Post-Debate Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

June 28, 2019

Voting Ends Tuesday, July 2 at 6 p.m. ET

All 20 Who Qualified for the First Debates Are Listed in Alphabetical Order

By Al Giordano

Before they led in other straw polls our subscribers – highly representative of the real Democratic grassroots volunteer, organizer & small donor base and all its diverse demographics – Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have each led in straw polls, Harris early in the year, Warren last month. Some laughed at those results. But who’s laughing now? After the debates everybody is talking about those two but our subscribers were among the first to detect them rising. Nobody understands Democratic grassroots politics like the subscribers at Organize & Win!

Let’s see how they view the 2020 contest now that the first debates have happened.

The straw poll closes at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 2 and, subscribers, you must be logged in to vote. If you are a subscriber and haven’t set up your account click login on the front page and choose the “register” option. If you’re not a subscriber but do so before Tuesday you will be able to set up an account, vote, comment, read others’ comments (we had 150 of them during last night’s debate, and they were sharper, better informed and often funnier than most other forums online enjoyed – it was a great watch party backstage here, too! The traffic was so heavy that shortly after the debate the site crashed but we had it back up again within minutes), receive newsletters in your inbox and enjoy full access to all the content at Organize & Win.

The poll appears below the subscribers-only fold on this page – only logged-in users can see it and vote in it – but we’ll publish the results for public view once it’s done Tuesday afternoon.

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