Quarter of 2019 (CNN)

Cory Booker Introduces Senate Bill to Study Reparations (The Root)

US Rep. Eric Swalwell Joins the Crowded 2020 Presidential Field (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris Intends to Win: A South Carolina Campaign Trail Profile (The Atlantic)

Elizabeth Warren Bets that a Slew of Policy Ideas Will Win Over Trump-Weary Voters (Washington Post)

Video of Kirsten Gillibrand Speaking Mandarin to a Reporter Goes Viral (The Hill)

South Carolina Poll: Biden 32%, Sanders 14%, Harris 10%, Booker 9%, O’Rourke 9% (Charleston Post & Courier)

You Can’t Understand Beto O’Rourke Without Understanding Bobby Kennedy (The Bulwark)

Hey Joe Biden: When You’re Explaining, You’re Not Winning (Mary Anne Marsh, Fox News)

Cory Booker Raises $5 Million in First Quarter of 2019 (Politico)

Warren in Nevada: Democrats Need More than Just an Anti-Trump Message (Associated Press)

O’Rourke & Buttigieg Emulate the Kennedys as a  Democratic Path to the White House (Politico)

Some Sanders Supporters Are Still Obsessed with 2016 (Associated Press)

Obama Worries about Progressives’ ‘Rigidity’ Leading to ‘Circular Firing Squads’ in 2020 (CNN)

Donor Circles of the Electing Women Alliance Support Multiple Women Candidates (Politico)

South Carolina Political Leaders Mourn the Death of Former US Senator Fritz Hollings (The State)

Biden Didn’t Rush into 2020 – the Race Came to Him Anyway (NY Times)

Kamala Harris Would Consider a Woman as Her Vice Presidential Nominee (CNN)

Washington Post Sends Two White Dudes to Report on ‘What Black Voters Want’ (Washington Post)

The Intercept’s Rhetorical Gymnastics on Sanders’ Refusal to Release His Tax Returns (The Intercept)

Julian Castro to Release 10 Years of Tax Returns (CNN)

At National Action Network, Elizabeth Warren Focuses on Affordable Child Care (Washington Post)

Winning the South Carolina Primary One Selfie at a Time (Charleston Post & Courier)

Live at 10:30 a.m. ET Saturday: Kirsten Gillibrand’s Paid Family Leave Roundtable in NH (WSBT)

Bernie Sanders Declines to Say When He Will Release Tax Returns as Promised (CNN)

Clyburn & Booker Introduce Anti-Poverty Bill (The Times & Democrat, Orangeburg, SC)

O’Rourke, Booker & Klobuchar Lead the Pack with Most Campaign Stops Last Month (NY Times)

Warren: End the Filibuster if Republicans Use It to Obstruct Going Forward (Washington Post)

Buttigieg Rejects Free College for Burden on Non-College Educated Majority (Inside Higher Ed)

Teen Asked Beto O’Rourke to Prom & His Counter-Offer Was Straight Political (Newsweek)

Joe Biden with Film Crew Spotted at Childhood Home in Scranton, Pennsylvania (WNEP TV)

Senator Elizabeth Warren Reintroduces Bill to Let States Set Marijuana Policy (MassLive)

O’Rourke Campaign Organizes ‘National Weekend of Canvassing’ for April 13 & 14 (

Women Candidates Have Hobbies, too – They Just Don’t Get to Talk About them (Vogue)

Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Texas to Feature Speech by Chasten Buttigieg (Houston Chronicle)

Cory Booker Deploys His Hebrew Language Skills on CNN (The Jewish Standard)

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Tweets Photo, Support for Joe Biden (11 Alive News)

Tim Ryan, Ohio Congressman, Enters 2020 Presidential Race (NY Times)

Biden, in Video, Says He Will be ‘More Mindful’ of People’s Space (NY Times)

Joe Biden’s Deviant Decency: He’s Not Like the Others, that’s What Makes Him Great (Eve Gerber, The Atlantic)

Stacey Abrams on Biden: ‘We Cannot Have Perfection as a Litmus Test’ (Associated Press)

Did Biden’s Media Crisis in Recent Days Make His Campaign Even Stronger? (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post)

Elizabeth Warren Tests Her Ground Game in New Hampshire (Detroit News)

Colorado Senator Michael Bennett Has Prostate Cancer, Plans Presidential Run (CBS News)

Eric Swalwell Is Running for President on Gun Safety (The Atlantic)

Outpacing Sanders, O’Rourke Raised $9.4 Million in 18 Days, Most Per Day Among Candidates (Texas Tribune)

Fox News Says It Will Host a Bernie Sanders Town Hall on April 15 (Politico)

Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren Leads by Example on Staffers’ Equal Pay (Refinery 29)

O’Rourke Backs Reparations Study as Democrats Make Pitch to Black Leaders (Reuters)

Cartooning Candidates: How the Press Parrots Donald Trump (Columbia Journalism Review)

Kamala Harris, in Reno, Says ‘Not on My Watch’ to Yucca Mountain Nuke Dump (Associated Press)

Andrew Yang Pledges to Pardon All Nonviolent Drug Offenders on 4/20 (Marijuana Moment)

Almost 70 Percent of Americans Okay with Gay Presidential Candidate, Poll Finds (NBC News)

The Joe Biden Media Frenzy: Journalists Are Giving in to their Own Worst Instincts (David Greenberg, NY Times)

Elizabeth Warren Sponsors Bill to Make It Easier to Jail Executives for Company Abuses (CNBC)

Kamala Harris Wants Dreamers to Work in Congress (Politico)

Bernie Sanders Has Emerged as the Donald Trump of the Left (Dana Milbank, Washington Post)

Black Leaders: War on Super PACs Harms Candidates of Color (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Sees Roads & Levees as Unglitzy Path to the Presidency (Washington Post)

CNN to Host Five Town Halls Next Week with Gillibrand, Inslee, Castro, Williamson & Yang (CNN)

Joe Biden Bets the Country Will Accept His ‘Affectionate’ Behavior (The Atlantic)

‘Unions Built the Middle Class’: Kamala Harris Champions Labor in Sacramento (Sacramento Bee)

Julian Castro Calls for Ending Criminal Penalties for Border Crossings (Houston Chronicle)

Warren Slams Trump Over Claims by Whistleblower on National Security Clearances (The Hill)

Bernie Sanders Raises $18 Million in First Quarter of 2019 (CBS News)

Meet “the Gillistans”: Inside Kirsten Gillibrand’s Volunteer & Fan Base (Refinery 29)

Labor Unions Aren’t Making Early Endorsements for 2020 (NY Mag)

‘A Cottage Industry of Lies’: Response from Biden Spokesman (Office of Vice President Joe Biden)

Video: Women of ABC’s The View Defend ‘Affectionate’ Joe Biden (YouTube)

Kamala Harris Raises $12 Million in First Quarter of 2019 (Politico)

Amy Klobuchar Releases Twelve Years of Tax Returns (The Hill)

Pete Buttigieg’s $7 Million Haul Puts Democrats on Notice (Politico)

O’Rourke Says His Cabinet Secretaries Would Hold Monthly Town Halls (CNN)

Gillibrand Will Be Commencement Speaker at New England College in NH (WMUR Manchester)

Joe Biden Tries to Defuse First Campaign Crisis (CNN)

Biden Unable to Push Back on “Me Too” Claim Because His Campaign Doesn’t Exist Yet (The Atlantic)

The Joe Biden in My Photo Is a Close Friend Helping Me Get Through a Big Day (Stephanie Carter, Medium)

Bernie Sanders Supports Joe Biden’s Accuser (Salon)

Elizabeth Warren’s Fundraising Reform Vow Lost Her a Campaign Finance Director (NY Times)

Kamala Harris Gains Support in Jamaican & Indian Communities (The Grio)

Trump Laid a Trap on Immigration – and Only O’Rourke Sees It (The Atlantic)

Pete Buttigieg Says He Raised $7 Million in First Quarter of 2019 (Talking Points Memo)

With a Bilingual Call for Unity, Beto O’Rourke Formally Joins the 2020 Contest (Washington Post)

Klobuchar: I Will Bring Broadband Internet to Every American Household by 2022 (Medium)

US Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) Endorses Beto O’Rourke for President (Yonkers Times)

Hillary Clinton Camp Pushes Back on Buttigieg’s Claims About 2016 Campaign (CNN)

At Gay Rights Gala in Los Angeles, Harris & Booker Stand for Equality (LA Times)

Democratic Underdogs Battle for Donations by Midnight to Qualify for Debate Stage (Associated Press)

How Houston Shaped Beto O’Rourke’s Message (Houston Chronicle)

O’Rourke to Kickoff Campaign with Rallies in El Paso, Houston & Austin Today (CNN)

Here’s a Link for the Live Video of O’Rourke’s Noon ET El Paso Rally (Facebook)

Elizabeth Warren Called for Resignation of Wells Fargo CEO: And Now He’s Gone (Vanity Fair)

Jay Inslee Becomes Third Presidential Candidate to Release Tax Returns (CBS News)

Nancy Pelosi for President? No, Really (Willie Brown, San Francisco Chronicle)

Too Young to Run, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Already Part of 2020 Campaign (Washington Post)

Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ ‘First Gentleman,’ Talks Campaign Trail in Interview (Hollywood Reporter)

Harris Campaign to Host April Organizing Training Sessions at Four Iowa Campuses (Daily Iowan)

Elizabeth Warren Holds Lunch Meeting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Associated Press)

O’Rourke Hires Iowa Democrats’ Caucus Architect for 2020 Campaign (Associated Press)

Booker Hits ‘Horrible’ 1990s Crime Bill Backed by Biden & Sanders (The Hill)

Nationwide Dem Nomination Poll: Biden 29%, Sanders 19%, O’Rourke 12%, Harris 8% (Quinnipiac)

What to Make of the ‘Buttigieg Bump’ (538)

Miramar, Florida Mayor Wayne Messam Latest to Throw Hat into the 2020 Ring (Politico)

Joe Biden’s Team Is Making Hiring Moves in Iowa (Associated Press)

Five Major South Carolina Democrats Throw Support Behind Kamala Harris (The Root)

O’Rourke Meets with Young Asian American & Pacific Island Leaders in Las Vegas (Asian Journal)

Warren’s Real Message: An All-Out Assault on Monopoly Power (Charles Pierce, Esquire)

Cory Booker: Anti-Semitism Is Un-American, Is Anti-American (Jerusalem Post)

Alterman: I Was Wrong to Vote for Sanders in 2016; Too Big a Risk to Lose in 2020 (The Nation)

Amy Klobuchar Proposes $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan (NY Times)

Exclusive: Warren Lays Out Her Plan to Target Agrobusiness, Support Family Farms (Des Moines Register)

Leveling the Playing Field for America’s Family Farmers (Elizabeth Warren, Medium)

How to Watch Cory Booker’s 10 p.m. ET CNN Town Hall Tonight Online (

Map & Listing of 1,000+ Announcement Watch Parties on Saturday (Beto O’Rourke Campaign)

National Hispanic Groups Plan Latino Presidential Forum in Nevada (Nevada Independent)

Kirsten Gillibrand Becomes First to Release Her 2018 Tax Filings (Politico)

Chris Cillizza Praisess Buttigieg’s Critique of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign (CNN)

Biden Says He Regrets Role in 1991 Anita Hill Hearing (NY Times)

Beto O’Rourke Introduces Himself to a Key Bloc: Black Voters (NBC News)

Elizabeth Warren’s Athletic Sprint to Catch Penn Station Train Becomes a Media Phenom (TIME)

Inside Kamala Harris’ Small-Dollar Fundraising Operation (NY Times)

Video: Bernie Sanders Says He Won’t Support Dems’ Obamacare Improvement Bill (MSNBC)

Cory Booker to Speak Saturday at Human Rights Fund Dinner in LA (USA Today)

Broadway Exec Jordan Roth to Host NYC Fundraising Event for Pete Buttigieg (CNBC)

These Twelve Candidates Have Already Qualified for the Democratic Debates in June (538)

Video: Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Mueller Report, Explains Wealth Tax to Stephen Colbert (The Late Show)

Beto O’Rourke, Gun Owner, Backs Gamut of Gun Control Proposals (Associated Press)

On the Road, Cory Booker Talks Issues, None Have to Do with Russia (Charles Pierce, Esquire)

Tulsi Gabbard: Mueller ‘Clearing’ Trump is a ‘Good Thing for America’ (Washington Times)

Inside Kamala Harris’ Plan to Raise Teachers’ Salaries (CNN)

Joe Biden Pics Are Suddenly a Sensation on Tinder, the Cell Phone Dating App (Washington Post)

Harris Draws Crowd of 3,000 at Morehouse College in Georgia: Audio (WAOK Radio)

Klobuchar: House Cannot Decide on Impeachment Without Seeing Entire Mueller Report (CBS News)

O’Rourke Hires Obama 2012 Operative Jennifer O’Malley Dillon as Campaign Manager (NY Times)

Jay Inslee Visits the Climate Strike at Columbia University (The New Yorker)

Julian Castro Is Not Getting the Attention He Deserves (Ruben Navarette,

Cory Booker to Give Commencement Address at South Carolina University (Associated Press)

Video: Nevada DNC Member Artie Blanco Hosts House Party for Beto O’Rourke (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Early State Voters Flock to See Long Shots in Crowded 2020 Field (LA Times)

Only Warren & Gillibrand Have Released 10 Years of Tax Filings (Newsday)

Booker Touts His Marijuana Bill in BET Town Hall on Criminal Justice (

O’Rourke Gives Bilingual Speech at North Las Vegas Campaign Rally (NBC Las Vegas)

Buttigieg Breaks Through the Noise on Community & Religion (E.J. Dionne, Washington Post)

2016 Sanders Backer Marianne Williamson Turns 2020 Challenger (Vermont Digger)

Surprise? Pennsylvania’s 2020 Presidential Primary Could Be Competitive (Associated Press)

Kirsten Gillibrand Takes on Trump in Her First Major Speech of the Campaign (ABC News)

Video: “Our President Is a Coward” – Excerpt from Gillibrand Speech in NY (MSNBC)

Historic Irish-American Group Denounces GOP Saint Patrick’s Day Smear of O’Rourke (Irish Times)

Warren: Term Limits Make Lawmakers Even More Dependent on Lobbyists (CNN)

O’Rourke Says He’ll Only Speak Well of Other Dems, as Sanders’ Numbers Plummet (Associated Press)

Pete Buttigieg Shows Bump in Iowa Poll (Newsweek)

Kamala Harris to “Older Leaders”: “Know When to Pass the Baton” (Associated Press)

Harris & Booker to Headline 9 p.m. ET Sunday Town Hall on Race & Justice on BET (Deadline Hollywood)

Four Takeaways from When Beto O’Rourke’s ‘Flash Mob’ Took New Hampshire by Storm (Boston Globe)

Elizabeth Warren Bucks the Trend by Running on Ideas (TIME)

David Sirota’s Path from a Bogus Website to Bernie Sanders’ Inner Circle (The Atlantic)

O’Rourke Could be a Threat to Biden on His Right & Sanders on His Left (NBC News)

Harris in Texas & O’Rourke in South Carolina Go Straight for Each Other’s Strongholds (Politico)

South Carolina County Chairs Say Early Interest Is in Booker & Harris (Charleston Post & Courier)

Pete Buttigieg Is Having a Moment (CNN)

Due to travel obligations, the Nomination Feed was on sabbatical from March 9 to 23

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Breaking Up Tech Giants like Amazon, Google & Facebook (NY Times)

Sherrod Brown Decides Not to Run for President (CNN)

Joe Biden Bid Gets Boost as 2020 Field Shrinks (Politico)

O’Rourke Team Makes Inquiries about Staff to Hire in New Hampshire (WMUR, Manchester)

Six California Mayors Endorse Kamala Harris for President (The Hill)

Cory Booker Picks Up Endorsement from Key South Carolina Democrat (CNN)

What Kirsten Gillibrand Is Missing: New York Endorsements for 2020 (NY Times)

2020 Democrats Descend on Austin for SXSW Conference (USA Today)

Joe Biden’s 2020 Plan Is Almost Complete, Democrats Are Impatient (NY Times)

DNC Chair Tom Perez: FOX News “not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate.” (Politico)

California’s Early Primary Doesn’t Guarantee a Delegate Jackpot for Kamala Harris (Garry South, Newsday)

Sanders’ 2016 New Hampshire Backers Are Hesitant to Support Him Again (NH Public Radio)

Former NYC Public Advocate Mark Green to Introduce Elizabeth Warren at Rally on Friday (NY Post)

Are Beto O’Rourke’s Chances Overrated or Underrated? (Nate Silver, 538)

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Klobuchar: Minnesota Nice Can Also Be Minnesota Boss (CNN)

Gillibrand Joins O’Rourke’s Call on Border Wall Where Locals Support Removing It (Mediaite)

Booker, Gillibrand, Harris, Warren Vote ‘No’ on Spending Bill; Brown, Klobuchar, Sanders Vote ‘Yes’ (US News & World Report)

Klobuchar to Visit Goffstown, New Hampshire on Monday (WMUR, Manchester)

NBC, MSNBC & TeleMundo to Host Two Nights of Democratic Debates in June (NBC News)

Kamala Harris Scores Endorsement from Oakland US Rep. Barbara Lee (CBS, San Francisco)

Bill Weld Launches Exploratory Bid to Challenge Trump for GOP Nomination (NBC News)

O’Rourke Heads to Madison Today then Chicago to Speak at Hispanic Leadership Conference (Politico)

Feinstein Meets with Biden, Believes He Will Run for President (CNN)

Warren: Amazon Tried to Hold NY & Democracy Hostage (The Hill)

Harris Heading to Fundraising Event in Warren Country (Boston Globe)

How Long Can the Love Fest Among Senate Democrats Running for President Last? (Politico)

The Hidden Sexism Behind the Amy Klobuchar Reports (Jennifer Palmieri, Politico)

O’Rourke Wants the Confederate Plaque Removed from Texas State Capitol (Herndon Gazette)

Warren Says All 2020 Candidates Should Release Tax Returns (Newsweek)

NH State Legislative Committee Advances Bill to Allow Bernie Sanders to Run in Dem Primary (WMUR, Manchester)

Sherrod Brown Coming to Las Vegas to Weigh 2020 Bid (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Parkland High Shooting Survivor David Hogg Wants Michelle Obama to Run in 2020 (AOL)

Native American Conference Attendees Give Warren a Standing Ovation (Salon)

Biden’s Indecision on 2020 Is Stalling Momentum, Frustrating Some Backers (Washington Post)

‘Reefergate’ Smear vs. Harris Is the Dumbest Story of the Year (Vice)

O’Rourke Meets with Schumer to Discuss Possible 2020 Senate Bid (Politico)

The Numbers: Kamala Harris Is the Democrats’ 2020 Social Media Phenomenon (Axios)

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Amy Klobuchar & Why Women Will Never Gain True Equality Until They’re Allowed to Be Angry (Vogue)

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If Nominated, Cory Booker Will Look to a Woman for Vice President (CNN)

Whether He Runs or Not Bloomberg Will Spend $500 Million to Defeat Trump (Vanity Fair)

Eric Swalwell Will Highlight His Iowa Roots if He Runs (Politico)

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Follow the Money: Bettors Disagree with Pollsters on 2020 Candidate Chances (Odds Digest)

Lara Trump Says Women Should Wait Until 2024 to Run for President (Daily Mail)

Bill de Blasio Stokes 2020 Speculation with New Hampshire Visit (The Guardian)

Beto O’Rourke Drew a Bigger Crowd & Got Under Trump’s Skin in El Paso (NBC News)

Annie Liebovitz Was in El Paso Last Night Photographing O’Rourke (El Paso Times)

Amy Klobuchar: ‘You Bet Your Ass I’m a Tough Boss’ (Vanity Fair)

Sherrod Brown: ‘I Don’t Have to Back Medicare for All & Green New Deal to Prove I’m Progressive’ (

Are Biden & Bernie Becoming Afterthoughts? (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post)

Actor John Cusack’s Twitter Meltdown After He Came for Neera Tanden Over 2020 Race (Mediaite)

Harris Signs Hassan Advisor Meredith Shevitz as NH Political Director (WMUR, Manchester)

Hickenlooper Heading to NH (KOAA Radio, Colorado)

Nevertheless, Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Swinging (Christian Science Monitor)

Warren: ‘I’m Not Afraid of Anyone, Including Trump’ (Quad City Times, Iowa)

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Amy Klobuchar Comes Out Swinging on Big Tech (Washington Post)

Beto vs. Trump: Competing El Paso Rallies Will Be Held Tonight Less than a Mile Apart (

Biden, Clinton Among Speakers at John Dingell’s Memorial This Week (Crain’s Detroit Business)

“We Need More Joy”: Kamala Harris on WWPR NY Calls for Legalizing Marijuana (Newsweek)

A Glimmer of Hope on the First Official Day of Warren’s Presidential Campaign (The New Yorker)

Cory Booker Says He Aims to Win the Iowa Caucuses (Radio Iowa)

Sherrod Brown Touts Progressive Record During New Hampshire Visit (NH Public Radio)

Klobuchar Announces Her 2020 Campaign in the Snow (Washington Post)

Klobuchar In Announcement Calls for Universal Internet Access & Privacy Protection (Axios)

Klobuchar, ‘the Senate’s Pragmatist,’ Has Won All Her Elections by Huge Margins (Vox)

Video: Booker Urges ‘Empathy’ and ‘Paths to Redemption’ in Blackface Controversy (Washington Post)

HBO Announces Upcoming Beto O’Rourke Campaign Documentary (Spin)

How Kamala Harris’ Immigrant Parents Shaped Her Life & Political Outlook (San Jose Mercury News)

Video: Elizabeth Warren Announces for President, Calls for ‘Structural Change’ (

Joe Kennedy III’s Remarks as He Introduced & Endorsed Warren for President (Boston Globe)

Progressive Change Campaign Committee Endorses Warren as ‘Best Chance to Beat Trump’ (

Preparations Continue for Amy Klobuchar’s Announcement Rally Sunday at 12:30 p.m. CT (Minnesota Public Radio)

‘Celebration of El Paso’ Programs Beto O’Rourke to Speak at Exact Same Hour as Trump Speech (KVIA-TV El Paso)

Stacey Abrams Fuels Talk as Potential Vice Presidential Nominee (The Guardian)

Virginians Split Over Whether Northam Should Resign; Black Voters Say He Shouldn’t 58% to 38% (Washington Post)

US Rep. Joe Kennedy III to Endorse Elizabeth Warren for President Today (CNN)

Poll: Democratic Women Like Harris & Warren Most, & Love Nancy Pelosi (YouGov)

Painful Times with Dad Helped Klobuchar Create Drive to Succeed (2006 story republished today by the Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Beto O’Rourke to Join March Countering Trump’s El Paso Visit (CNN)

Here’s the Real El Paso Story, Mr. President (Beto O’Rourke, Medium)

‘He’s a Winner’: Iowa Democrats Warm to Cory Booker (The Guardian)

Kirsten Gillibrand Tells SC Democrats She Can Turn Red Places Blue (The State)

Kamala Harris Runs Into Joe Biden on Amtrak Train & Now People Want them to Be Running Mates (New Haven Register)

Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Announcement at the Lawrence Mills Will Honor Labor History (LA Times)

Journalist Connie Schultz Prepares for Changes If Sherrod Brown Runs for President (Toledo Blade)

Sherrod Brown Seeks to Occupy Joe Biden’s Lane in 2020 (Politico)

Republicans Dismiss Kamala Harris at their Peril (LA Times)

Fellow Penn Professors Think Biden May Not Run (The Daily Pennsylvanian)

Elizabeth Warren’s Wonkish Populism: She’s Winning the Battle of Policy Proposals (The Economist)

Kirsten Gillibrand Leads Effort to Block Trump’s Transgender Military Ban (Pink News)

Klobuchar, O’Rourke, & When the Politics of ‘Playing Nice’ Come Up Against Campaign Reality (Boston Globe)

Cory Booker Launches Statewide Tour of Iowa (Iowa State Daily)

Jalisa Washington-Price to Direct Kamala Harris’ South Carolina Campaign (CNN)

How Hollywood Donors & Stars Are Lining Up in the 2020 Campaign (LA Magazine)

Some Texas Dems Want O’Rourke to Run for US Senate in 2020, not President (Dallas Morning News)

Life Is Ageist: When You’re Too Old to Be President (Chicago Sun-Times)

Former Clinton & Sanders Backers Organize NH House Party for Sherrod Brown (WMUR, Manchester)

Joe Biden’s Unusual Path to the White House (Vanity Fair)

The Elizabeth Warren Smear That Just Won’t Die (Jon Keller, CBS Boston)

We’ve Officially Entered Moron Season in the 2020 Campaigns (Charles Pierce, Esquire)

Cory Booker Is Damned If He Shows Anger, Damned If He Doesn’t (The Atlantic)

Tulsi Gabbard Lost Her Political Acumen at Just the Wrong Time (Honolulu Civil Beat)

Poll: More Democrats – 62% – Want Joe Biden to Run Today than Did in 2017 & 2018 (CNN)

Apologies Aren’t Getting the Democrats Anywhere (Dana Milbank, Washington Post)

Beto O’Rourke Returns to NYC Where He Attended Columbia U (NY Times)

Take Accusations that Amy Klobuchar Is Too Bossy with a Grain of Salt (Jonathan Bernstein, Bloomberg News)

Beto O’Rourke, Skateboard Philosopher, Is Almost Ready to Get Serious (Vanity Fair)

Inslee Wants to Be the ‘Carbon Warrior’ Candidate in 2020 (CNBC)

Roundtable: Which 2020 Candidates Had the Best Rollouts (taff of 538)

Michigan Legislative Giant John Dingell Enters Hospice After Cancer Diagnosis (Detroit News)

Amy Klobuchar Will Announce Her 2020 Plans Sunday at Boom Island Rally (Associated Press)

Poll: California Democrats Are ‘Excited’ About Kamala Harris – but They Like Joe Biden, too (Sacramento Bee)

Warren Apologizes for Having Called Herself Native American in 1986 (Washington Post)

Sanders Criticized for ‘Stepping On’ Stacey Abrams’ SOTU Response (The Root)

Julian Castro Says He’s Not Interested in Vice Presidency (CNN)

Warren’s Iowa Schedule: In Cedar Rapids, Davenport & Iowa City on Sunday (Quad-City Times)

With Oprah, Beto O’Rourke Says He’ll Decide ‘This Month’ Whether to Run for POTUS (Associated Press)

Oprah Offers Big Stage for Beto O’Rourke’s Reemergence (Voice of America)

Warren Has Released Ten Years of Tax Filings on Her Website (NY Times)

Julian Castro Will Be on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight (KTSA, San Antonio)

Amy Klobuchar Is Heading to Iowa this Month (Politico)

Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Tulsi Gabbard, Cites Stance on Israel (Newsweek)

Bloomberg Blasts Amazon’s NY HQ Deal, de Blasio Fires Back (NY Post)

Booker Making Marijuana Legalization a Central Part of His Presidential Run (Civilized)

Biden Is Highly Popular but His Candidacy Would Face Hurdles (The Toronto Star)

Bernie Sanders to Deliver His Own State of the Union Response (The Hill)

Oprah Winfrey to Interview Beto O’Rourke Today in Times Square (Hollywood Reporter)

Warren & Ocasio-Cortez Want the Rich to Pay More Taxes – & History Is on Their Side (CNBC)

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won Over Her New House Colleagues (Vanity Fair)

Harris to Head Back to Iowa this Month – also to New Hampshire, South Carolina & Nevada (Des Moines Register)

National Dems: Biden 29%, Sanders 16%, Harris 11%, Warren 8%, O’Rourke 7% (Monmouth Polling)

Booker: America Needs ‘a Revival of Civic Grace’ (CBS News)

Harris Gets a Polling Bump from Her 2020 Launch (New York Mag)

Booker, Harris & Biden Are Courting South Carolina Talent Most Aggressively (CNN)

Warren Files Bill to Ban US First Strike of Nuclear Weapons (Associated Press)

Trump, Fearing Primary Challenge, Seeks to Change State Nomination Rules (Associated Press)

Who Each 2020 Democrat Has Invited to the State of the Union Address (Politico)

Jay Inslee Raising Funds for Possible 2020 Run (Seattle Weekly)

Every Candidate Is Subjected to Withering Internet Hatred: What’s With That? (Salon)

Biden Close to Saying Yes Despite Doubts (The Atlantic)

Early Primary Calendar Gives Edge to Harris & Warren (Bloomberg News)

Booker Hires Former Clinton & Sanders Operatives for South Carolina Staff (Associated Press)

Gillibrand Invites Transgendered Navy Officer to SOTU Address (

Warren Will Head from Lawrence MA Announcement into NH (WMUR, Manchester)

Warren Plans Eastern Iowa Tour as Part of Her ‘Big Announcement’ (Des Moines Register)

Terry McAuliffe to Decide on White House Run by March 31 (Bloomberg News)

Kamala Harris Goes Big, Rather than Small, with First Iowa Trip (Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Iowa Caucus Poll: Biden 29%, Harris 18%, Sanders 15%, Warren 11% (Emerson Polling)

Warren to Announce Campaign at Historic ‘Bread & Roses’ Strike Mills of Lawrence, MA (Boston Globe)

Gillibrand Draws Full House at NH Coffee Shop (Nashua Telegraph)

Russian Social Media Accounts Are Coordinating in Support of Tulsi Gabbard (NBC News)

Harris: ‘I Am Who I Am… American’ (Washington Post)

Booker Has Won Over Critics Who Previously Thought Him a Phony (Michael Grunwald, Politico)

Queenmaker: Major Donor Susie Tompkins Buell Ends Neutrality, Goes All In on Kamala (LA Times)

Ten Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Call on Virginia Governor to Resign (Politico)

Swallwell Invites Parkland Survivor Kasky, 18, to State of the Union Address (San Jose Mercury-News)

Warren Apologizes to Cherokee Nation for DNA Test (NY Times)

Cory Booker: The Social Media Pioneer of US Politics (Washington Post)

Poll: A Majority of Americans Approves of Warren’s Tax on the Wealthy (Business Insider)

Tulsi Gabbard to Officially Launch Campaign After Rocky Start (CNN)

Interview: David AxelRod Assesses Warren, Harris, Biden & the 2020 Field (The New Yorker)

Video: ‘This Is a Country for Everybody’: Booker Speaks Spanish at His Announcement (Washington Post)

‘I’ve Covered Booker for 20 Years – Here’s What I Learned’ (Tom Moran, Newark Star Ledger)

Warren Raised $299,000 on December 31 on Act Blue: Average Donation Was $37 (Politico)

Twitter Suspends Anti-Kamala Harris Accounts Suspected as Trolls Pretending to Be Black (CNBC)

On Way to See Oprah in NY, Does Beto Still Have Lightning in the Bottle? (Austin American-Statesman)

Booker Didn’t Announce First, But that Doesn’t Mean that He’s Behind (Politico)

Howard Schultz Already Reconsidering this Whole President Thing (Vanity Fair)

‘I Got a PhD from the Streets’: Booker from His Newark Home (

Booker Announces 2020 Presidential Run (NPR)

‘We Will Rise’: Cory Booker 2020 Campaign Announcement Video (YouTube)

Booker 2020 Launches Official Website (

Booker Reaches Out to Congressional Black Caucus Members to Seek Support of Bid (The Hill)

Elizabeth Warren Teases February 9 Announcement (CNN)

Warren & Sanders Have Dueling Proposals to Tax the Ultra Rich (GQ)

How Kamala Harris Won January (US News & World Report)

Video: Julian Castro Calls Trump’s Wall the Definition of Insanity (MSNBC)

Broken 2015 Pledge to Run as a Democrat in Future Could Keep Sanders off NH Primary Ballot in 2020 (WMUR, Manchester)

Harris’ Communications Director Lily Adams Is Anne Richards’ Granddaughter (Texas Monthly)

Cory Booker in Interview Says He Will Announce His 2020 Plans in Next Two Weeks (The Root)

Warren Makes Billionaire’s Bid for a Bankrupt Sears a Campaign Issue (CBS News)

Iowa Democrats Weigh Amy Klobuchar as Possible Presidential Candidate (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Sherrod Brown Tests Pro-Worker Themes in Iowa Towns (Associated Press)

Bloomberg Seeks to Take Biden’s Lane if Former VP Doesn’t Run (The Atlantic)

Congressional Black Caucus Members Torn Between Harris, Booker and Biden (Politico)

Who’s Afraid of Kamala Harris? (Goldie Taylor, Daily Beast)

Waiting for Beto in New Hampshire (NH Public Radio)

Did Gillibrand Break the ‘Eleventh Commandment’ with Iowa Dinner Aspersions on O’Rourke? (Mediaite)

Cornyn & GOP Worried that Democrats Could Win Texas if 2020 is Referendum on Trump (Dallas Morning News)

Freshman US Rep. Katie Hill Endorses Kamala Harris for President (The Hill)

Harris & Booker Call Jussie Smollett Attack a ‘Modern-Day Lynching’ (Ebony)

Warren & Ocasio-Cortez Have No Time for Howard Schultz’s Nonsense (The Mary Sue)

Beto O’Rourke: Frontrunner? (Wall Street Journal, subscriber only)

Bloomberg, Bullock, Buttigieg, Hickenlooper, Inslee Elbow for the Center Lane (Associated Press)

Is There Room for a Centrist Democrat in 2020 Contest? Maybe One or Two (NY Times)

‘Does It Have to Be Him?’: NH Progressives Are Split on Bernie Sanders for 2020 (NPR)

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Beto O’Rourke’s Gift for Unscripted Social Media (David Axelrod, CNN)

NBC & MSNBC Are Hiring ‘Embed Reporters’ to Follow Each Campaign: Apply Here (NBC News)

Rumpled Ohio Liberal Sherwood Brown Ponders Place in 2020 Race (Reuters)

Warren’s Low-Key, Incredibly Supportive Husband, Bruce Mann (Marie Claire)

Brown’s Trade Positions May Hurt Him with Iowa Soybean Farmers (Columbus Dispatch)

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Will Not Be a Candidate for President in 2020 (LA Times)

Revolution Messaging Firm, Campaign Manager, Resign from Tulsi Gabbard Campaign (Politico)

CNN Town Meeting with Harris Breaks Record for Most Viewers of a Single Candidate Event (The Hill)

Building on Dr. King’s Legacy (Sherrod Brown, Richland Source)

Kamala Harris Is Not a Centrist but a Figure of Liberal Restoration (The New Yorker)

Flake: I Hope Someone Primaries Trump but It Won’t Be Me (Politico)

Could President Sherrod Brown Revive the Labor Movement? (Mother Jones)

Harris: Unpopular Positions Are Part of Being Attorney General (Associated Press)

Elizabeth Warren Reminds of Teddy Roosevelt (Paul Krugman, NY Times)

Harris Endorses Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal (The Hill)

Controversial 1988 Video of Sanders Surfaces (Haaretz)

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Markos Moulitsas: I Can’t Imagine a Presidential Ticket Without Kamala Harris (MSNBC)

US Rep. Ted Lieu Endorses Kamala Harris for President (CNN)

Kirsten Gillibrand Heading to New Hampshire this Weekend (Foster’s Daily Democrat)

National Geographic TV, Cory Booker Explore Alabama’s Environmental Racism (

‘I Supported Sanders in 2016 but in 2020 Progressives Are Split’ (Dean Obeidallah, CNN)

Starbucks Boycott Brewing if Owner Howard Schultz Runs as 2020 Independent (Politico)

Bloomberg Blasts Those Considering ‘Independent’ Runs for POTUS (

Rolling Stone Updates Its 2020 Nomination Rankings: Harris & Warren Lead (Rolling Stone)

Tonight at 10 ET: CNN Town Hall with Kamala Harris at Drake University (WHO-TV Iowa)

The Inside Story of Beto O’Rourke’s Short-Lived Alternative Newsweekly (Mother Jones)

Kirsten Gillibrand Makes Senior Iowa Hires Ahead of 2020 Caucuses (Des Moines Register)

Cory Booker Forming High Profile Iowa Leadership Team in Preparation for Run (Des Moines Register)

South Carolina’s 43 Most Valuable Democrats for the 2020 Primary (Charleston Post & Courier)

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper: ‘Take the Bet’ that I Will Run for President (CNN)

Joe Kennedy III Gains Friends as Dems Ready for 2020 (Boston Herald)

Harris Taps Deidre Dejear, Will Dubbs for Iowa Campaign (Des Moines Register)

Warren Stands Out by ‘Nerding Out’ on Policy Proposals (New York Times)

Harris Emerges as a 2020 Frontrunner but Is That a Good Thing for Her Campaign? (LA Times)

Kamala: ‘America, We Are Better than This’ (CNN)

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Today’s Noon PT Kamala Harris Rally Will Close Downtown Streets, BART Station (NBC Bay Area)

Is Bernie Sanders Falling Behind Other Progressive Stars? (Burlington Free Press)

Sherrod Brown: ‘I Will Beat Trump in Ohio’ (CNN)

Iowa Nice: Hawkeyed Experts Say Elizabeth Warren Hit the Ground Running (The Guardian)

California’s Harris Plants Southern Roots in Quest for the Presidency (San Francisco Chronicle)

Julian Castro’s Presidential Bid Defies Latino Stereotypes (NBC News)

California’s Big, but South Carolina May Be Bigger in Harris’ Presidential Run (LA Times)

Warren’s Wealth Tax Idea Couldn’t Come at a Better Time (The Plum Line, Washington Post)

Sherrod Brown Won’t Support ‘New Nafta’ (Wall Street Journal Editorial Board)

Castro Will Pay Campaign Workers $15-an-Hour or More, Let them Unionize (San Antonio Current)

Warren Cancels Nevada Visit with Shutdown Votes Pending (Fox5 TV, Las Vegas

O’Rourke Says 2020 Decision Could Be Months Away (Politico)

Sure, I Dated Kamala Harris. So What? (Willie Brown, San Francisco Chronicle)

Former MA Governor William Weld Heads to NH, May Primary Trump (Boston Herald)

Bernie Sanders Set to Announce His 2020 Campaign (Yahoo News)

Stacey Abrams: We Will Win in 2020 Not by Running vs. Trump but by Telling Our Story (Essence)

Beto Blogs from the Indigenous Community of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico (Medium)

Warren to Speak in Vegas on Friday (Los Vegas Review-Journal)

Do the Democrats Have a New Frontrunner in Harris? (Bloomberg Opinion)

Beto O’Rourke Ran His 2018 Campaign on His Own Terms – & Would Do the Same in 2020 (Texas Tribune)

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Warren’s Wealth Tax Would Cost Jeff Bezos $4.1 Billion in First Year (Seattle Times)

Joe Biden & the Politics of Grief (Politico)

Sanders: ‘My Opponents’ Want Black, White, Gay, Latino or Women Candidates ‘Regardless of What They Stand For’ (Mediaite)

Warren Proposes a Wealth Tax on Individuals with More than $50 Million (CBS News)

Democrats Ought to Worry Less About ‘Electability’ (New Republic)

Video: Samantha Bee on the Dynamics of Many Women Running for President (Full Frontal)

Eyeing 2020 Run, Jay Inslee Pitches Himself as Climate Candidate (Associated Press)

So Many Women Running for President, so Many Sexist Double Standards (Los Angeles Times)

How Trolls & Hoaxers Are Already Targeting 2020 Presidential Candidates (Pointer Institute)

The Early States’ Stranglehold Over the Democratic Primary (The Atlantic)

Video: Biden at Mayor’s Conference Responds to Criticism: ‘Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned’ (YouTube)

Flint & Charisma: How Kamala Harris Won Her First Race (Politico)

Daily Kos 2020 Straw Poll Implements Security Measures to Prevent 2016-style Hacking (NBC News)

New Leader in Daily Kos Straw Poll: Harris 27%, Warren 18%, Biden 13%, Sanders 12%, O’Rourke 8% (Daily Kos)

Sherrod Brown on a Media Blitz in NYC Leading Up to Possible 2020 Campaign (Columbus Dispatch)

The Sublime, Sudden New Normal of Watching Women Run for President (Glamour)

Video: Hickenlooper Heads to Iowa as Presidential Decision Nears (Colorado Springs Gazette)

Pete Buttigieg, 37, Says Don’t Trust any Candidate over 37 (The Atlantic)

South Carolina King & Queen Maker Clyburn to Remain Neutral Until Close to Primary (Politico)

‘Draft Beto’ House Party Organized in New Hampshire State Capital (Concord Monitor)

Penn Law Students Remember Professor Warren as ‘Whip Smart’ & ‘Well Liked’ (The Daily Pennsylvanian)

Harris’ National Army of Howard University Sorority Sisters (Politico)

Sanders Changes His Message to Black Voters (Washington Post)

South Bend IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg Joins Crowded Democratic Field (The Week)

Warren Brings Populist Economic Message to Puerto Rico (CBS News)

‘Nobody Works Harder,’ Kamala Harris’ Meteoric Rise in San Francisco Politics (Vivian Ho, The Guardian)

AOC-Beto, the Seven Letters Disrupting American Politics (Axios)

Booker’s Southern Swing Included Visits with Stacey Abrams, US Reps. Clyburn & Lewis (CNN)

Zogby Poll: Biden Still Leads, Warren Gaining (Zogby Analytics)

38,000 Donors Averaging $37: Harris Hauls in $1.5 Million in First 24 Hours (Politico)

South Carolina Is the Gatekeeper of the Democratic Nomination (NY Times)

“Pick Somebody Early Enough to Help a Woman Win” (Boston Globe)

Kamala Harris Pitches Her Ability to Forge a Winning Coalition (The Atlantic)

Harris Says She Won’t Conduct Foreign Policy by Tweet (CNN)

Sherrod Brown’s Small Donor Army Could Benefit Him in a Presidential Bid (News 5 Cleveland)

In South Carolina at MLK Memorial Event Booker Calls for Unity, Sanders Speaks of Revolution (NBC News)

Can Elizabeth Warren Win Over Black Voters? (The Week)

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In Iowa, Kirsten Gillibrand Confronts Anonymity – & Her Past (Buffalo News)

Jonathan Tilove Digs Through the Nuance & Reads the Tea Leaves from Beto’s Road Trip (Austin American-Statesman)

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Kamala for the People: Official Harris Campaign Website (

Howard Schultz’s Possible Independent Candidacy Viewed as Helping Trump (The Independent)

Biden & Bloomberg Join Al Sharpton at MLK Day Breakfast (Daily Mail)

How Harris Could Win the 2020 Democratic Nomination (538)

To Win Her First Campaign, Harris Overcame Steep Odds & Stinging Personal Attacks (LA Times)

Beto O’Rourke Blogs from Pueblo, New Mexico (Medium)

In a Frightening World with a Lawless US President, Harris’ Intends to Make Her Prosecutor Experience a Strength (Politico)

Elizabeth Warren Planning First Trip to South Carolina on Wednesday (Associated Press)

CNN to Host Live Iowa Town Hall Next Monday Night with Kamala Harris (CNN)

Biden: ‘I Haven’t Always Been Right’ on Criminal Justice (NBC News)

Kamala Harris Enters 2020 Presidential Race (Washington Post)

Video: Kamala Harris: For the People (Kamala Harris YouTube)

Booker & Sanders Are in South Carolina (Politico)

Opinion: Another All-White State Should Share the First Primary Date with NH (Jeff Danziger, Vermont)

Jimmy Carter to Cory Booker: ‘I Hope You Run for President’ (Washington Examiner)

There’s Room for Castro & O’Rourke Both in 2020 Campaign (Gromer Jeffers Jr., Dallas Morning News)

Warren Rallying with Airport Workers on MLK Day (NBC Boston)

The Race Is On to Win Over Black Voters (NPR)

Elizabeth Warren’s Early Stroke of Genius: She Announced First, Set the Agenda (The Atlantic)

Amy Klobuchar Teases She’ll Go ‘South for the Winter’ – to Iowa (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

History of How South Carolina’s MLK Day Event Became a Presidential Campaign Staple (The State)

Video: Kirsten Gillibrand Speaks with Polk County Dems in Des Moines (WHO-TV Iowa)

O’Rourke’s Strategy: Show America the Real Beto (The Hill)

Does US Rep. Eric Swalwell Have a Chance to Win the Democratic Nomination? (San Francisco Chronicle)

Kamala Harris, Progressive Prosecutor (Lateefah Simon, letter to NY Times)

Video: Elizabeth Warren Speaks in Claremont NH (WMUR TV)

Harris Campaign Picks Baltimore for National HQ (Baltimore Sun)

Beto O’Rourke’s Go-It-Alone Style Concerns Some Democrats (NY Times)

O’Rourke Appears in Taos Pueblo (Taos News, New Mexico)

Warren Courts New Hampshire Voters in Sanders 2016 Territory (MassLive)

US Rep. Stephen Lynch Is Aboard the Biden 2020 Train (Boston Globe)

LA Teachers Strike Jeopardizes 2020 Garcetti Campaign (Washington Post)

Booker: ‘The Power of the People’ Outweighs Those in Power (

Billionaire Howard Schultz Considers Independent Candidacy for President (Washington Post)

The ‘I Am Sorry’ 2020 Primary (Politico)

Video: Booker Today at Xavier University: ‘The Opposite of Justice… Is Apathy’ (Uptown Messenger, New Orleans)

Gillibrand Starts from Scratch in Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Caucus Contest (Associated Press)

Why Democrats Shouldn’t Worry About a Large Field of Candidates (Elaine Karmark, Brookings Institution)

La Senadora Elizabeth Warren Visitará Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Día, San Juan)

Sanders to Hold Town Hall in Columbia SC on Monday (The State)

Scranton PA Worries for Its Favorite Son, ‘Joey Biden’ (Philadelphia Inquirer)

A Biden Campaign Takes Shape, Waiting Only for the Candidate Himself (CNN)

Warren Is Calling for Medicare for All: What Does England’s Experience Tell Us (Boston Globe)

2020 Campaign Roundup: January 11-17 (538)

Harris Campaign Hits Back at NY Times Column Claims on Her Criminal Justice Record (CNN)

Gillibrand Discusses with Maddow Why Some of Her Positions Have Evolved (Washington Post)

Warren Headed to Puerto Rico Next Week (Boston Globe)

Biden & Warren Have a History that Could Impact a 2020 Campaign (Yahoo News)

Senator Bob Casey Says He Won’t Run for President (Allentown Morning Call, Pennsylvania)

Sanders: So Progressive (Editorial, Caledonian Record, Vermont)

Harris, Warren, Klobuchar, Pelosi Won’t Attend 2019 Women’s March in Wake of Controversy (Axios)

Could Democrats’ 2020 Nominee Be Someone You’ve Never Heard Of? (Associated Press)

Harris’ Early ‘No’ on Wall May Give Her an Edge in 2020 (Bloomberg News)

Gabbard Starts off 2020 Campaign Apologizing for Past LGBTQ Remarks (USA Today)

Right Now, More Women than Men Are Running for the Democratic Nomination (Boston Globe)

Bailey, the Golden Retriever, Hits the Campaign Trail for Warren (People)

David Modigliani’s Documentary ‘Running with Beto’ to Premier at SXSW (Spectrum News, Austin)

Tulsi Gabbard’s Foreign Policy Affinity for Authoritarians, Nationalists & Islamophobes (The Nation)

Howard Dean to CNN: All Dem Candidates for President Are Qualified Except One (The Hill)

Kamala Harris to Oppose William Barr’s Nomination as Attorney General (Talking Points Memo)

Seth Moulton, if He Runs, ‘Will Have a Problem with Women Voters’ (Boston Globe)

Bloomberg to Return to New Hampshire this Month (WMUR Manchester)

Castro Calls for Tuition-Free Public Colleges (The Hill)

Four Things Warren’s 2018 Election Can Tell Us About 2020 (538)

57 Percent of Voters Say They Won’t Support Trump in 2020 (PBS)

Kirsten Gillibrand Plans Los Angeles Visit Next Week (Variety)

‘Draft Beto’ Group Organizes While Waiting for O’Rourke to Decide (The Atlantic)

Castro in New Hampshire: ‘I Can Win in 2020’ (The Guardian)

Caucus Season Is Coming: Here Is What Iowa Can Expect (Iowa State Daily)

On Day One, Kirsten Gillibrand Faces the ‘Likable’ Question (Washington Post)

Sanders Meets with Former Staff Members Seeking to Quell Anxiety over Sexism (NY Times)

Sanders & Biden Will Be Spoilers, not 2020 Contenders (National Journal)

Saying He’s ‘in a Funk,’ Beto O’Rourke Hits the Road Amid 2020 Speculation (Texas Tribune)

Beto Blogs on His American Road Trip from Tucamcari, New Mexico (Medium)

54% of Millennials Identify as Democrat, 32% as GOP & 12% as Independent (Lowell Sun)

Once Opposed, Gillibrand Now Supports Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Americans (NY Daily News)

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock in No Hurry to Announce Presidential Plans (Associated Press)

Castro in NH: No Pardon for Trump ‘Because Nobody Is Above the Law’ (Concord Monitor)

‘Not Enough Staffers to Go Around’: Talent Shortage for Democratic Campaigns (McClatchy Newspapers)

Video: Cory Booker & Kirsten Gillibrand Play ‘How Well Do You Know Your Co-Worker’ (Marie Claire)

Bloomberg, 76, Says He Can Be Elected President Despite His Age (Associated Press)

How Gabbard Went from Rising Star to Pariah to Presidential Candidate (Vox)

Gillibrand Rejects Super PAC Support in 2020 Bid (Politico)

Are There Too Many Candidates for President? (Paul Waldman, Washington Post)

Navigating the Record-Large Field of Democratic Candidates for the White House (USA Today)

The Democrats Who Are Waiting for Joe Biden (US News & World Report)

Cory Booker Presses AG Nominee on Racism & Criminal Justice (Vox)

Gillibrand’s 2020 Path: ‘Women Are Pissed Off & Are Fired Up’ (Politico)

Video: ‘Draft Beto’ Group’s Homemade Video Urges ‘Run, Beto, Run’ (DraftBeto2020.0rg)

Warren Stocks Campaign with Top Party Talent (Politico)

Video: Kirsten Gillibrand on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (YouTube)

Sherrod Brown to Visit All Four Early Primary & Caucus States (Politico)

Gillibrand Launches 2020 Campaign Website (

Kirsten Gillibrand, New York Senator, Joins Democratic Race for President (NY Times)

Why Some 2016 Sanders Backers Say They’ve ‘Moved On’ from Bernie for 2020 (Salon)

2020 Democrats Are Avoiding the 2019 Women’s March (BuzzFeed News)

How 17 Longshot Presidential Contenders Could Build a Winning Coalition for 2020 (Nate Silver, 538)

Elizabeth Warren Has a Perfect 2020 Foil in Mick Mulvaney (NY Observer)

Warren Heading to Claremont, New Hampshire near Vermont Border on Friday (Boston Globe)

Booker, Harris & Klobuchar Interrogate Barr at Attorney General Confirmation Hearing (NBC News)

White Candidates’ Challenge: Can They Move Black Voters? (BuzzFeed News)

‘Female candidates have to be superwomen, while men enjoy the luxury of delegating family work to others’ (Pacific Standard)

O’Rourke’s Senate Campaign Changed Message to Win over Voters of Color in Texas (BuzzFeed News)

Is Amy Klobuchar the Democrats’ Secret Weapon? (Vogue)

The Redistricting Revolution: Schwarzenegger Teams Up with Obama & Holder (The Atlantic)

Column: Warren Wants a Banking System that Works for Everyone (Sheila Bair, Yahoo Finance)

Kamala Harris’ “Mood Mix” Video Sharing Her Favorite Songs (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

The Time Castro as San Antonio Official Did Business with Trump – & Quickly Regretted It (Politico)

Gillibrand Will Announce Exploratory Committee Tuesday on Colbert’s Late Show (CBS)

Is Tulsi Gabbard the Jill Stein of 2020? (Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair)

Harris Will Rally South Carolina Sorority Sisters Ahead of 2020 Run (The State, SC)

Gabbard Is Longtime Recipient of PAC Money (Open Secrets)

Julian Castro Visits Puerto Rico in Quest for the Presidency (Voice of America)

Castro Will Be in Somersworth, NH on Tuesday (Foster’s Daily Democrat, NH)

For 2020, Democrats Navigate Balance Between Issues & the Desire to Defeat Trump (NY Times)

To Build a Democratic Coalition, Kamala & Beto May Have More Upside than Joe & Bernie (Nate Silver, 538)

Despite the Hurdles, I Can Imagine Warren in the White House (Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter)

Klobuchar Says She Would Have to Declare Soon to Make a Serious 2020 Bid (CBS Minnesota)

Don’t Count Gillibrand Out Just Yet (Sarah Foss, Capitol Region Daily Gazette, NY)

Sanders Adds Fundraising, Social Media & Video Staff in Prep for Campaign (Politico)

Column: Run, Joe, Run (David Leonhardt, NY Times)

Gabbard Purchased Crypto-Currencies in 2017, which Warren Has Said Are Used in Scams (Bitcoin Exchange Guide)

Harris Wraps Up Book Tour in L.A. Amid Buzz of a 2020 Run (San Diego Union-Tribune)

2016 Sanders Backer Will Bunch: Bernie Should Not Run in 2020 (

Mayor Bill de Blasio Won’t Rule Out Running for President in 2020 (NY Daily News)

How Long Can O’Rourke Wait As 2020 Pace Picks Up Around Him? (Associated Press)

Elizabeth Warren’s NH Swing Is About Poaching Bernie Sanders’ Base (Boston Globe)

John Delaney: Democratic Don Quixote or Genuine American Dreamer? (The Guardian)

‘They Heard the Message’: Castro Makes a Play for the Obama Coalition (Politico)

Warren in NH: We Don’t Need ‘Change at the Margins,’ We Need ‘Systemic Change’ (CNN)

Joe Biden Is Running – Most Days (Axios)

Tulsi Gabbard Shocks Hawaii By Attacking Mazie Hirono Days Before Launching Campaign (The Hill)

Gloria Steinem Attends Meeting Where Gillibrand Says She’s Running (Buzzfeed News)

Harris, Not Yet a Candidate for President, Toys with Warm SF Crowd (San Francisco Chronicle)

Video: Julian Castro Presidential Campaign Announcement Speech (Washington Post)

In First NH Visit, Warren Draws 450 to Event at Manchester Community College (AP)

Group to Hold ‘Draft Beto’ Events in Des Moines, Iowa City (Des Moines Register)

New Hampshire Democrats Not Happy that Inslee Abandoned State in 2018 (Politico)

Biden Blasts US Rep. Steve King for ‘White Supremacist’ Comments (The Hill)

US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Who Met with Syrian Dictator, Says She Will Run for President (Japan Times)

Editorial: Terry McAuliffe for President? (Roanoke Times)

Beto Will Sit Down with Oprah Next Month (Dallas Morning News)

Harris to Visit South Carolina on January 25 (Politico)

Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, 44, Expected to Launch Presidential Campaign (NPR)

Trump’s 2020 Reelection Odds Fading; Warren Trending in Right Direction (Sports Betting Dime)

Michael Bloomberg Says He’d Self-Fund Possible 2020 White House Bid (Washington Post)

Tulsi Gabbard, 2016 Sanders Ally, Tells CNN She Is Running for President in 2020 (CNN)

Warren’s Digital Strategy Includes an Invitation to the Cynics (Boston Globe)

Kamala Harris ’20, Jimmy Carter ’76, & the Quest for Truth in Leadership (Vanity Fair)

Gillibrand Hires Top National Campaign Talent, Signaling Campaign Launch is Imminent (NY Times)

New Hampshire Primary Loss Could Eliminate One of Two Neighbors: Sanders or Warren (Politico)

Gillibrand & Brown Headed Toward Iowa (Des Moines Register)

Cultural Competency in Reporting on Kamala Harris’ Campaign (Denise Oliver Velez, Daily Kos)

Black Women Are Looking Forward to the 2020 Elections (The Brookings Institution)

Sherrod Brown Chief of Staff Sarah Benzing Accelerates 2020 Prep (Politico)

Kirsten Gillibrand Plans First Iowa Visit (Politico)

Video: Chuck Todd Asks if Allegations Have Derailed Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Campaign (MSNBC)

The More Women Running for President in 2020, the Better (Amanda Marcotte, Salon)

Kamala Harris, a Tweet, a Pink & Green ‘Screech’ all Prove We Need More Black Journalists (The Root)

Round Up of What Potential 2020 Candidates Are Doing & Saying (538)

Trump Fan Arrested at Warren Rally Has 72 Criminal Convictions (Washington Examiner)

How Kamala Harris Took On Corporate Power and Won (US News & World Report)

Warren’s Iowa Trip Revealed Parts of Her 2020 Strategy (Molly Ball, TIME)

Gillibrand Reps Lease 5,000 Square Foot Campaign HQ in Troy, NY (Albany Times-Union)

Harris Describes What a Healthy Party Looks Like (Nancy LeTourneau, Washington Monthly)

Castro Joins Warren in Disavowing PAC Money for Presidential Campaign (Business Insider)

She’s Running: Sources Say Kamala Harris Has Decided to Seek the Presidency (CBS News)

Beto’s Seven Steps to Charisma (Jerry Weissman, Forbes)

Inslee Will Travel to Nevada on Saturday as Presidential Exploration Continues (Seattle Times)

Klobuchar Says She Was Denied Barr Meeting Prior to Hearing Because of Shutdown (Politico)

Preparing for 2020, Harris Shuts Her State Campaign Committee (TPM)

Warren Heads to New Hampshire this Weekend (Politico)

A Chat with Julian Castro: He Wants Nevada’s Vote for President (Channel 3 News, Las Vegas)

Jeff Weaver Won’t Reprise Role as Sanders’ Campaign Manager (Politico)

Texas Organizing Project Blockwalks & Calls Voters Long After Election Season Is Over (Houston Chronicle)

Julian Castro Meets with Nevada Latino Leaders Ahead of 2020 Bid (KSAT, San Antonio)

Tom Steyer, Billionaire Impeachment Activist, Won’t Run for President in 2020 (NY Times)

Beto & Amy O’Rourke Hit El Paso Streets to Rebut Trump’s Border Broadcast (Politico)

Warren to Headline New Hampshire Democratic Party Dinner in February (WMUR Manchester)

Harris Praises Ocasio-Cortez: Her Ideas ‘Should Be Discussed’ (The Hill)

From Good Morning America to NPR, Kamala Harris Was Everywhere on Tuesday (San Jose Mercury News)

Former VP Mondale Encouraging Amy Klobuchar to Run for President (KFGO North Dakota)

Warren’s & Potential Rivals’ Fundraising in Three Charts (WGBH Boston)

Warren Keeps Winning Elections & ‘Likeability’ Has Nothing to Do with It (Pollster Steve Koczela, CNN)

‘Not a Whole Lot of Red Lights,’ O’Rourke Leaning Toward a 2020 Run (Politico)

The GOP Plan to Stop Beto O’Rourke: Unleash the ‘Bernie Bros’ (Vanity Fair)

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