The Results of Our First Post-Iowa Straw Poll

February 10, 2020

Warren Stays On Top, Klobuchar Bites into Biden & Bloomberg Appears

By Al Giordano

For the second straw poll of our subscribers in a row, surveyed from Saturday until closing at 3 p.m. ET today, Elizabeth Warren won the votes of more than half of participants. At 53 percent (down two points from last month) she continues to enjoy the preferences of a majority of the grassroots volunteers, small donors, organizers and opinion leaders that vote in this survey.

Joe Biden comes in second with 17 percent (down six points) while Amy Klobuchar shows third (up six points), revealing a shift in those who back moderate Democratic candidates. Pete Buttigieg got another two percent (up from zero last month). And Michael Bloomberg’s vote grew from one to five percent.

Five percent expressed no preference and Bernie Sanders received two percent (halved from four percent last month).

Turnout was at 95 percent of last month’s vote (likely because some subscribers are up knocking on doors in New Hampshire in preparation for tomorrow’s primary, too busy to do anything else).

Subscribers will receive, later today, my detailed projection of the results in tomorrow’s first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary. They are exclusively for subscribers. Want to be in that number, click here to subscribe and we’ll email them to you!

Tomorrow’s result should clarify one of the biggest questions overhanging the coming weeks of rapid-fire state primary contests: whether Democrats are heading toward a clear first-ballot winner at July’s Democratic National Convention – or a contested ballot that could go two or more rounds before one candidate or another – or maybe even a negotiation among elected delegates that chooses someone else – can cobble together a winning coalition.

Organize & Win will be reporting it throughout. Stay tuned!

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