Results of Our January Straw Poll: Harris Still Leads, O’Rourke & Warren Rising

January 15, 2019
By Al Giordano

We’ll dig deeper into these results in the subscribers’ only section, after the jump…

California Senator Kamala Harris continues to lead in a tier of her own with 35 percent of the vote in our January straw poll. That’s down three points from the November poll (within the margin of error). Former US Rep. Beto O’Rourke has built on his second place finish, from 9 percent in November to 12 percent today. The biggest gainer this month is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who is reaping the benefits of announcing on New Year’s Eve and what was widely considered to be a highly well organized and executed rollout. 

Meanwhile, the category of “I don’t have a preference yet” has also grown, from 19 percent in November to 25 percent today. Some candidates who received one to three percent in November – Joe Biden, Sherrod Brown & Julian Castro – received no votes this round while US Senator Amy Klobuchar is holding steady at 8 percent and US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand fell three points from 7 to 4 percent.

In all 106 subscribers voted in this survey. If you don’t like these results and are among the majority that didn’t vote you can yell at the mirror! But this is enough of a sample size to offer a good sense of how community organizers, small donors and campaign volunteers – the people who decide the winner each cycle at the grassroots level – are beginning to line up.

And since this is the only online straw poll that can’t be flooded by the social media networks of any given candidacy (only subscribers can vote here), I’m confident that it sheds more light than any other on where the Democratic nomination contest is so far headed. If you’re Harris, O’Rourke or Warren – or a supporter of one of them – these results are very hopeful. If you’re Biden or Sanders, they have to be worrisome and disappointing.

We will host another straw poll in a few weeks. Meanwhile we will keep covering the campaign as only Organize & Win does it! Keep checking in for our daily updates to the Nomination Newsfeed – the news really is coming at us all rapidly – and whenever there is major news to analyze and discuss, subscribers will continue to receive exclusive access to my thoughts via the newsletter. Finally, thank you for voting!

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