The 2020 Primaries Just Got Real

June 20, 2019

Sanders Attacks Warren While Everyone Goes After Biden

By Al Giordano

(Note: This is an excerpt from Issue #80 of Al Giordano’s América newsletter, sent to subscribers today. Become one of the best informed 2020 election followers by subscribing via the link in the upper right corner of this page, or also down below this excerpt.)

Nobody wants to hear about nuance anymore, at least not on social media, but that’s what I am going to give you here, because sometimes we need what we do not want.

It is possible to hold seemingly contradicting concepts in one’s thoughts without melting down. Au contraire, going head first into outrage mode any time one tries to absorb contradictory information is a character flaw. It makes coolheaded strategizing impossible and has created a nation of easily manipulated news consumers. The news media exists to get our attention and rent it to advertisers. To do that it works daily to push our emotional buttons. And since many news consumers are in it for the adrenaline of feeling their anger buttons pushed, most news cycles carry with them heavy doses of ridiculousness. Welcome to 2019!

Could it be that Joe Biden’s statements on ‘civility’ working in the olden days with segregationist southern senators do not mandate the “apology” that Cory Booker and others demanded of him but still reveal a profound weakness in his candidacy that should concern Democrats looking for a winner to beat Donald Trump? We’ll unpack what happened in a moment.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Bernie Sanders used his Twitter account – how Trumpian – to smear Elizabeth Warren as a tool of everybody out to get him. (Pro tip: Never give the keys to your social media account to David Sirota – losing is his brand, it’s the one thing he’s good at.) We’ll unpack that too in this issue.

Each of these little sagas demonstrates how nerves are fraying among some candidates and their teams as next week’s first Democratic debates, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, June 26 and 27, on MSNBC, Telemundo and elsewhere.

Now, let’s look at what really did happen and what it means for each candidacy involved in these dust-ups…

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