Spiralized Zucchini, Red Onion & Leek Pancakes

June 29, 2019

By Al Giordano

I awoke this morning craving something savory for breakfast and since I’m hosting a dinner tonight featuring a five-pound Korean style spicy braised pork belly I figured I might as well make enough of something that could pass as a side dish then, too.

Perusing an excellent catalogue of recipes for Korean side dishes known as banchan online by Korean-American chef Hyosun Ru (she’s a Washington DC civil servant whose adult kids kept calling her at dinner time for counsel at cooking so she made the website so her kids could find everything they need there) I started with her recipe for Zucchini Pancakes (“Hobak Buchim”) and improvised, adding leek, red onion & garlic – borrowing heavily from potato & onion latke technique except that it needs no egg to bind it – and my own twist on the dipping sauce (logged-in subscribers will be able to see the recipe for my own versions below, but anybody can go to the Korean Bapsang page for the original, it really doesn’t need improvement, I use her recipes all the time with good results).

Ru’s recipe calls for cutting a large zucchini into matchsticks. I just took out my favorite tabletop spiralizer (such a lovely time saver, it costs just 39.99, made by Oxo), spun out zucchini spaghetti, and cut the strands into smaller pieces. Ingredients, portion sizes and techniques appear below the subscriber’s fold.

Unfortunately, there are already none left so I’ll have to rustle up some other side dishes for tonight’s main course!

These are so good your family or guests will make small mouth noises of joy while eating them. The onion, leek and garlic rise the plate to its own special level of tasty. They don’t really need the dipping sauce – they stand on their own – but it’s always good with it, too. Enjoy!

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