Warren, for First Time, Surpasses 50% in Our Nomination Straw Poll

January 21, 2020

With 13 Days Until Iowa Caucuses, Democratic Voters Begin to Decide

By Al Giordano

This was our ninth Democratic nomination straw poll since November of 2017. At various points over the next year-plus-some, either Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren had reached the mid-to-high forty percentiles, but the January post-debate poll for the first time has a candidate with a clear majority of votes: Elizabeth Warren, at 55 percent. That’s up 13 points from her 42 percent December poll vote.

Joe Biden holds steady at 23 percent (same as he enjoyed last month in our subscriber preferences) and Amy Klobuchar has 10 percent (down from 18 percent last month). Five percent say, “I Have no preference,” Bernie Sanders garnered four percent and Michael Bloomberg received one percent. “Someone else” also got one percent.” No other candidate received any votes.

This was our final straw poll prior to the February 3 Iowa caucuses. One day before, subscribers will receive my detailed projections for how I measure in advance the final vote totals there. (Current subscribers just received my report measuring the strength of each candidate’s field organization there, among other observations.) Haven’t subscribed yet? You can do so via this link.

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